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This player may possibly be gently returning to Cities.

When my then-girlfriend-now-wife moved in with me back in 2008, I stopped playing Cities. Now that we have children too, my time is even more limited. But every so often I do stop by to have a look. And I've been trying to keep myself on Holiday Island so that if the time comes I'll be ready to unleash a storm of activity. That time may be now as I've picked up some loose ends and made a good start at destroying my stockpile of AP.

A happy but inactive member of the Order of the Club (which itself has fallen into disrepair; like many other guilds, the guild hall has collapsed entirely).

If you'd like infinite Kipple, a Golem for the Military Service quest, or a Toy Unicorn for your personal pleasure, do ask me. I provide them free of charge. :-) I also have a complete book bag if you would like to borrow it.



Glorious victory — Best cities pick-up line
Much to my pleasure, I won gruther4's competition! Yay! Particular thanks to gruther4 for creating this opportunity and for granting me the first prize. I bow to you most graciously. :-)
Successful Organisation — Knitting Circle
I organised two successful knitting circles at Free Parties. The first was held at the Monsters' Ball with five participants, and the second at the Hammered Anvil Fest with six participants. Everyone ended up with a set of woollies for a fraction of the individual AP costs.
Alternate Character — Calm Breeze
I created a secondary character (who naturally has nothing to do with Stelio) as an interesting opportunity for roleplay, and to answer the question, "How far can a character advance without attacking anything?" Check out his journal to see how he successfully reached Knighthood without a single kill.
Development — Mixology Shopping List
I chucked together a spreadsheet that you can copy your inventory into and it will tell you what items you still need to complete the Mixology quest (and where to get those items from). The little bit of feedback I've had so far has been positive. :-D


Current title: Armourer Stelio
Gender: Male (because in this game it's not always obvious)
Alignment: Water => AFAEAN => Fire
Maximum Hit Points: 869 (regenerating)
Base to-hit chance: 133%
Maximum Action Points: 701
Base AP Delay: 7 minutes.
Damage Multiplier: 2 (8 as a Knight)
Movement Modifier: -4
Starsign: Fire Dragon
Current Inventory
XML Info

Drugs taken:

Coffee  lots  (tolerance maxed out 4 times) - perfectly caffeinated
Cucumber Sandwiches  21  (tolerance 6)
Dragon Blood  20  (motivated x2, stimulated x3, stronger, searing pain, motivated, detox, stimulated, searing pain, detox, searing pain, really demotivated, stimulated x2, demotivated x2, stronger, demotivated) - and that's me done with Dragon Blood, with the long term effect of +1 max AP and +1 max HP; lucky!
Gorgan-zola Sandwiches  6 
Human Liver  1   
Magic Powder  -  just say no!
Potions of Accuracy  66  (tolerance 11 - maxed out)
Red Bull  -  much more pleasant in real life
Spice  2x12  (tolerance 2) - collected 1/12 grams
Strange Powder  -  still just say no!
Triffid Stings  -  that which does not kill you can certainly help kill you

Snowballed by:


Would you like to see your name here? You know what to do. :-)

Monsters leagues that I've topped at some point

  • Triffid
  • Hippy
  • Stoner
  • Kerubim
  • Golem
  • Fenris Wolf
  • Giant Clam
  • Goth
  • Rat (Dungeon)
  • Cold
  • Space Invader (Water)
  • Space Ghost
  • Space Invader (Air)
  • Space Invader (Earth)
  • Space Monster
  • Carbon
  • Platform
  • Mist
  • Manatee
  • Golfer
  • Khadi
  • Feral Cat
  • Xmas 2008 Drummer
  • Xmas 2008 Child
  • Rat (Dump)
  • Xmas 2008 Piper
  • Xmas 2008 Lord
  • Xmas 2008 Lady
  • Xmas 2008 Maid
  • Xmas 2008 Swan
  • Xmas 2008 Goose
  • Xmas 2008 Bird
  • Xmas 2008 Hen
  • Xmas 2008 Dove
  • Xmas 2008 Partridge
  • Sewer Rat
  • Adolescent Tortoise
  • Gas
  • Thick Gas
  • Ghost
  • Tauntaun
  • Ice Warrior
  • Shark
  • Really Large Asteroid
  • Large Asteroid
  • Quite Small Asteroid
  • asteroid
  • Road Runner
  • Earth Worm
  • Killer Queen
  • Dolphin
  • Sparrow
  • Shape
  • Glow Worm
  • Rubber Tree
  • Head Hunter
  • Lost Spirit

A respectable collection of varied beasties, especially considering that I've never gone out and tried to be the top of the Monster Bashing Leagues. It's just happened as a consequence of my actions at the time.


