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Gauntlet Monster List

Combat Tactics, Quick Lists, and other such fun stuff


You slay the Big Ice Dragon.
You gain a Possibility.
You gain a Copy of 'Your Disco Needs You'.
You gain 1127 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Sharp Sword.
You gain a Set of Water Wings.
You gain 3 Dragon Blood Doses.
You gain a Copy of 'Love at First Sight'.
You gain an Air Knife.
You gain 2 Mugs of Coffee (decaf).
You gain a Glyph: Lead.
You gain a Snowball.
You gain a Clean Bandage.
You slay the Big PolyChromatic Dragon.
You gain a Stall Permit (6 items).
You gain 3 Magic Beans.
You gain 40279 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Possibility.
You gain an Archers Charm Spell.
You gain a Sharp Sword.
You gain a Harmonica.
You gain 30 Dragon Blood Doses.
You gain a Copy of 'Strong Enough'.
You gain a Map Spell.
You gain a Pair of Beer Goggles.
You gain an Impending Slap Spell.
You gain a Rainbow Wand.
You gain an Impending Kick Spell.
You gain a Mirror.
You gain a Copy of 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman!'.
You gain a Copy of 'Over the Rainbow'.
You gain a Lance.
You gain an Earth Wand.
You gain an Earth Sword.
You gain a Singing Sword.
You gain a Copy of 'Lady Marmalade'.
You gain a Blessed Sword.
You gain a Card: The Devil.
You gain 67 Arrows.
You gain a Copy of 'Like I Love You'.
You gain an Enchant Fire Sword Spell.
You gain a Glass Sword.
You gain an Air Stone.
You gain a Strength Spell.

You slay the Crocodile.
You gain a Record.

Awww, no croc scales.

You slay the Bat.

You gain 38 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Dose of Antidote.
You gain a Glass Sword.

You slay the Hista.
You gain a Clinic Invite.
...along with various crap.

Burn a Glass Sword, get it back...

You attack the Jason.
You cause 2000 points of damage, and receive 20000 experience.
You lose a Glass Sword.
Your glass sword shatters!
You slay the Jason.
You gain a Daemonic Letter Opener.
You gain a 7 Iron.
You gain a Mug of Ale.
You gain 80 Gold Pieces.
You gain a 5 Iron.
You gain a 8 Iron.
You gain a Bottle of Whisky.
You gain a 4 Iron.
You gain a 2 Iron.
You gain a 9 Iron.
You gain a Putter.
You gain a Glass Sword.
You gain a 3 Iron.
You gain a 6 Iron.

Roasted Garlic

From IRC Chat:

<Syagrius-cooking> Hey elseware - how come we can't roast garlic in the game? :)  Roasted garlic rocks!
<elseware> mmm.
<elseware> that is true.
<elseware> although i don't know what it could be used for.
<elseware> done.
<elseware> garlic now roastable
<elseware> happy.
<elseware> it's not useful for anything yet.

YAY! Roastable Garlic :)

Gonna love having this fire catana...

You attack the Earth Dragon.
You cause 140 points of damage, and receive 1400 experience.
The Earth Dragon misses you.

Recent hire of the Department of Plausible Excuses 
I've passed my probationary period, and according to darksatanic, 
should be receiving my 50% raise soon!


Head of the Gorgan as a weapon...
You attack the Kraken.
You show the head to the Kraken. It is turned to stone.
You slay the Kraken.

Stupid Maneuvers

Substance Abuse

Caffeine tolerance is maxed. Eating coffee beans, drinking coffee, etc. Maxed.

Dragons Blood - getting there. 46 times. Mostly good, a few really bad. Nothing that's been too terribly evil or anything. Lately, more bad than good. I'm done with this one.

Spice - Twice, 4 grams total (1 gram, then 3).

Stupid! Magic Powder. Way too many times. Max AP and Max HP are suffering - I'm down ~30 of each right now. Not worth it. Really, it isn't.

Triffid Stings - Ate a few of these (like, 5 or 6?). Last message said I'd take some real damage or something if I continued. I'm done with these - don't want the extra minute of regen time to hit me.

Feb 9, 2006 Death #4

So, there I was, running amok in the interior, killing vindaloo, triffids, and the occasional dragon. I had recently killed 3 vindaloo and DIDN'T check my HP.


Anyway, I came across an earth dragon. Simple to kill. Hit one - 80 points damage. But wait - this earth dragon just hit me 6 times at 5 damage each! OH NO! I'm DEAD!!!

Stupid air dragon - someone changed it's alignment to earth, and I didn't notice. Nor did I notice I only had 29 HP left. sigh...

So, the good Vashka recovered my body for me. And boy, was I happy.

When I get back to a city, I'm hitting a K.O.T. donation point. I've got too many weapons.

Death #3

Triffids suck.

It's always a good idea to know how much damage the monster you're about to attack can do to you.

I'm fire-aligned, Triffids are earth - I figured I can kill just this one last triffid before seeking a healer. Their hit percentage seems to be low...

Nope. Didn't work. Died in the center, losing a ton of stuff. So, I frantically charged back into the center region, with only a vague idea where I was killed. Sure enough, I find the bugger who killed me, and killed him good. Got all my stuff back (got poisoned doing so) and headed for a healer. Took me a while to figure out that antidote fixed the poisoning.

I've since killed the undead dragon, so I can heal myself :)

Death #1 & #2

Same monster. Bastard. I made it pay.

A little fluffy bunny rabbit. 6 whole hp. I was a noob (read: young and stupid), and really close to fire city. I was heading back (with 15 hp left) to go see a healer.

"Oh, a bunny. I could use the gold to help pay for the healer." Of course, at the time, I hadn't even been initiated in fire yet, so my attack modifier was still 1. Anyway, I attacked the rabbit. Missed it - the bunny attacks back and has "nasty sharp teeth!"

I woke up in fire city, rather peeved that I was killed by a BUNNY! I charged down the road to the bunny and attacked him again. Knocked it down halfway before I was dead again. &^%#$! I was NOT going to lose my (rather puny amount) stuff this way! I still had a few AP left, so I charge out after the bunny again.

This time, I killed it good and got my stuff back. I had to limp back to town to get healed up.

Beaten by a bunny. Twice.

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