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I like to host parties.

  1. At Burning Man, we burned a Giant Effigy of a Man, and a Tiny Effigy of a Firefly.
  2. At Monsters' Ball, everyone dressed up as ghosts and wore disguises. And there were fireworks. Alas, there was no cake.
  3. My Birthday Party was a week to remember! If only I could. Thanks to everyone for attending!
  4. The Mare Egrets Moose and Hippo Gnu Deer Bash spanned Christmas and New Year's in the same location as Palindrome's Christmas Party. Its name was almost too painful to think about.
  5. The Rites of the Equal n0rx span the Spring Equinox 2007, near the Satanic Gardens in Bentnob.
  6. Sert's Private Party was held at an undisclosed location. There was graffiti involved, and it can still be seen in the four cities.
  7. Sert's Vacation in Oz was held because of an emergency situation -- specifically, I was on vacation, and there was no party.
  8. Sertularian's Birthday Party 2007 has held by the Park Bench, just after my birthday. Thanks for the pressies!
  9. In honor of Ground Zero - Dread the Naught, Thog invited some dignitaries from Thogistan. They brought a Beer Tanker.  :)
  10. Since I had a vacation, I couldn't resist throwing Sert's Pre-Birthday Back-Channel Bacchanal before holding...
  11. Birthday Party 2008.
  12. The Rights of the Equal n0rx, Too recognized that Equal n0rx have rights, too. Appropriately enough, this party spanned the Spring Equinox 2009. Leaving the Spring Equinox 2008 a bit out in the cold, I guess.

I also like to attend them:

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