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I'm rach and this is where I'm going to keep myself a track of where I'm up to with my quests :)

my in game name is spugmistress (without the e) because it wouldnt fit in the box.

i died :s i got better though! evil roc....

these are my handy links to citiesberg and mallr, DSS cities mapper, my 4cities progress and my inventory

i passed my real life theory test! *ticks quest off to-do list* and my driving test too! *tick* :D

i am the proud owner of kitty the goldfish and vala the sea horsie, and am the founder of Lucky Smells Goldfish Kennels

save carson beckett!



spares to trade/sell:

will do:

  • tricks
  • crafting
  • taroting
  • healing
  • summoning
  • growing
  • goldfish babysitting

- for stuffs or cash or kudos


  • pomegranate
  • rare stuff that has fashion points
  • crocodile scales
  • baskets of plums
  • seaweed fronds
  • cloves of garlic
  • cucumbers
  • flying fish
  • fire weapons


Earth Quests

School of Hard Knocks

    • Level 1 - 7
    • Level 8 - 8 stings, 8 rocks, 16 scales, 16 feathers, 4000gp - got
    • Level 9 - 9 stings, 9 rocks, 18 scales, 18 feathers, 4500gp - got
    • Level 10 - 10 stings, 10 rocks, 20 scales, 20 feathers, 5000gp - got
    • Level 11 - 11 stings, 11 rocks, 22 scales, 22 feathers, 5500gp - got
    • Level 12 - 12 stings, 12 rocks, 24 scales, 24 feathers, 6000gp - got
    • Level 13 - 13 stings, 13 rocks, 26 scales, 26 feathers, 6500gp - need 8 stings, 6 rocks, 19 scales
      • 187 feathers spare - need rocks, stings and scales
      • current levels will cost 31,500gp

Fire Quests

Water Quests

Air Quests


  • started quest at Triffid totem (NE of Atlantish)
    • connected to Firefox with a Daemonic Dagger
    • connected to GlowWorm with a Can of Wyrms
    • connected to Penguin with a Daemonic Knife
    • connected to Toad with an Issue
    • connected to Undine with a 5 Iron
    • connected to Gnome with a Copy of Battlefield Earth
    • connected to Roc with a Tribble
    • connected to Phoenix with a Rodden Berry
    • connected to Lion with a Vowel
    • connected to Earth Dragon with a Toy Unicorn
    • connected to Worm with a Rattle
      • need to connect Worm (Crimson City 84E 217S) to Sparrow (south of Crimson City, 84E 236S) with a Pomegranate
      • 12/24 done! got left to do - list

Area Quests

Career Quests

Hunting Lodge

      • got trophy cabinet
      • got 145: space, ocean, underground left
      • need 4 for corporal: hunting list

Other Quests

  • Identifying Snakes - done
  • Collecting Cards - ta stelio :)
  • Merchants Guild
    • Level 1 - 10x1gp 1x10gp - collected
    • Level 2 - 20x1gp 10x10gp 1x100gp - collected
    • Level 3 - 30x1gp 20x10gp 10x100gp 1x1000gp - collected
    • Level 4 - 40x1gp 30x10gp 20x100gp 10x1000gp - collected
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Slay the Gorgan
  • Ghost Hunters Guild
    • got access to Haunted Farm at 93E45S
  • Animal Sanctuary aka Harvey Farm
    • Collected Baby GlowWorm at 09.46am Monday morning
    • Gave Baby GlowWorm back 20 or so hours later :s
    • Attempt #2 - ended up in jail after accidentally going into large AP debt
    • Attempt #3 - ended up in jail after game went down when I was due to feed baby :(
    • Attempt #4 - collected baby at midnight
        • sleepily fed at 8.30 am
        • fed at 4.30 pm, baby seems happy enough :)
        • baby is way past its bedtime but still demanded food at 12.50am. bit of wind trouble, but after spitting it out twice, it shut up and swallowed. sleep time!
        • baby fed at 8.50am
        • 5 mins too late for baby's 4pm feeding :s jail again! :(
      • Attempt #5
        • collected baby at midnight
        • fed baby at 8am, bit of early morning regurgitation but otherwise fine
        • fed baby at 4pm and took it to see the festival
        • baby still up at nearly 1am. bad baby! fed it anyway.
        • woke up at 8am, fed baby, went back to bed
        • fed baby at 4.50ish and killed all the stoners who insisted on killing said baby with second-hand smoke. baby is probably high already.
        • fed baby at midnight and put it to bed.
        • woke up at half 8, fed baby and went back to bed again. babies don't respect the sanctity of sundays.
        • baby refused sunday lunch at 4pm, wanted saltpetre instead. weird baby.
        • yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! fed the stupid baby one last time and now it's gone home, forever! :D
  • Pandora's Socks
    • collected socks off Pandora
    • forged a slime killing pact with Duke Bubba
    • vanquished the eighth evil (8/8) - socks all clean!
  • Herman the Hermit
"There doesn't seem to be any more that I can teach you."
You feel more alert.
You feel healthier.


