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Sgt. Duke Tha'l Ghul MD

  • Alignment: Ice
  • Maximum Hit Points: 730
  • Base to-hit chance: 163%
  • Maximum Action Points: 682
  • Base AP Delay: 7 minutes.
  • Experience Points: 66252755
  • Damage Multiplier: 8
  • Movement Modifier: -6
  • Starsign: Fire Dragon
  • Total Action Points Spent: 121242
  • Total Distance Travelled: 35305
  • Dragons killed: 561
  • Vault: N18





To do

  • 5 ice wands
  • NE Tunnels
  • Adv. martial arts 57 pizzas
  • HK supplies (roc rocks 100, pheonix feathers 200, triffid stings 100)


Daemonic blade breaks: 28/2/09, 29/3/09, 9/4/09


  You slay the Evil Thief.
  You gain an Air Wand.
  You gain a Brave Star.
  You gain 373 Gold Pieces.
  You gain a Sharp Sword.
  You gain an Accordion.
  You gain 2 Pairs of Magic Boots.
  You gain an Emerald Athame.
  You gain a D12.
  You gain 2 Quarrels.
  You gain a Mug of Coffee (decaf).
  You gain 35 Arrows.
  You gain a Glass Sword.

Bastard stole all that stuff off some unfortunate soul, I'll bet.

  You slay the Llama.
  You gain a Fire Cracker.
  You gain a Fiddle.
  You gain a Mug of Coffee (decaf).
  You gain 419 Gold Pieces.
  You gain 2 Glass Swords.
  You gain an Air Stone.

Doo-doooo-do-do-do. Mana-llama.

  You slay the Bling Wraith.
  You gain a Gold Bling.
  You gain a The One Bling.

Oh gold bling, how I've missed not having you wear out on me.


  • misosumo
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