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Apparently Theendisnigh (the cities' character) is albino: He has pink eyes anyhow. I have been informed that the bonnet brings out the colour of his eyes (my eyes?). More random encounters will flesh him out in time I feel.




  • Birth Alignment: Air
  • Star Sign: Sparrow
  • Experience points: 8787025
  • Maximum Action Points: 622
  • Maximum Hit Points: 1378
  • Base to-hit chance: 103%
  • Damage Multiplier: Sgt Duke
  • Movement Modifier: -4
  • Poison Level: Varies


Mornington Crescent

If you know you know, if you don't, just go look.

A tale from four cities

As part of the Trophy cabinet quest Jennayann and Andrewsi helped Theendisnigh to kill a polychromatic dragon. We killed three, one each. Jenny, the player behind Jennayann wrote the whole thing up delightfully. It really is worth the read folks.

Hunting lodge quest


You attack the Pheonix (gen. 34). You cause 340 points of damage, and receive 11560 experience. You lose a Glass Sword. Your glass sword shatters! You slay the Pheonix (gen. 34). You gain 99 Units of Charcoal. You gain a Fire Wand. You gain 59466 Gold Pieces. You gain 528 Phoenix Feathers.


You lose a Mug of Coffee. You gain an Empty Mug. You feel a bit better. Damn caffeine tolerance. 100 cups of coffee. You enter a state of perfect caffination.

talk page

I now have a talk page thanks to Scrumbucket who was enamoured by my note about the Fibonacci sequence (see Rainbow Guards). Please leave messages, any random crap that springs to mind is welcome.

Looking to trade for records to host a party. Check my inventory.

about me

Been meaning to write something on this page for ages.

In real life I'm a research scientist in a small oil industry service company, currently struggling to finish up a thesis whilst working full time. Hmm great fun. I did not finish entirely over easter, bum! But menorca was nice.


Standing stones done! Woohoo! Bomb squad done, woohoo again. Always hoping for more hard knocks levels. Apple pips all collected, totems at some point? Ouch, looks really nasty. Edit: I misunderstood the totems: I thought that you had to get from one to the next in 15 minutes and then to the next and so on. I now realise that you can do one link, then sod off for AP regen, then go back to do the next one and so on. When I have a speedboat.... I will aim to do this I guess.

Happy to swap spells for stuff. Perhaps hard knocks, perhaps other goodies? Certainly potions of accuracy/ ingredients thereof. Check my inventory.

I owe favours and thanks to both jennyann and andrewsi who've been most good to me, and perhaps selene? see below.

Second character

Achamian. He's very new, trying to complete creature survey. I'd forgotten quite how little new players can do. Just managed the earth initiation. Needs a pinata to complete the survey. Then, er, time and space I guess. 05/04/07

Historical Sheer Stupidity

Wearing a bonnet, took lots of spice, went to do bomb squad quest, can't use cloak or clock to get past demons as I have on a BONNET! I am currently on the beach on the north of bombardiers island. Please someone come and steal my bonnet? (43E 65S) All sorted, selene stole it. I am most grateful.

Fuschia 78 -24 Great Desert
Fuschia2 81 -26 Great Desert
Gray 47 127 Frozen North
Grey 47 93 Kingdom North
Maroon2 22 -39 Great Desert
Navy 36 12 Frozen North
Pink 66 114 Frozen North
Puce2 30 26 Interior SW
Turquoise 51 -49 Great Desert
Violet 36 140 Frozen North
White 20 141 Frozen North
Yellow 76 147 Frozen North
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