    • started!
      • made Gin & Tonic - sent me invisible, reduced damage to x1, sing 12 bottles of beer, turns water aligned
      • made Brandy Alexander - all creatures hostile, reduced damage to x3,
      • made Gimlet - move lots at once, reduced damage to x0 (combined with previous), foraging on field = 6ap, 4ap with sickle
      • made Sazerac - reduced damage to x2, turned neutral aligned, makes hot
      • made Wallbanger - randomises damage higher and lower, see invisibles
      • made Bloody Mary - 3hp/ap gain, bloink, delayed change to air alignment
      • made Tom Collins - changed to earth alignment
      • made Tequila Sunrise - rotated view, turned all monsters hostile
      • made White Russian - sings the little goblin, hallucinations every other step
        • need: a Bottle of Creme de Menthe, a Bottle of Brandy and 3 Empty Cocktail Glasses
  • Paparazzi
    • made pinhole camera and bought a roll of film
      • photographed Dr Karma, 'King Elseware, Smelly Williams, Herman, Jock McStrapp, Goodyear Pimp, Paul, Tim, Blue Prince, Pandora, Kirk, Thor
      • 12/12 done - got flash gun!

Potions of Accuracy

  • 1 - 1x plums, 1x flying fish, 2x seaweed, 5x fags, 1x mug of ale, 1x vial - done and drunk
  • 2 - 8 - done and drunk
  • 9 - 9x plums, 9x flying fish, 18x seaweed, 45x fags, 9x mug of ale, 9x vial - done and drunk
  • 10 - 10x plums, 10x flying fish, 20x seaweed, 50x fags, 10x mugs, 10x vial - need 1 plums"
    • got spare - 24 fish, 21 seaweed, 373 fags, 168 mugs, 10 vials - need plums

Cucumber Sandwiches

  • 1 - 9 - done and ate
  • 10 - 20x bread, 30x garlic, 50x cucumber slices (12.5cu) - need 28 garlic, 13 cucumbers
  • eaten 1x gorgonzola sandwich

Dragon Blood

1) You feel demotivated (-3 max ap)

2) You feel stronger (+50 hp +5 max hp)

3) You feel stronger (+50 hp +5 max hp)

4) The dragon blood detoxes your own blood (woot!)


Fortune for sign of the Triffid - Monday 26th February 2007 to Sunday 4th March 2007.
An aparently small monster may turn out to do quite serious damage. Water could bring trouble.


You attack the GNU.
You cause 50 points of damage, and receive 50 experience.
You slay the GNU.
You gain a Mug of Coffee.
You gain 4 Fire Crackers.
You gain 13 Saltpetre Measures.
You gain 493 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Spikey Ninja Throwing Star.
You gain a Water Knife.
You gain 2 Small Maps.
You gain a Dibs Wand.
You gain a Mug of Coffee.
You gain a Glass Sword.
You gain an Earth Stone.
You gain a Clean Bandage.
You attack the Llama.
You cause 80 points of damage, and receive 560 experience.
You slay the Llama.
You gain a Mug of Coffee.
You gain a Brave Star.
You gain a Water Talisman.
You gain 3 Sheets of Paper.
You gain 829 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Cocktail Stick.
You gain a D4.
You gain a Tambourine.
You gain a D12.
You gain a Fiddle.
You gain a Fire Stone.
You gain 2 Palantirs-as-you-go.
You gain 2 Glass Swords.
You gain a Fortune Cookie.
You gain 4 Clean Bandages.
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