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Master Armourer Spacer One MD

Knight Illuminus of the Knightly Order of Tubthumping

Image:Kot shield.png

Member of Hammered Anvil Society

Image:HAS-small2.gif Anvil Hammerer
Member of the
Hammered Anvil Society.

Secure Comunicata:

For a good time Call: 867-5309

I wonder what THIS is??? not working?? check THIS one instead



Inventory Spares


Spacer One


  • Alignment: Fire Earth Fire Earth
  • Guild: Hammered Anvil Society
  • Maximum Hit Points: 626
  • Base to-hit chance: 100%
  • Maximum Hit Points: 626
  • Base to-hit chance: 100%
  • Maximum Action Points: 480
  • Base AP Delay: 8 minutes.
  • Experience Points: 2472749
  • Victory Points: 0
  • Damage Multiplier: 2
  • Movement Modifier: -4
  • Starsign: Fire Fox
  • HP Healed: 6372
  • Current Kudos: 474
  • Total Action Points Spent: 164284
  • Total Distance Travelled: 28934
  • Dragons Killed: 228
  • Number of Times Died: 5
  • Dragon's Blood Drunk: 27
  • Spice Consumed: 2
  • Taxi Rides Taken: 14

Remaining Quests

Remaining Quests


You can swim.

You can climb.

You can mine.

You can forage.

You can sing.

You can enchant talismans.

You have solar powers.

You can find safe paths in the desert.

You can see other players' health.

You can see roads a little further away.

You have some training in earth crafts.

You have some training in air crafts.

You are an expert at fire crafts.

You have some training in water crafts, but you're rubbish.

Foraging Skills

You can identify a Sprig of Mint.

You can identify a Sprig of Parsley.

You can identify a Pinch of Aniseed.

You can identify a Sprig of Oregano.

You can identify a Juniper Berry.

You can identify a Piece of Chinchona Bark.

You can identify a Handful of Hops.

You can identify a Ginseng Root.

You can identify a Chilli Pepper.

You can identify a Sprig of Sage.

You can identify a Sprig of Rosemary.

You can identify a Sprig of Thyme.

You can identify a Nutmeg.

You can identify a Vanilla Pod.

You can identify a Cocoa Pod.

You can identify a Mandrake Root.

You can identify a Sprig of Wormwood.

You can identify a Ginger Root.

You can identify a Rose Hip.

You can identify a Sloe.

Schwarz :: CornMaster :: Bapcrunch

Reading Log

You've read Beyond This Horizon.

You've read Rocket Ship Galileo.

You've read Space Cadet.

You've read Red Planet.

You've read Sixth Column.

You've read Farmer in the Sky.

You've read Between Planets.

You've read The Puppet Masters.

You've read The Rolling Stones.

You've read Starman Jones.

You've read The Star Beast.

You've read Tunnel in the Sky.

You've read Variable Star.

You've read Double Star.

You've read Time for the Stars.

You've read Citizen of the Galaxy.

You've read The Door into Summer.

You've read Have Space Suit - Will Travel.

You've read Methuselah's Children.

You've read Starship Troopers.

You've read Stranger in a Strange Land.

You've read Podkayne of Mars.

You've read Glory Road.

You've read Farnham's Freehold.

You've read The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.

You've read I Will Fear No Evil.

You've read Time Enough for Love.

You've read The Number of the Beast.

You've read Friday.

You've read Job: A Comedy of Justice.

You've read The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.

You've read To Sail Beyond the Sunset.


You've read Battlefield Earth - Tho I dont recomend it, not a very GOOD book at all.

Parties Attended

Burning Man 2006 (Illusion: Trash piles)

Monsters' Ball Halloween party 2006 As The Ravenous Bug Blatter Beast of Traal

Rockin' Rock Party 2006

Disco Inferno 2006

A Long Awaited Party 2006

Sertularian's Birthday Party 2006 - Happy Birthday Sert!

Solune's Solstice Sabat 2006

Palindromic Christmas Party 2006 (Illusion: Brightly Lit Christmas Tree)

Great Lord Yendor's Hootenanny

You play a solo on the Fiddle.
Great Lord Yendor gives you a pint. "Thanks for taking part!"
You gain a Mug of Ale.
You feel particularly in touch with your roots.

Mare Egrets Moose and Hippo Gnu Deer 2006-2007

The Earth City Flower Show 2007 (Audrey II-??)

