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Origins of the Name

"Tiltowait" is a 7th level Mage spell from one of the first computer games, an ancient early '80s classic: Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. It annihilates all monsters with a "pure blast of nuclear fusion", obviously making it an instant hit with any sort of geek into such things. I'm apparently not the only greying nerd present, because there's also a "Lahalito" in-game.

Trading Stuff

Make me an offer.

Even Quicker Fixes

The proprietor of said establishment. Stop by any time.


You find a magic apple!
You place it on the ground and wait.
After a while a Worm wonders into view. It ignores you totally and eats some of the apple. A noise startles you and you look behind you. When you look
 back both apple and creature have gone.
Thinking back, you remember your mother telling you that you were born under the sign of the Worm!
You lose a Magic Compass.

Got a pwny for Xmas!

  • Kressida is a noble & giving soul. Details on 'Possum are here.

I Joined a Cult

Mommy & Daddy Tiltowait will be so proud!

Darksatanic is Kewl

  • He bailed me out of a particular nasty situation
  • Ironically, I'd done it to myself previously too. That was dumb.


  • It's been 8 weeks now, and 'Possum is a war horsie! Yay me!
  • Thanks to Caelicoli's Shalom, 'Possum is confirmed as a boy war horsie.
  • Both dam & sire were first generation pwnys from chits, and proved to be war horsies. But based on some recent breeding experience, 'Possum may be FE.
  • Thanks to Azuaron, I acquired a second pwny, Bullseye.
  • Time will tell, but the dam was a winged horsie and the sire was a horsie. Bullseye is probably AE.
  • It's been 8 weeks again, and Bullseye is a winged horsie! Ride like the wind, Bullseye!
  • Bullseye is confirmed as a boy winged horsie. Yippee. A regular sausage-fest.
  • Rhapsodie provided me with a new pwny, presently named Liquorice. I've decided not to rename it until I figure out the gender at 8 weeks.
  • Liquorice is a boy sea horsie. Based on parents, he's probably a WE.
  • Azuaron gave me Silver, a girl sea horsie. I finally have some breeding stock!
  • Renamed Silver to Penelope.
  • Renamed Liquorice to Bad Horse (The Thoroughbred of Sin).
  • Traded Penelope to Shaman fishface. Received Hudson, a boy horsie.
Horsie Genomes

Original Results:

  • Bullseye: B??W?RVW?WRV B?V?B??B?RWW
  • Bad Horse: ?VRW?RVRRWRV ?R?WWR?B?RWW

Interpretted Results:


Derived Values:

  • 'Possum: XY (Male) Pk (Pinto) FE (Fire) CC (Hot)
  • Bullseye: XY (Male) Pk (Pinto) AW (Air) CS (Cold)
  • Bad Horse: XY (Male) kk (Black) WE (Water) CS (Cold)
  • Hudson: XY (Male) CC (Chestnut) EA (Earth) CC (Hot)

Other Pets

  • Akira, a licensed goldfish.
  • Steiner, an electric sheep that X-Himy gave me.
  • Number 2, a dung beetle that gets to clean up after all the horsies.
  • Proteus, a giant dung beetle given to me by Azuaron, prior to his retirement.
  • Caprinae, a quantum sheep shared with somebody whom I forget.
  • Somewhat, a familiar I just recently got from a witch.

Hunt for Sertularian

  • I owe Sertularian 2k. It's chump-change from him shystering me into financing his guild's teleporter. Jeeze, make one joke...
  • Ha! I found Sertularian skulking around the trading post in Earth City and returned the 2000 shiny gold insults to my dignity. Today, Monday 6/9/08 at about 20:00 GMT, is officially Find Sertularian Day.

