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Quest: Master Armourer

Potential Items

Color Code

On Hand Already Given

Link Object Link Object Link Object
5 Bacon Sandwiches 3 Bucky Balls 1-4 can of Wyrms
40 Copper Ores 30 Gold Ores 30 Iron Ores
30 Lead Ores 75 Lumps of Beeswax 400 Measures of Black Powder
2 Mining Permits 3 Misril Ores 5 Pieces of Mail
10 Power Crystals 10-20 Rivets 40 Silver Ores
100 Tars 40 Units of Enchanted Charcoal

Tools to Make

  1. Lump Hammer
  2. Hammer
  3. Blacksmith's Tongs
  4. Cold Chisel
  5. File

Materials Needed for the Tools

On Hand Need to Obtain
Link Object Link Object Link Object
300 bits of Lead 2 Pieces of Ancient Wood 60 Units of Charcoal
3 Stones 60 Units of Enchanted Charcoal 1100 Bits of Iron
2 Rivets


The Gods are:

  • Goibhnu
Steel Bars
Seems there's several possible solutions, though only one exists in cities. 57E, 133N. Through the Fire Swamp! I wonder if I'll survive...
  • Hephaestus
Scrap of Vellum [[1]]
urcun rfghf vfngg uerrq bmrar nfgna qbaru haqer qnaqf riraf bhgu -- ROT-13
hepha estus isatt hreed ozene astan doneh undre dands evens outh
  • Ogoun
Gas Bill
  • Sethlans
Shredded Bus Ticket
28E, 12S.
  • Seppo Ilmarinen
Wax Tablet
Once the easting plus twice the southing is 623, and once the easting plus thrice the southing is 915.
  • Vulcan (always in Space)
Bit of Parchment
Vulcan is south east of the Space Station.
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