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Caution! Work in Progress


Welcome Message

Feel free to Palantir me if you're looking for items/information/etc. I enjoy taking the occasional trip across the desert, and am willing to summon folks to Brighthelm (or Bentnob, if I happen to be there) for a nominal transit fee. Also willing to purchase/sell items in those locations, cash upfront. I am always willing to buy books (3,000 gold per Heinlein book).

Even though I am a Fire Player, I have a good deal of spare bread, plums, and cucumbers. As well as a ton of garlic - comes of being a Triffid, Gnu, and Bull hunter, really ...

Go ahead, see my inventory (be sure to login): [1]

Subpages of interest!

Soren's General Store (Under Construction/Empty)
Soren's Gardening Page

Current Project

Game: Finished L5 Hard Knocks. Heading to Brighthelm, then Bentnob, then Bombadier's Island. A B Trifecta!

Wiki: I'm prettying up this page and cutting out the useless bits. Also adding some notes I have on game information.


Text in Bold indicates a completed quest. Text in Italics represents a quest with significant progress.

Earth Quests

  • 100% Complete!

Fire Quests

  • 100% Complete!

Water Quests

  • 100% Complete!

Air Quests

  • Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities
  • Creature Survey
  • Standing Stones
  • Time and Space
  • Fortune Tellers
You are hot.
You dig.
You find a magic apple!
You place it on the ground and wait.
After a while a Penguin wonders into view. It ignores you totally and eats some of the apple. A noise startles you and you look behind you. When you look back both apple and creature have gone.
Thinking back, you remember your mother telling you that you were born under the sign of the  Penguin!
You lose a Magic Compass.
Now using Fists.

Fortune for sign of the Penguin - Monday 30th October 2006 to Sunday 5th November 2006. You might spend more AP in windy city in the middle of the week. There is a chance of help from an unexpected direction this week. Bide your time, or else.

Side Quests

  • School of Hard Knocks - Level 5
  • Tarot Deck
  • Merchants Guild - L1
  • Jack and the Beanstalk - Multiple dead giants. Ahh ...
  • Martial Arts Training at the Dojo
  • Tree of Life (The Caverns)
  • Thieves Den
  • The Arena
  • Bomb Squad
  • Ghost Hunter's Guild
  • Animal Sanctuary - somewhere, there is a Badger with the taste for my blood ...
  • Pandora's Socks
  • Herman the Hermit

Useful Lists

Standing Stones

(I will be filling out details, one day ...)

  • 74E 49N - 19:00 - I
  • 73E 55N - 20:00 - II
  • 71E 62N - 21:00 - III
  • 67E 67N - 22:00 - IV
  • 62E 71N - 23:00 - V
  • 55E 73N - 00:00 - VI
  • 49E 74N - 01:00 - VII
  • 43E 73N - 02:00 - VIII
  • 37E 71N - 03:00 - IX
  • 31E 67N - 04:00 - X
  • 27E 62N - 05:00 - XI
  • 25E 55N - 06:00 - XII
  • 24E 49N - 07:00 - XIII
  • 25E 43N - 08:00 - XIV
  • 27E 37N - 09:00 - XV
  • 31E 31N - 10:00 - XVI
  • 36E 27N - 11:00 - XVII
  • 43E 25N - 12:00 - XVIII
  • 49E 24N - 13:00 - XIX
  • 55E 25N - 14:00 - XX
  • 62E 27N - 15:00 - XXI
  • 67E 31N - 16:00 - XXII
  • 71E 36N - 17:00 - XXIII
  • 73E 43N - 18:00 - XXIV


Books in bold are owned. Books in italics are read.

Useful Books

  • Guide to Time and Space
  • Norse/English Dictionary

Questionably Useful Books

  • Copy of The Citizen

Martial Arts

  • The Way of the Finger
  • The art of the Flaming Punch
  • The art of the Stone Fist
  • The art of the Wet Slap
  • The art of the Nasty Blows

Robert Heinlein Collection

  • Stranger in a Strange Land (Hardback)
  • Copy of Between Planets
  • Copy of Beyond This Horizon
  • Copy of The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
  • Copy of Citizen of the Galaxy
  • Copy of The Door into Summer
  • Copy of Double Star
  • Copy of Farnham's Freehold
  • Copy of Farmer in the Sky
  • Copy of Friday
  • Copy of Glory Road
  • Copy of Have Space Suit - Will Travel
  • Copy of I Will Fear No Evil
  • Copy of Job: A Comedy of Justice
  • Copy of Methuselah's Children
  • Copy of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
  • Copy of The Number of the Beast
  • Copy of Podkayne of Mars
  • Copy of The Puppet Masters
  • Copy of Red Planet
  • Copy of Rocket Ship Galileo
  • Copy of The Rolling Stones
  • Copy of Sixth Column
  • Copy of Space Cadet
  • Copy of The Star Beast
  • Copy of Starman Jones
  • Copy of Starship Troopers
  • Copy of Stranger in a Strange Land
  • Copy of Time Enough for Love
  • Copy of Time for the Stars
  • Copy of Tunnel in the Sky
  • Copy of To Sail Beyond the Sunset
  • Copy of Variable Star

Thanks go to Duke Sertularian for letting me have a peek at his bookbag.

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