Brighthelm (near the) Beach Party 2007

Dig My Grave 2007

Fire Monkey Extravaganza 2007

JAD's Festival Of Booze 2007

Valentine's Day Love Fest 2007

The Rock and Roll Party 2007

Windy City Blues Fest 2007

Wyrmstock 2007

First Annual KOT Dinner 2007

Rites Of The Equal n0rx 2007

Devas 24th Birthday Binge 2007

April Fools Extravaganza 2007

Terrestrial Microwave Transmission Media 2007

So It Goes Party 2007 (As: Leon Trotsky Trout)...This party was "Nerfed/Debugged" so no more trading at parties, and you cant see people in transports/with hats


Fire Monkey Beatdown 2007

Hammered Anvil Fest 2007

The May Fair 2007

Jon's Birthday Party (clothing optional) 2007

Hair of the Dogbot 2007


The Party of The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel 2007

The First Golden Condor Pub Crawl June 19, 2007

Sert's Private Party 2007 <div style="clear: both" />

Rave of Doom 2007

Dead Mans Party A.K.A. 4th of July Soiree 2007

Backyard BBQ 2007

'Tzia and Sy's First Wedding Anniversary Party 2007

"The Party With No Name" 2007 (I threw this one...)

Sert's Vacation in Oz 2007

Happy Birthday, JAD! 2007 (Gave him the Fist of Chaos for his Birthday...hope it lasts)

the "GET A JOB!" party 2007



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Snowballed by

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   * Wizard hbookbinder
   * Duke JaneEveryone MD
   * Sgt. Duke katerwaul MD
   * Toph
   * Duke midge MD
   * Duke miikka MD
   * Master Armourer MrBlarney
   * Sgt. Duke MrFoo MD
   * Sgt. Duke Nekosoft MD
   * Master Armourer Rockefellow
   * Sgt. Duke Scrumbucket MD
   * Sgt. Duke Stien MD
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   * Master Armourer Vashenka
   * Sgt. Duke Vashka MD
   * Armourer vloodo
   * Sgt. Duke X-Himy MD
   * Cpl. Duke Zombie MD

My Pwny My (Female) Winged Horsie (#10819)

The Breeding logs

Winged Horsie (Lightning Fury): Lightning Fury is nearly full. and pregnant

AP: ??/30 XP: 1337 tohit: 90% dam: 20

Lightning Fury is 35 weeks old and elite!
Up, up and away!
Down! Down!
The contractions have started!
It's a...
You gain a Pwny (Shaggy).
Pwny (Shaggy): Shaggy is nearly full. (98%)

AP: 30/30 XP: 0 tohit: 10% dam: 10

Shaggy is 0 minute old and harmless.

Lightning Fury's firstborn, has been given to Sertularian Image:TheFuryFamily.JPG

Lightning Fury's Second born was given to naath Image:The Fam.png

The contractions have started!
It's a...
You gain a Pwny (Bill).
Pwny (Bill): Bill is nearly full. (98%)

AP: 30/30 XP: 0 tohit: 10% dam: 10

Bill is 0 minute old and harmless.
The contractions have started!
It's a...
You gain a Pwny (Shaggy).

This Pwny grew up to be a Horsie named Cyclone...details later

New additions that I dont have time to do properly at the moment

This was a gift from Sert, who ran away before I could compensate him.

Flash Flood (Sea Horsie): Flash Flood is nearly full (77%), 10 weeks old and harmless. AP: 26/30 XP: 12 tohit: 10% dam: 20 Unique item #30105

AND this one was rescued from the HAS after the Kings fiddling resurrected every dead pet in the realm

Blinky (Goldfish): Blinky is full (100%), 34 weeks old and above average. AP: 0/15 XP: 478 tohit: 50% dam: 1 Unique item #7600

My Dung Beetle

Dung Egg: This egg looks like it's about ready to hatch!
A scary beetle hatches!
You lose a Dung Egg.
You gain a Baby Dung Beetle (Stinky).
Baby Dung Beetle (Ringo): Ringo is hungry.

AP: 12/12 XP: 0 tohit: 10% dam: 100 Feed:

Ringo is 15 minutes old and harmless.
Baby Dung Beetle (Ringo):
Your baby dung beetle is dead!

Raising Nemo

Nemo has been given to Hellfire

Goldfish (Nemo): Nemo is full.

AP: 1/15 XP: 19 tohit: 10% dam: 1

Nemo is 8 weeks old and harmless.

Quantum Sheep

Quantum Sheep (Name Subject to Change): ??? is stuffed!

AP: 7/48 XP: 9 tohit: 10% dam: 10

??? is 9 weeks old and average.

This Sheep is currently in the possession of Spacer One, Sertularian , and PotatoEngineer

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