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I am Stoo. Hear me roar.

(or something)

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My Stats:

About Me

  • Original Alignment: Water
  • Current Allignment: Water
  • Starsign: GNU
  • Guild: High Tower of Wizardry
  • Maximum Action Points: 557
  • Maximum Hit Points: 389
  • Base AP Delay: 7 mins 30 secs
  • Base to-hit chance: 126%
  • Victory Points: 0
  • Damage Multiplier: 1
  • Dragons Killed: 116
  • Dragon's Blood Drunk: 54
  • Number of Times Died: 1
  1. Big n0rx (best way to go, really...)

Current Plans:

In vague order of likelyhood

  • Transcribe Enchant Water Sword spell and my Remember spell into my spellbook
  • Kill 0 more Plot Bunnies
  • Become a Level 3 Wizard
  • Host a party (you know you want Disco Stoo's...)

Random Stuff:

Vault W4. Just so's I remember...


You gain a Pwny (Bill).
The Masked Pwner gives you a Pwny (Bill).

Who was that masked man?

Unusual Places I've Been

I have...

  • Chilled in Ignatz's Pool... Man, that's some good chilling.
  • Visited Darksatanic's House. He wasn't in.
  • Spied on the Honeymoon Suite. I was one of five in there. I remained fully-clothed at all times.


  • Mr Guppy, the Goldfish was born sometime in February 2007. He is a pacifist.
He died. At 11 weeks. I didn't have the cash for a Pet licence. Rubbish.
  • Wantryk Pwny was born on March 25th at 8:09pm. Awww... he's got his father's eye, y'know...
On May 20th, Wantryk grew up into a fully fledged horsie. With wings. Booyah!
  • As a wizard-in-training, do you think I can get a wyvern to ride? Who needs a wyvern? I have a pegasus. <smug>
  • Mark II, the Goldfish was born in the early hours of the morning on September 9th. Hopefully, he won't die too.
Well, he did die. Such is life.
  • I also have a collection of dead fish. I'm sure I ought to be able to do something with them, some salt & chips and a bottle of vinegar...
  • I have two Dragons - Double, a fire-alligned filly and Scatha, who is a shrimp.


My baby keeps being taken away. I wasn't even bad this time. Rubbish.


You lose a Fag.
Your baby burbles happily.
Great Lord Harvey appears before you.
'Ta for the babysitting - hope he wasn't too much hassle.'
He takes the baby, and grants you entry to his farmland along with a nifty new wand.
'See you around! Oh, and please don't kill my animals. I really don't like that.'
Great Lord Harvey vanishes in a puff of nifty smoke.
You lose a Baby Hippy.
You gain a Wand of Convincing Illusion.
Now using Fists.


My First Custom Weapon

You gain a Magic Wand.
Armourer jennyann gives you a Magic Wand.

On deploying, the following is displayed:

Magic Wand: 
Made of Iron
Magic Wand. Appears longer to the user than it does to everyone else. 
Will Cast around 30 Spells

Hmmm... think my wife's trying to tell me something?

Perfect Caffination <sic>

You are a bit hot.
You lose a Mug of Coffee.
You gain an Empty Mug.
You feel a bit better. Damn caffeine tolerance.
100 cups of coffee. You enter a state of perfect caffination.
Now using Fists.

At flippin' last...


You practice the Tambourine.
You feel natural with this instrument.
You're improving.
You rock.


Open Mike Nights

Third - December '06
Great Lord Yendor's image appears, unshaven and with tinsel around his hat.
"Ahoy there matey! Thanks for your excellent performance at my Club! In keeping with the
nautical theme I'd like to teach you a lively hornpipe I learned from an old salt from the 
Isle of Fright: it's an ancient song giving thanks to the wind for bringing the sailor back 
swiftly to their loved ones. No doubt a fellow lover of folk music like yourself will enjoy 
it, and maybe it will keep you company if you're ever out at sea on a cold night. There's 
something magic about it, so listen carefully..."
You learn the tune easily.
While he plays you help yourself to a few of his special biscuits. There's also some 
interesting looking miniature bottles inside his upturned hat.
You gain 10 Magic Cookies.
You gain 10 Bottles of Grog.

Mmm... Grogalicious

Fourth - September '07
Great Lord Yendor's image appears, festooned with vines and garlands and carrying a huge 
basket of fruit.
"Thank you for your excellent performance at my Harvest Festival! Let's hope for just as good 
a crop of Magic Beans next year. As you're a music lover I'd like to teach you this country 
dance tune, played by the hard working farmers of the Inner Region at planting time. It's a 
lovely old song, and perhaps there's some magic in it too."
The tune is difficult, but you manage to keep up.
While he plays you help yourself to a few of his special biscuits. You're also quick enough to 
grab a handful of fruit while he's not looking.
You gain 10 Magic Cookies.
You gain 2 Baskets of Plums.
You gain 2 Bunches of Grapes.
You gain 2 Lemons.
You gain 2 Limes.
You gain 2 Oranges.
You gain 2 Pineapples.
You gain 2 Pomegranates.

Niiice... is he trying to put me out of business, though? Hmmm...

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