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ScurvyPirate is a member of The Jolly Roger Cartel
ScurvyPirate is a member of The Jolly Roger Cartel

Wizard ScurvyPirate


  • Birth Alignment: Air
  • Star Sign: Triffid
  • Experience points: 20,012,776
  • Maximum Action Points: 460
  • Maximum Hit Points: 125
  • Base to-hit chance: 70%
  • Damage Multiplier: 1
  • Movement Modifier: -4
  • Poison Level: 0



Interesting Things I Have Done

Bort Jr.'s Impossible Guess My Number Game

BortJr asked the IRCers to guess the number he was thinking of

<BortJr>	Okay, everyone.  Bortia is thinking of a number. guess it and win a prize
<ScurvyPirate>	42
<Sert|ProbablyLurking>	Pi.
<BortJr>	you may ask questions about the nature of the number
<Thogmaster_Thog>	i
<ScurvyPirate>	Rydberg's constant
<Sert|ProbablyLurking>	Avocado's Numbr
<corellis>	33
<ScurvyPirate>	6.022edelicious
<Thogmaster_Thog>	36
<Thogmaster_Thog>	84
<Thogmaster_Thog>	93
<Thogmaster_Thog>	hike
<Thogmaster_Thog>	hike
<Thogmaster_Thog>	hike!
<ScurvyPirate>	The number of roads a man must walk down?
<ScurvyPirate>	45
<ScurvyPirate>	44
<ScurvyPirate>	43

10 mins later

<Thogmaster_Thog>	670,000
<Thogmaster_Thog>	680,000
<ScurvyPirate>	684000
<Sert|ProbablyLurking>	666,000
<Thogmaster_Thog>	685,000
<Sert|ProbablyLurking>	654,321
<BortJr>	sert is the new closest
<Thogmaster_Thog>	654,000
<ScurvyPirate>	656565
<Sert|ProbablyLurking>	652,000
<BortJr>	scurv is the new closest
<ScurvyPirate>	660999
<Sert|ProbablyLurking>	655,000
<BortJr>	scurv is still closest, but i'd have to do math to see which guess is closest
<Sert|ProbablyLurking>	670,000
<Thogmaster_Thog>	655350
<Sert|ProbablyLurking>	Is it a descending series of digits?
<BortJr>	no it is not
<Sert|ProbablyLurking>	Is it a base-10 number?
<ScurvyPirate>	255163
<BortJr>	it is between 656565 and 660999
<Sert|ProbablyLurking>	How many different digits are in the number?
<BortJr>	6 different digits
<ScurvyPirate>	659872
<Sert|ProbablyLurking>	...and, what if I chanted it in the LHC?
<ScurvyPirate>	A proton would get its wings.
<BortJr>	thats farther away than one of your previous guesses scurv
<ScurvyPirate>	657809
<BortJr>	scurv, how the hell did you guess that?
<BortJr>	thats the number
<ScurvyPirate>	I punched the num pad

For my ridiculously lucky intelligent guess, I got a Bag o' Stuff filled with....stuff. And a RECORD.


After a tip from Sertularian about the existence of an ice road in The Frozen South, I decided to investigate. I stumbled across the town of Northwich at around 50E -550S. The town seems to have two bars, a Tp, a mall, and a hospital among other things. I believe this makes it 3 exploration discoveries in about a week.

ScurvyPirate 19:17, 12 July 2008 (BST)

Dragon Island and Tortuga

I was the first player to document their arrival at the newly built Dragon Island. In my exploration I discovered an isolated beach square on the northeast side of the island at 38E 505S ( Seeing as how this square currently qualifies as its own island (at least more so than Monster Island), I have claimed this unnamed chunk of land in the name of pirate-kind. I shall henceforth refer to this small island as Tortuga, pirate capitol of cities.

