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Standing Stones


Coords Stone Item Required ... Coords Stone Item Required
74E 49N I Gandalf Cocktail (7am) ... 24E 49N XIII Eel (7pm)
73E 55N II Frodo Cocktail (8am) ... 25E 43N XIV Lionfish (8pm)
71E 62N III Bilbo Cocktail (9am) ... 27E 37N XV Flying Fish (9pm)
67E 67N IV D12 (10am) ... 31E 31N XVI Cod (10pm)
62E 71N V D10 (11am) ... 36E 27N XVII Earth Stone (11pm)
55E 73N VI D8 (Noon) ... 43E 25N XVIII Fire Stone (Midnight)
49E 74N VII D4 (1pm) ... 49E 24N XIX Water Stone (1am)
43E 73N VIII D6 (2pm) ... 55E 25N XX Air Stone (2am)
37E 71N IX Cucumber (3pm) ... 62E 27N XXI Fire Talisman (3am)
31E 67N X Sunflower (4pm) ... 67E 31N XXII Water Talisman (4am)
27E 62N XI Bunch of Grapes (5pm) ... 71E 36N XXIII Earth Talisman (5am)
25E 55N XII Sheaf of Wheat (6pm) ... 73E 43N XXIV Air Talisman (6am)
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