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  • 99E 74N DSSGCM Count Dante is here.


Started the quest with 27981 ap on hand (Holiday Island is a good thing!) -- Ended with 20907 ap --- this quest cost me 7074 ap.
Being a Master Armourer without the damage multiplier of a Duke means I'm using a Dragon Stone more often than I'd like.
Ghastly Bling was critical to complete this quest.


  1. Bull
  2. Snake (great, which one?) (Perhaps a King Cobra - poisoned me good) (died again)
  3. Ice Camel
  4. Small Fire Dragon (yay! can of wyrms! no traipsing all over the countryside looking for one)
  5. Arctic Undine
  6. Mimic (small)
  7. Rock Troll
  8. Undine
  9. Mink
  10. Vampire
  11. Sister
  12. Badger
  13. Wolf
  14. Thunderbird
  15. Yeti
  16. Wisp
  17. Small Water Dragon (remnant from the previous can of wyrms!)
  18. Ice Warrior
  19. Leprechaun
  20. Snake (I'm sure it's different than the last one, I just can't recognize them yet.) (Must have been a Rattlesnake)
  21. Tar Baby
  22. Glow Worm
  23. Fire Dragon (another remnant from the first can of wyrms!)
  24. Asteroid
  25. Bat
  26. Kerubim
  27. Toad
  28. Sylph
  29. Living Tar
  30. Duck
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