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Starsign: Penguin


Totem Table

Link Object Totem Linked up
(start) 51E 211S Penguin Totem Done
Daemonic Dagger 10E 205S Thunderbird Totem Done
5 Iron 54E 209S Gnome Totem Done
Can of Wyrms 84E 236S Sparrow Totem Done
Vowel 48E 300S Eagle Totem Done
Tee 4E 209S Salamander Totem Done
Power Crystal 25E 214S Triffid Totem Done
Daemonic Sword 21E 274S Lion Totem Done
4 Iron 47E 300S Sylph Totem Done
Daemonic Knife 78E 294S GNU Totem Done
Copy of Battlefield Earth 6E 236S Toad Totem Done
Consonant 99E 258S Angel Totem Done
Tribble 49E 300S Fire Fox Totem Done
Degree of Enlightenment (dammit!) 79E 212S Pheonix Totem Done
Putter 87E 215S Bull Totem Done
Roddenberry 1E 228S Roc Totem Done
3 Iron 51E 213S Undine Totem Done
Issue 84E 217S Worm Totem Done
Measure of Serenity (dammit!) 26E 211S Earth Dragon Totem Done
Gram of Fairy Dust 13E 298S Water Dragon Totem Done
Toy Unicorn 37E 284S Crocodile Totem Done
Pint of Fairy Liquid 66E 217S Air Dragon Totem Done
7 Iron 7E 273S Glow Worm Totem Done
Pomegranate 41E 208S Fire Dragon Totem Done
Daemonic Letter Opener 51E 211S Penguin Totem Finished!!

List of Remaining Totems

In alphabetical order:


Potential Items

Color Code

On Hand Already Offered

Link Object Link Object Link Object
2 Iron 3 Iron 4 Iron
5 Iron 6 Iron 7 Iron
8 Iron 9 Iron Putter
Can of Wyrms Coconut Consonant
Copy of Battlefield Earth Daemonic Letter Opener Daemonic Dagger
Daemonic Knife Daemonic Sword Degree of Enlightenment
Giant Snowball Gram of Fairy Dust Issue
Lemon Lime Measure of Serenity
Orange Perl Pineapple
Pomegranate Pint of Fairy Liquid Power Crystal
Rattle Rodden Berry Tee
Toy Unicorn Tribble Vowel

Talismen to the Totems

Talisman Made To be made Doesn't need to be made

66E 217S Air Dragon Totem 99E 258S Angel Totem 87E 215S Bull Totem
37E 284S Crocodile Totem 48E 300S Eagle Totem 26E 211S Earth Dragon Totem
41E 208S Fire Dragon Totem 49E 300S Fire Fox Totem 54E 209S Gnome Totem
7E 273S Glow Worm Totem 78E 294S GNU Totem 21E 274S Lion Totem
51E 211S Penguin Totem 79E 212S Pheonix Totem 1E 228S Roc Totem
4E 209S Salamander Totem 84E 236S Sparrow Totem 47E 300S Sylph Totem
10E 205S Thunderbird 6E 236S Toad Totem 25E 214S Triffid Totem
51E 213S Undine Totem 13E 298S Water Dragon Totem 84E 217S Worm



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