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Here's how I think we should do things at the Jester Valley Alliance:

  1. Build a Survey Vessel to get around in. I have most of the base ingredients available to me:

100 Pieces of Wood (of 100 needed) 24 Tars (of 24 needed) 1 GPS (of 1 needed) 1 Map (of 1 needed) 2 Bronze Ores (converts to 20 Bronze Nails, of 25 needed) 1 Empty Bottle (of 1 needed)

Need 5 Copper Ores and 1 more Bronze Ore, plus the Plans themselves.
Update: I now have 4 Bronze Ores. Stevie-O 13:33, 12 April 2006 (BST)
BlaisedeC has pointed out that it may be more effective to use a Caravel to hunt pirates, because they have cannons that do base 500 damage -- excellent for killing pirates, although I'm not sure if it'd be cheaper than just buying up glass swords; we need:

150 Pieces of Wood (easy to get, though a bit AP costly) 30 Pieces of Ancient Wood (ouch) 32 Lots of Tar (will need a lot of healing ability to kill all those tars) 20 Copper Nails (which will require 2 Copper Ores) 250 Bits of Iron (those I have, thanks to Rusty Swords) 1 Bottle of Sparkling Wine (where to get one of those?) 1 Empty Bottle

And to get the Ancient Wood, we need a Copper Axe:

500 Bits of Copper (from 5 Copper Ores) 1 Piece of Ancient Wood

5 Copper Ores. That's a bit steep... (not to mention the bootstrapping issue: you need ancient wood to get ancient wood).
  1. The bootstrapping isn't a real problem; just dump 3500 gold at the market for the first Ancient Wood. BlaisedeC 15:31, 12 April 2006 (BST)
    • The JVA has four members. Two of us could be running around killing stuff for gold (to buy Glass Swords, see next step) while the other two are mining.
  2. Using the ship in conjunction with BlaisedeC's completed tarot deck, locate some Pirates and kill them to get a Pirate's Hat -- -2AP per hour when worn, but an 80% discount at shops.
    These guys literally have a boatload of HP and hit *hard*. According to the Monsters page, the weakest ones do 50KHP and 15 damage. This will require massive cooperation, probably from the Fire Player (who will have the best to-hit).
    • If we don't use Glass Swords for this, then our best bet would be a pile of Arrows and Repeating Bows from Bentnob. A Duke would get 20 damage/hit * 10 attacks out of one of those. On average, 9 should hit (at 90% to-hit). With an alignment bonus, this would do about 20*9*2 == 360 damage per turn. If Pirates are really 50KHP, then that would require 139 turns (and 1390AP), and also require the healing of up to 2085HP. I don't think this is a viable option.
    • If we DO use Glass Swords, a Duke with an alignment advantage could do 10K damage per hit, requiring 5 Glass Swords. These could be obtained for a total of 40K gold from Bentnob. This seems like a viable option, if we can quickly raise 40K gold. (Better yet, we could start out by finding a hat that yields a 30% discount; then it would only require 28K gold.)
    • There's some other stuff that I'm not gonna say here just yet.
  3. Using the Pirate's Hat from the Pirates, head directly back to Bentnob, and buy up a crapload of Glass Swords (1600 gold each after the discount). Also buy anything else we might want, and then destroy the hat (it drains AP when worn).
  4. Make sure everybody has an appropriate collection of Tarot Cards. Exactly ten will be needed to get through the Caverns. Not just any ten will work; however, there are multiple distinct sets that will work. We should put together lists of what cards we have, in order to pick a set that requires the least amount of shuffling or further acquiring of cards.
  5. Make our way to Bombadier Island. If we can't all share a boat, one of us will make the journey with three Summon Stones and summon the others. That, or we make four boats...
  6. Enter the Caverns (20AP each) and, in there, we will (together) travel through the caverns. It will require 10 meditations and 10 cards (you need the 10th to get back). A meditation is 50AP and a transport is 10AP, which means it will take a grand total of 60AP * 10 == 600AP to do this whole quest. This is several days worth of AP. Each meditation gives you +3% to-hit.
    • I have been alerted that in these caverns lurk Demons. Air Demons drain maxAP; Earth Demons drain maxHP; Fire Demons drain to-hit. (Water Demons just hit really hard.) Since the whole point of this exercise is to raise to-hit, I think that Fire Chars should taken on any demons we encounter along the way. They can afford to lose the to-hit from Fire Demons; also, only Fire will have a 90% to-hit on a Glass Sword at this point. A Ghastly Bling might come in handy in case Fire Demons are peaceful to Fire chars.
    • Demons can have up to 1000HP. This is the reason for purchasing all of the Glass Swords previously. (Anything we have left over can be sold at the market. Selling them for 5000gp each will net us a healthy profit.)
    • Note: take a look at Quest:The_Caverns/Bomb_Squad, especially LittleHamster's comment. Especially if you're Fire and don't think this quest matters to you.
  7. Then collect the materials to do ten levels of Hard Knocks and make 40 Healing Potions -- we'll have the gold at that point.
  8. Profit!

Materials Collection

The following materials will be required for a Copper Axe, a Caravel, and a Survey Vessel:

  • 250 Pieces of wood (have 233)
  • 31 Pieces of Ancient Wood
  • 60 lots of Tar (have 42)
  • 70 Copper Nails
    • 1200 Bits of Copper (obtained 500 so far; used 500 for the Copper Axe)
      • 12 Copper Ores (obtained 5 so far; used 5 for the Copper Axe)
      • 48 Bits of Charcoal
  • 25 Bronze Nails
    • 250 Bits of Bronze
      • 3 Bronze Ores
      • 12 Bits of Charcoal
  • 1 GPS
  • 1 Map
  • 2 Empty Bottles
  • 250 Bits of Iron
  • 1 Bottle of Sparkling Wine

Materials Collection II

Blaisedec pointed out a flaw in the Caravel theory: to use a Caravel effectively, you need gunpowder to fire the cannons. To make gunpowder, you need a Ball Mill. To get a Ball Mill, you need to have completed the Caverns quest. Kinda making all this redundant. Therefore, here is what we need to build us just the Survey Vessel:

  • 100 Pieces of wood
  • 24 lots of Tar
  • 50 Copper Nails
    • 500 Bits of Copper
      • 5 Copper Ores (have 4, StormWind has 1)
      • 20 Bits of Charcoal
  • 25 Bronze Nails
    • 250 Bits of Bronze
      • 3 Bronze Ores
      • 12 Bits of Charcoal
  • GPS
  • Map
  • 1 Empty Bottle

Other things to consider:

  • Magic carpet?
  • How many glass swords?
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