ScurvyPirate 02:47, 12 July 2008 (BST)

It seems that GL Andrew has an excellent sense of humor because he has decided to rename the beach at 38E 505S Tortuga, Isle of Scurvy. We drank rum and hit on some krakens till we passed out.

ScurvyPirate 17:34, 12 July 2008 (BST)

The pirate Magellan

Today I became the first soul to circumnavigate the cities globe ring. I set out from bunny island at 74E 363S and started heading south. After crossing a vast ocean I came upon The Frozen South at 521S. The flora and fauna appeared to be the exact same as there are in the Frozen North. I kept going until I reached 600S where the world wrapped around and I ended up in the Frozen North.

Note that this was not an actual circumnavigation in that I didn't go all the way around in one sitting. I was merely the first to notice that it wraps around. I went back later and completed the total circumnavigation....

ScurvyPirate 00:48, 11 July 2008 (BST)

The Jolly Roger Cartel

I started a guild in early 2008 consisting of 4 members. Our main goals are to provide easy access to the 'kingdom coast, keep the piratey spirit alive in the four cities, and combat global warming

Epic Poems

"The Saga of the Lost" (written after the golden condor was stuck in the high plateau for 2 days)

  • Aurous fowl, north to the frozen
  • But the pilot must have been a'dozin
  • A bit too late to catch his blunder
  • Split in twine, the rock, asunder

  • Now poor souls are bound and trapped
  • on airy peaks all snowy capped.
  • "How long?", they ask to one another
  • "Until we're forced to eat each other?"

  • Cold, they await and contemplate,
  • the speed of the hand that guides their fate.
  • Stuck for days, they've been through hell.
  • Now where the devil is that GL?

"And So They Shall"

  • Where Death becomes Stone,
  • all heroes flock.
  • Met with the unknown,
  • they watch the clock.
  • When the hour is shown,
  • They walk the walk.
  • And they continue on.

  • At first, “A new quest!”
  • It’s met with zeal.
  • Had time to digest,
  • It’s not ideal.
  • “The vents” they attest,
  • “Have lost appeal.”
  • Yet they continue on.

  • Waiting for a move,
  • The hour is late.
  • To maybe improve,
  • Their regen rate.
  • But all they do
  • Is sit and wait
  • ‘till they continue on.

  • ‘Cause they are the ones,
  • Who asked the ‘king.
  • For a few new puns
  • or monsters mean.
  • Now all of the fun
  • That they can glean.
  • Is to continue on.

  • And so they shall.

Fun With Huge Reptiles

I started this page because I got really bored spelling out the words normally.

Thog's First Born Child

For accurately throwing 77 snowballs at Thog during his party in Thogistan, I was given Thog's First-Born Child!

Thog's First-Born Child (160 2x79%) 
(It may not look like much but it sure packs a whallup!

After beating Thog's child several times against a Morpheus, it broke. I guess they don't make children like they used to.

Your Thog's First-Born Child (160 2x79%) has worn out.
You lose a Thog's First-Born Child.
You gain 8 Bits of Silver.

So there you go. Thog's children aren't worth more than 8 silvers a piece. :)

02:00, 9 July 2008 (BST)

Pirate's Pedigree Stables

I have numerous horsies and pwnies for sale, breeding, and borrowing. Check out all their lineage and mating info here

My Stall

Jesus Chrysler Supercar's Emporium of Useful Things is located on the 17th floor of the mall in the NW corner. I have aligned weapons, power crystals, Romulan Ale, and more!

My Pirate Ship

After becoming the first to reach the Ultimate Alter of Air (through dubious means due to some hiccups in some code), I was first to worship at the alter......twice...with twice the reward. I felt it was best to notify the 'King in order to rectify this oversight. In return for my service I was rewarded with my very own custom pirate ship, the Jolly Roger. (Yes he did remove my extra rewards)

It sports quad Jolly Cannons (500 4x91%), holds up to 12 passengers, and flies along the sea at a clip of 15 knots AP

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