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Pre-Term Reading

Training at the Dojo

Master Ralph is an old fraud who wears sweatpants, a torn AC/DC T-Shirt, and a blue terrycloth sweatband holding his comb-over in place.

  1. a Hard and Pointy Stick
  2. a Spikey Ninja Throwing Star
  3. a Short Bow
  4. a Glass Sword
  5. a Walking Stick
  6. an Emerald Athame
  7. a Morning Star
  8. an Elf Arrow
  9. a Brave Star
  10. a Breakfast Club
Master Ralph teaches you a new move.
You gain a Brunch Punch.
  1. a Bow
  2. an Elf Arrow
  3. a Sacrificial Sword
  4. a Repeating Bow
  5. an Elf Arrow
  6. an Elf Arrow
  7. a Sharp Sword
  8. a Pair of Scissors
  9. a Vorpal Blade
  10. an Elf Arrow
  11. a Glowing Night Club
  12. a Brave Star
  13. a Hard and Pointy Stick
  14. a Dragon Spear
  15. a Short Bow
  16. a Walking Stick
  17. a Dueling Sabre
  18. a Cruel Blade
  19. an Emerald Athame
  20. an Emerald Athame
Master Ralph teaches you a new move.
You gain a Painful Punch.
This is a martial arts training centre. The teacher comes all the way from Ninja Island! 
There is no more I can teach you. You must go to Ninja Island!
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