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I got 'em all!

Useful and Questionably Useful Books

Book Opinion Own
Battlefield Earth 240AP to read, and apparently you go blind. Hmmm.
Copy of The Citizen Old and out of date.
Guide to Time and Space Memories...
Norse/English Dictionary Lots of long words, no pictures.
Stranger in a Strange Land (Hardback) Better than the paperback.
Recipe Book Tasty.
The Way of the Finger Poke of Death? Hah.
The art of Nasty Blows Might use it if I ever come to blows.
The art of the Flaming Punch Use it all the time.
The art of the Stone Fist Gotta be strong.
The art of the Wet Slap Good for use on Flamers.
Pair of Reading Glasses Not a book, yet useful nonetheless.

The Robert Heinlein Collection

Book Opinion Own
Between Planets I'm between cities.
Beyond This Horizon Not bad.
Citizen of the Galaxy Not bad.
Double Star A political novel, pretending to be sci-fi.
Farnham's Freehold You really must build a bomb shelter.
Farmer in the Sky Reading is fun.
Friday If she's dark skinned, how come the chick on the front cover is white?
Glory Road Is it horribly sexist? Best have a chat in the pub about it later.
Have Space Suit - Will Travel Not bad.
I Will Fear No Evil Is a mans brain in a womans body still a man?
Job: A Comedy of Justice He'd really help with the washing up.
Methuselah's Children Who wants to live for ever? (This is my personal favorite, in real life.)
Podkayne of Mars Not bad.
Red Planet It's a classic.
Rocket Ship Galileo Space ships are cool.
Sixth Column It's OK.
Space Cadet I want to go to space now.
Starman Jones I wonder if there's a sequal.
Starship Troopers Hey! Why was there no power armour in the film?
Stranger in a Strange Land Sounds like a glorification of Charles Manson.
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls Blurt!
The Door into Summer At least he didn't become his own grandfather.
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Was that a happy ending? I guess so.
The Number of the Beast I think this is where they got the idea for the TV show Sliders.
The Puppet Masters Hey, this is a rip-off of invasion of the body snatchers.
The Rolling Stones Nothing about Mick Jagger after all.
The Star Beast How would you defined intelligence amongst cities players?
Time Enough for Love Hmmm. Rub her feet.
Time for the Stars Not bad.
To Sail Beyond the Sunset A bit contrived, but fun.
Tunnel in the Sky Not bad.
Variable Star Not bad.
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