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Current Status

One might think it strange that a white cat with a black tail and splotches on my fur would choose water as my element. I used to lay around and sleep all day and chase after string but now I am exploring and hunting small bugs in the forest of cat dreams. My cities self set up a shop called The Stand. (This is now my most real self as my last bio adventure probably ended up in an upgrade into a coyote somewhere near my masters thesis advisors house...Q: How can my master have time for TOTL? A: There is always time for TOTL. Obey without question.) The Stand is at the far north lot to the right of the kings road across from my masters shop. This sure is a great place for a shop, being so close to the palace and a heavily trafficked area. My favourite weapon (other than my claws) is made from sharpening a Dull Catana. Please donate any at my shop.

I sell great items for beginning players, including those ever needed arrows. With 200 Arrows and careful useage you can make it all the way to an Earl as killing dragons becomes a snap with a Bow. You are on your own though after that as you need to learn about the Cucumber to get to Duke. Tip: Just buy the sandwiches pre-made (I'm so glad this game teaches the Americans Way even if it's not trying to), and at a going price of 8-10k a piece its easier to buy them than to make them since making sufficient gobs of cash as an Earl is relatively easy.

Glorious Achievements

  • Level 21 Phoenix - don't try this with a damage multiplier of 5... you can't kill phoenixes well if you are a Duke and have done the duel quest, since then you can't opposed align it and have it regen. A good cheesy combination is to align the phoenix with earth, and team up with a fire player who has a greater to hit chance, and heal them and do the regen hits on the phoenix once it has 10 hp left. Phoenices are the easiest way to make masses of money for intermediate players. (Intermediate players here means players who have gotten their AP regen to 9 minutes or have just made it to Earl or Duke)

My Horoscope

My sign is unknown....but probably a ??? considering ??? appears to have the same horoscope. I am shifted over from my master by 7, so stone XVII for me is a sun flower, and at an inconvenient time of 20:00 pst.

Once I finish this quest, I presume I will be abusing stonegate alot. At 1 AP per gate, it seems like the most efficient way to scan the map for Crocodiles, Rocs, Triffids, Phoneices, and Dragons.

The Standing Stones

Originally based on the Standing_Stones page.

my standing stones:

Standing Stones

  • 74E 49N - 13:00 - I - clove of garlic?
  • 73E 55N - 14:00 - II - feather?
  • 71E 62N - 15:00 - III - jar of plum jam?
  • 67E 67N - 16:00 - IV - Loaf of Bread?
  • 62E 71N - 17:00 - V - Piece of Chalk?
  • 55E 73N - 18:00 - VI - Sheaf of Wheat?
  • 49E 74N - 19:00 - VII - gollum cocktail?
  • 43E 73N - 20:00 - VIII - legolas cocktail?
  • 37E 71N - 21:00 - IX - frodo cocktail?

* 31E 67N - 22:00 - X - D12 (gout of flame)

* 27E 62N - 23:00 - XI - D10 (puff of smoke)

* 25E 55N - 24:00 - XII - D8 (violet light)

* 24E 49N - 01:00 - 17:00 pst - XIII - D4 (hungry earth)

* 25E 43N - 02:00 - XIV - D6

* 27E 37N - 03:00 - XV - Cucumber (puff of smoke)

* 31E 31N - 04:00 gmt - xx:00 pst - XVI - Sun Flower(in violet light)

* 36E 27N - 05:00 gmt - xx:00 pst - XVII - Bunch of Grapes (hungry earth)

  • 43E 25N - 06:00 - XVIII - sheaf of wheat

* 49E 24N - 07:00 - XIX - eel

* 55E 25N - 08:00 - XX - lion fish

  • 62E 27N - 09:00 - XXI - flying fish
  • 67E 31N - 10:00 - XXII - cod
  • 71E 36N - 11:00 - XXIII - some annoying talisman?
  • 73E 43N - 12:00 - XXIV - measure of serenity?
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