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Things to Do

Completed Quests: 98/98 (100%)*

*I count some quests that others don't, like On Call.
**Not counted in the totals above.
***These No quests must still be completed.

Don't feel bad, Jane E. I have exactly the same problem.

Current Top Three

Just like in RL, my top three priorities are always subject to change without notice. Non-Antioch counting methods are sometimes used.

I'm currently Earth aligned.

  1. Return to Monster Island and Align Stuff
  2. Score some Herb
  3. Map the Crill Sea
  4. Take up a Collection
  5. Get Pet Food
    1. Issues
    2. Raisins
    3. Wheat Always Wheat.

Replenish my supplies

Get pet food

As of 12:45, 6 January 2009 (GMT)

Item Have .. Item Have
Wheat & Oats 4060/22=184 .. Tribbles 286/4=71
Flying Bacon 786/2=393 .. Bacon 2010/6=335
Diamonds 501/4=125 .. Crystals 116/.5?=232?
Issues 36/1=36 .. Magic Herb 30/.5=60
Mutton 410/3=136 .. Steak 941/3=313
Seaweed 318/1.5=212 .. Flakes 711/2=355
Gandalf Cocktails 45/1.5=30 .. Bilbo Cocktails 184/1.5=122
Raisins 226/6=37 .. Poop 7700/8=962

Kill stuff



  • 25E 125N DSSGCM Rose Beard's Treasure
  • 10E 42N DSSGCM Puce Beard's Treasure
  • 91E 24S DSSGCM Gray Beard's Treasure
  • 60E 28N DSSGCM Cyan Beard's Treasure (near SS XXI)
  • Inaccessible Treasure Maps
  • 63E 55N DSSGCM Silver Beard's Treasure (UAW)
  • 50E 60N DSSGCM (mumble) Beard's Treasure (UAF)
  • Put some more junk really good stuff up for sale on the markets:
  • Chum
  • Replenish my shop:
  • Elemental Catanas
  • Elemental Sword2s
  • Glass Swords
  • Spirit Catchers
  • YSMR

Make stuff

Improve myself

I'll need to eat 15 to get any effect:

Feed my OCD

Ways to Burn AP

Long Term Plan

  • Kill one of everything.
  • Breed all types of Horsies.
  • Go everywhere. (See below.)
  • Achieve 1000 MaxAP and 1000 MaxHP.
  • Take on other new Quests as they arise.
  • Discover new worlds in Space.
  • Send a Pheonix to Mars, should Mars ever come to Cities.
  • Bind the Demons of Hell.
  • Sharpen the Edge of the World.

Places to Go

Many thanks (once again) to Isambard for the original table.

** Not yet visited.

School of Hard Knocks

I'm done with this quest, at least for a while. Time to move this section!

Level Gold Stings Scales Feathers Rocks Excuse
Now (K GP) Level 30 complete.
26 13 26/26 52/52 52/52 26/26 My Dog Ate It.
27 13.5 27/27 54/54 54/54 27/27 My Teacher Hates Me.
28 14 28/28 56/56 56/56 28/28 The Bus Was Late.
29 14.5 29/29 58/58 58/58 29/29 I Had A Bad Hangover.
30 15 30/30 60/60 60/60 30/30 Anywhere Else, It Would Have Been An A !!!

Click here for the Stone Hoppers Club.

Each level 'n' gives +30 Max HP, and costs:

  • 50 AP
  • 500*n Gold
  • n Triffid Stings
  • 2*n Crocodile Scales
  • 2*n Phoenix Feathers: F = (G - 1) * (G - 2) / 2
  • n Roc Rocks

Phattest Phoenix

You attack the Pheonix (gen. 30).
You cause 30 damage, and receive 900 xp.
You slay the Pheonix (gen. 30).
You gain 87 Units of Charcoal.
You gain 46421 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Card: The Moon.
You gain 406 Phoenix Feathers.

Pokey Stick Notches

Major Pokes

You poke 'King elseware!
You poke Lady Caroline!
You poke Great Lord Ignatz MD!
You poke Great Lord Ruthven!
You poke Great Lord harvey MD!
You poke Great Lord Yendor!
You poke Duke darksatanic MD!
You poke Smith Ruthven!  (If you're gonna change careers, I have to poke you again.)
You poke Apprentice Ignatz!
You poke Dr Armourer mikej Ph.D.!
You poke TheRegent!

Minor Pokes

You poke Earl Britney!
You poke Earl Kevin!
You poke The Dread Pirate Kitty!

Friendly Pokes

You poke Duke Syagrius MD!
You poke Mrs. Syagrius!
You poke Duke macksting MD!
You poke Duke Sheyona MD!
You poke Duke Billz8 MD!
You poke Duke Jenali MD!
You poke Duke Spud MD!
You poke Duke Deva MD!
You poke Duke tabitha r'al MD!
You poke Duke Geayzus MD!
You poke Baron Snarfie MD!
You poke Duke X-Himy MD!
You poke Duke heyus1 MD!
You poke Duke MrFoo MD!
You poke Duke Isambard MD!
You poke Duke lbwalters MD!
You poke Duke Ripley MD!
You poke Duke dragon MD!
You poke Duke Snarfy MD!
You poke Duke JADW8 MD!
You poke Armourer Spacer One!
You poke Sgt. Duke jmb MD!
You poke Earl Hellfire MD!
You poke Baron RaginCajun MD!
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