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The problem with filling out this page is that I've actually been playing Cities since sometime around 2006 - my character started as an outgrowth of killing time and ignoring a stupid day job. It's now..... man, what year is it again? In that time I've done... things. A bunch of things that I only half remember (which is comfortingly like real life for me). Did I really become a Doctor? I must have - there's this little MD next to my name. I can forage? Huh... that's what it says on the "Me" page. In any event, I've consistently enjoyed Cities a lot. Enough to stick with it for several years and to realize that there's this whole community of people who also consistently enjoy Cities. So herein lies part of a stab at being more sociable (the other stab is here).

Share and enjoy!


Stuff I'm doing

Having killed lots of stuff I'm making the transition to a more thaumaturgic line of work. At the moment this means, er.... killing lots of stuff. Collecting spells and albums, gathering materials for spell books, finishing advanced martial arts training (though that will probably be of limited utility as an apprentice/shaman/wizard), and so on.

Currently I'm mucking about under the Cities while I can still easily kill things with naught but brawn and weapons. I've visited the Labyrinth and the Sewers and will probably do the Catacombs next.

Stuff I've done

The usual sort of Cities player-y things:

I have:

...initiated to air.
...initiated to earth.
...initiated to water.
...initiated to fire.
...been knighted by the King.
...qualified as a medical doctor.
...learned first-aid.
...made friends with the guards.
...caught a snark.
...won a duel.
...defeated the Undead Dragon.
...completed 7 levels at the School of Hard Knocks.
...learned the Brunch Punch.
...learned the Painful Punch.
...meditated at the 10 altars.
...joined the Bomb Squad.
...killed the Giant
...killed the Gorgan

I've read:

...Beyond This Horizon.
...Rocket Ship Galileo.
...Red Planet.
...Sixth Column.
...Farmer in the Sky.
...The Puppet Masters.
...The Rolling Stones.
...The Star Beast.
...Variable Star.
...Double Star.
...Time for the Stars.
...Citizen of the Galaxy.
...Starship Troopers.
...Farnham's Freehold.
...I Will Fear No Evil.
...Time Enough for Love.
...The Number of the Beast.
...Job: A Comedy of Justice. 

I also managed (quite by accident) to start a minor kerfluffle when I started giving away trillions and trillions of kipple. Oops! All I wanted to do was set the kipple free! A nod to Armorer Trad_Chad (thanks Trad_Chad!)for putting the post up before I whined and puled at Darksatanic to allow me a wiki account (thanks Darksatanic!).




And then!

Non-Descript Government Agent sends a message via your palantir.
Non-Descript Government Agent (Yendoday, 27th of Thermidor, about seven in the evening):
If you know whats good for you, you will stop investigating the crashed ship. There is nothing 
to see there. Also I would vacate the immediate area for fear of non-existant nuclear fallout. 
If there was any, though there isn't.

And then!

The plot thickens!

Non-Descript Government Informant (Elsewaday, 28th of Thermidor, about three in the afternoon):
I can't say much [REDACTED BY OFFICIAL SOURCES]fear of repercussions... but the crashed craft is 
not accessible from the sewers. We first [REDACTED BY OFFICIAL SOURCES] it there, but after our 
investigation we found it was [REDACTED BY OFFICIAL SOURCES]. That is all I can [REDACTED BY 
OFFICIAL SOURCES]. You didn't hear this from me. 
Non-Descript Government Agent (Elsewaday, 28th of Thermidor, about three in the afternoon):
We've been watching your communications and picked up a message that was sent to you. You should 
disregard it. That person shall be dealt with. You don't want to be dealt with do you? Stay away 

Dun-dun-DUUUUUN!!!!! Needless to say I immediately headed off to where I was told not to go. The end result? Proof that Stien's girlfriend really is an alien. And like 100 pieces of strange vibrating metal. Weird....

Stuff I do in real life that people might enjoy looking at

What spare time I have is spent on independent film projects. Some of them can be found here:

You Tubes Link

The most recent, and most ambitious, project is The Wars Of Other Men, an alternate earth period war film inspired by the Battle of Stalingrad with a severe diesel/steampunk vibe to it. Here's the trailer:


Once a complete version is viewable online I'll post it here.

Mocked by a piece of code

I swear to God this game toys with you. Freezing my @$$ off in the Frozen North and:

You attack the Tundra Troll.
You cause 84 points of damage, and receive 420 experience.
You attack the Tundra Troll.
You cause 84 points of damage, and receive 420 experience.
You attack the Tundra Troll.
You cause 84 points of damage, and receive 420 experience.
You attack the Tundra Troll.
You cause 84 points of damage, and receive 420 experience.
You attack the Tundra Troll.
You cause 64 points of damage, and receive 320 experience.
You slay the Tundra Troll.
You gain a Copy of The Door into Summer.

Har-dee har har....

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