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Some of my wiki observations from when I first started using it:

main weapons page should state more clearly it doesn't have ranged wpns on it doesn't list ammo type (quarrel)

(earth) wand should state it's reuseable but will wear out after a while

GPS should say coordinates on the world map, not "Shows East/North location"

fire/alignment bow should be searchable

searching fire-ball (hyphenated like the spell is in-game) gives no results

hyper link no results

Jumper page should have all the details from

no desc. of junk item Fiddle

all the different Candy types need descriptions

monsters drop Mug Of Ale (Exotic Cocktail description says "Contrarily to most kinds of booze, the exotic cocktail is dropped by monsters")

books page says nothing about making talismans

glass of absinthe page doesn't mention it's worth goth fashion

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