Name Species Attack Notes
Fang Goldfish 1 @ 20%
Ximinez Goldfish 1 @ 20%
Smack Horsie (black stallion) 20 @ 60% 1% evil; size 8 (of 12)
Biggles Goldfish 1 @ 30% Registered with the Pet Registration Office
Loathing Obsession with Golfers 400 @ 10%
Brown Jenkin Familiar 2 @ 20% Eats: Bottle of Wine (35), Egg Nog (40), Bottle of Rum (80), Whisky Mac (40), Glass of Wine (15)
Pinky Familiar 2 @ 20% Eats: Bottle of Creme de Menthe (15), Gimlet (40), Jäger Bomb (20), Bottle of Rum (80), Sazerac (40)
Orson Juvenile Minrilax 100 @ 30% Eats: Gold Ore, Unit of Sand, Stone; size 6 (of 12)

Also in inventory: 5 Annoyances, Brand New Electric Sheep, Uncertain Egg, many Minrilax Eggs, even more Mayfly Eggs

Current Quests

Alignment Quests

Air: Air Initiation / Time and Space / Creature Survey / Standing Stones / Fortune Tellers / Totems / Ultimate Altar of Air

Water: Learn to Swim / Water Initiation / Snark Hunt / Become a Doctor / Kill the Undead Dragon / Water Skin / Blue Flowers

Fire: Fire Initiation / Befriend the Guards / The Duel (thanks to Merchant's enterprising service) / The Gauntlet / The Caverns & Bomb Squad
Earth: Earth Initiation / Treasure Hunt / Rock Soc Pub Crawl (thanks to Stevie-O's Pub Crawl Trek) / Ultimate Altar of Earth

Area Quests

'Kingdom: Herman the Hermit / Jock McStrapp / Animal Sanctuary / Scruffy Gerald / Pet License (third time lucky) / Paparazzi / Devil Went Down to Cities / Heinlein Books / Toxicology / Drunken Party / Poison Hand
Thieves' Forest: Martial Arts Training 1 / Martial Arts Training 2 / Master Thief Training
Frozen North: Thor in a Cottage / Ancient Castle / North Pole / Magic Egg Hunt / Asgard

Underground: South-West Tunnels / North-West Tunnels / North-East Tunnels / Royal Engineer

South Coast: Dread Cthu1hu's Garden (thanks to Flt's Field Trip) / Ghost Hunters' Guild / Mixology / Slay the Gorgon / Pop Idol / Pandora's Socks

Pentium Motherboard 64 1 486 Motherboard
120MB Hard Disk Drive 0 120MB Hard Disk Drive
2 EDO SIMM modules 0 1 FPM SIMM module
    0 ISA I/O adapter
Pentium CPU 64 0 486 CPU
PC Tower Case 64 PC Tower Case
Floppy Disk Drive 64 Floppy Disk Drive
PCI Graphics adapter 0 0 ISA Graphics adapter
Quad-speed CD-ROM Drive 64 Quad-speed CD-ROM Drive

Oz: Paul / The Goodyear Pimp / Brian
Frozen South:

Career Quests

Knight: Become a Knight / Become a Baron / Become an Earl / Become a Duke / Military Service (Whale, Kangaroo)
Armourer: Become a Smith / Become an Armourer / Blue Prince


Other Quests

Collecting Cards / Jack and the Beanstalk / Twelve Days of Christmas

Open Mic Rewards: Soothing Music / Rock Out / Hornpipe Song / Harvest Song
Micro-quests: Perfect Caffeination / Snake Research Program / Tim / Cattle Drive / Lycanthropy


Not in order of priority:

Other Notes


Water > Fire > Earth > Air > Water

HP  Daemonic Weapon Upgrade 
10 Letter Opener  to  Dagger
100 Dagger  to  Knife
1000 Knife  to  Sword
10,000 Sword  to  Great Sword
 100,000  Great Sword  to  Chainsaw

Stelio uses the following Greasemonkey scripts:

Cities Health Bar by jmb
Darksatanic Survey plugin by Darksatanic
Cities Fast AP Cost Hints by Stevie-O
Cities DontBreakIt by Dragon
Glendale Cities Mapper by Sam
Cities Max AP Counter by Hamelin
Cities' Big Brother by PotatoEngineer
Cities Outfitter by PotatoEngineer
Cities Tribble Alert by Stevie-O?

Useful Links

Game Wiki

Real Life

Stelio Passaris
Time zone:  GMT/BST (which handily is the same as game time)
Location:  Surrey, UK
Phone:  +44 7810 522 966
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