Totem Quest

List of Totems (Item Requested):

  1. 07E 273S Glow Worm Totem (Pineapple)
  2. 79E 212S Pheonix Totem (Vowel)
  3. 25E 214S Triffid Totem (3 Iron)
  4. 99E 258S Angel Totem (Issue)
  5. 66E 217S Air Dragon Totem (Daemonic Sword)
  6. 37E 284S Crocodile Totem (Putter)
  7. 21E 274S Lion Totem (Can of Wyrms)
  8. 51E 211S Penguin Totem (5 Iron)
  9. 06E 236S Toad Totem (Orange)
  10. 51E 213S Undine Totem (Lemon)
  11. 48E 300S Eagle Totem (Pomegranate)
  12. 10E 205S Thunderbird Totem (7 Iron)
  13. 78E 294S GNU Totem (Copy of Battlefield Earth)
  14. 04E 209S Salamander Totem (Giant Snowball)
  15. 47E 300S Sylph Totem (Lime)
  16. 54E 209S Gnome Totem (Coconut)
  17. 84E 236S Sparrow Totem (Perl)
  18. 01E 228S Roc Totem (Tee)
  19. 87E 215S Bull Totem (Rattle)
  20. 49E 300S Fire Fox Totem (4 Iron)
  21. 26E 211S Earth Dragon Totem (Consonant)
  22. 13E 298S Water Dragon Totem (Daemonic Knife)
  23. 41E 208S Fire Dragon Totem (Pint of Fairy Liquid)
  24. 84E 217S Worm Totem (Gram of Fairy Dust)

The Vents

  • 08/08/08 @ 12:36 CT: 39E 38N
  • 08/11/08 @ 08:02 CT: 39E 41N
  • 08/12/08 @ 08:02 CT: 40E 42N
  • 08/12/08 @ 16:12 CT: 41E 43N
  • 08/13/08 @ 07:42 CT: 41E 44N
  • 08/14/08 @ 07:13 CT: 41E 45N
  • 08/15/08 @ 16:38 CT: 42E 46N
  • 08/18/08 @ 07:12 CT: 42E 49N
  • 08/20/08 @ 13:45 CT: 42E 51N
  • 08/22/08 @ 07:40 CT: Done

Great Drops

Biggest Drop Ever
You slay the Skull Gull.
You gain a Mug of Coffee (proper).
You gain a Copy of Red Planet.
You gain 3 Fire Crackers.
You gain 4 D6s.
You gain a Sun Stone.
You gain 2324 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Field Glasses.
You gain a Magic Bean.
You gain a Vault Talisman.
You gain a D20.
You gain a Copy of 'I'm Still Standing'.
You gain 2 Mall Talismans.
You gain a Pair of Magic Boots.
You gain an Earth Talisman.
You gain a Fire Talisman.
You gain a D8.
You gain a Magic Ruby.
You gain a Brave Star.
You gain an Air Talisman.
You gain a Water Talisman.
You gain 25 Skull Gull Skulls.
You gain a Spikey Ninja Throwing Star.
You gain a Small Map.
You gain a Copy of 'I'm Coming Out'.
You gain an Emerald Athame.
You gain 3 Mugs of Coffee (decaf).
You gain 67 Quarrels.
You gain 4 Palantirs-as-you-go.
You gain a Glass Sword.
You gain an Air Stone.
You gain a Magic Opal.
You gain a Breakfast Club.
You slay the Bling Wraith.
You gain a Gold Bling.
You gain 28 Quarrels.
You gain a Misril Bling.
Jackpot! Mk 2
You slay the Bling Wraith.
You gain a Gold Bling.
You gain an Iron Bling.
12 Days of Xmas
You slay the Partridge in a Tree.
You add the trophy to your case!
You gain 8 Brown Candies.
You gain a Bottle of Brandy.
You gain an Exotic Cocktail.
You gain 2 Bottles of Whisky.
You gain a Christmas Cracker.
You gain 20 Purple Candies.
You gain 9 Orange Candies.
You gain 12 Pears.
You gain 9 Yellow Candies.
You gain 12 Green Candies.
You gain 7 Black Candies.
You gain a Bottle of Sparkling Wine.
You gain 7 Pink Candies.
You gain 3 Bottles of Gin.
You gain 13 White Candies.
You gain a Measure of Serenity.
You gain 5 Red Candies.
You gain 10 Blue Candies.
It was full of cool stuff! And giblets. Ugh.
You are filled with festive cheer. Happy holidays from Cities! Peace on earth, and death to all monsters.
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