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My chars

Current Itinerary

Different chars do different things. Most are on HI, sleeping all day long :D. Informer and Chicagoan do what lowbies do. Snarfer just joined up the other, he's a Pvt. now.

Pet Rez

I have a ton of pets, all dead, and would like to revive them... or most of them, since autofeeding makes it a lot easier to keep them alive :D

Neat Things

My first running, working, beautiful (okay, maybe not that ;)) GM script: HealTheNeedy. And here as a directly-installable version: healtheneedy.user.js

No more Off-'Kingdom

Since my last pet died today (2007-08-06), due to my not really caring anymore (I noticed it needed feeding yesterday, but didn't log in and feed then, and this evening, 8pm or so, I realized that it had died)... I'm off. Not sure how much hanging-out-on-IRC I'll do, maybe I'll return (getting DSL and/or a way to remove pet evilness would be enticing). But I actually doubt it.

Back again. Cities IRC did it, mostly. That channel really is "odd". :D

My Claim To Fame (aka My 15 Minutes)

I (think I) coined the term "Citieszens". \o/


My goodness, how right you are - I'd entirely neglected to update the available copy of the trophy tracker script...

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