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Herman the Hermit

(with a nice, sharp, golden sickle)

Description Locations Status Proper Name
a Brown Fleshy Root Foraged Ginseng Root
a Bunch of Curly Green Leaves Foraged Sprig of Parsley
a Bunch of Dark Green Needles Foraged Sprig of Rosemary
a Bunch of Long Silvery Leaves Foraged Sprig of Sage
a Bunch of Pale Hairy Leaves Foraged Sprig of Wormwood
a Bunch of Pointed Aromatic Leaves Foraged Sprig of Mint
a Bunch of Small Green Leaves Foraged Sprig of Oregano
a Bunch of Small Yellow Leaves Foraged Sprig of Thyme
a Rodden berry Herman's never been to Space A Rodden Berry
a Cactus Herman hates the Cactus a Cactus
a Dragon Fruit Herman's allegic to Dragon Fruit a Dragon Fruit
an Elongated Seed Pod Foraged Vanilla Pod
a Fleshy Seed Pod Foraged Cocoa Pod
a Handful of Papery Flowers Foraged Handful of Hops
a Knobbly Root Foraged Ginger Root
a Large Hard Seed Foraged Nutmeg
a Piece of Bark Foraged Piece of Chinchona Bark
a Pinch of Small Brown Seeds Foraged Pinch of Aniseed
a Pointed Red Fruit Foraged Chili Pepper
a Red Seed Pod Foraged Rose Hip
a Small Black Berry Foraged Juniper Berry
a Small Blue-black Berry Foraged Sloe
a Yellow Fleshy Root Foraged Mandrake Root
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