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Sheyona is a 26 year old female living in the wonderfully wet city of eugene in the very green state of oregon.

i've been playing cities for hmmmm at least a year now. yah since back before the desert or the theves forest or anythin. just back when it was only the four cities.

and she loves tea... could almost be british in the fact she loves tea. in fact at the writing of this she has a cuppa twinnings brewing.

oh before i forget i am Married to macksting.

The happy Couple Image:Thehappytwo.jpg

Is Happily a member of KOoT i'm here to help y'll

I am currently back in college. so i'm very distracted. on the game but rarely. also i've been in a lazy mood for life type stuff.


Quest Checklist: Completed or in Progress

Earth Quests

  • Initiation / Getting Drunk
  • Treasure Hunt

Fire Quests

  • Getting Knighted
  • Initiation
  • Befriending the Guards
  • The Duel
  • Becoming a Baron
  • Becoming an Earl
  • Becoming a Duke (complete! thank you Sert)
  • The Gauntlet
  • Bombadeers Isle

Water Quests

  • Learning to Swim
  • Initiation / First Aid
  • Snark Hunt
  • Becoming a Doctor
  • On Call
  • Water Skin

Air Quests

  • Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities
  • Time and Space
  • Creature Survey
  • Standing Stones - done! thank you love for puting your insomnia to good use. i couldnt have done the last three without you.
  • Fortune Tellers - Undine?!

Side Quests

  • Hermits Quest (done thank god!)
  • Tarot Deck
  • Kill the Gorgon
  • Talasmin Maker
  • Ghost Hunters Guild
  • Martial Arts Training at the Dojo (in progress)
  • Ghost hunters guild
  • Jack and the beanstalk (Ha i fianly beat you giant!)
  • Mixology quest (Hic!)

Northern Quests

  • Thor in a Cottage
  • Magic Egg Hunt
  • North Pole

Tunnel Quests

  • all but the last due the the inactiviy of the altar

Useful Lists

Tarot Cards I have-

  • A full deck thank Deity
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