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Best Cities Site? darksatanic survey, of course [1]


The character: Cpl. Duke Ulf, MD

Current plan

Feed Shaggy.

Get a pomegranate, go to Oz, do Totems quest. Rub Penguin (51E 211S, then run all the way round Oz to Fire Fox (49E 300S).

Fill up the Trophy Cabinet for the Military Service quest (need to kill 28 more: Booze Hound, Chicken, Dianoga, Burgundy Djinn, Giant Clam, Goth, Head Hunter, Jason, Kangeroo, Khadi, Manatee, Minotaur, Morpheus, Morrissey, PolyChromatic Dragon, Rocky Horror, Shrimp, So Solid Grue, Space Ghost, Space Invader, Space Invader, Space Invader, Space Invader, SpaceMonster, Adolescent Tortoise, Tripod, 41287680 Vorder Man.)

Where Are They?

Tunnels: Dianoga (NE), Goth (SW), Minotaur (SW), Rocky Horror (SE), Adolescent Tortoise (NE),

Oz: Jason, Khadi, So Solid Grue. Interior: Head Hunter, Morpheus, 41287680 Vorder Man. Bleak Isle: Morrissey. Reefs: Giant Clam. Mountain Trail: Tripod

Space: Space Ghost, Space Invader, Space Invader, Space Invader, Space Invader, SpaceMonster,

Ocean: Manatee

Created: Kangeroo, PolyChromatic Dragon,

Other: Booze Hound (Ignatz' Retreat), Chicken (Kansas), Burgundy Djinn (Desert), Shrimp (Alternate Ocean)


Alignment: Water (Originally I was Earth Aligned, but a duel went horribly wrong...)

Maximum Hit Points: 325 (100 because Earth Aligned at start + 50 from Earth Initiation / Getting Drunk + 23 from Christmas Present + 10 fromHerman the Hermit + 10 from Dragon Blood - 6 from Dragon Blood + 90 from 3 Hard Knocks + 48 from 6 Gorgan-zola Sandwiches)

Base to-hit chance: 70% (40% starting + 25% Initiation + 5% Befriending the Guards)

Maximum Action Points: 445 (100 starting + 50 from Time and Space + 160 from Fortune Tellers + 120 from Standing Stones + 10 from Herman the Hermit + 5 from Dragon Blood)

Base AP Delay: 8 minutes (10 from Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities - 1 from Time and Space - 1 from Standing Stones))

Experience Points: 1033285 (Killing stuff!)

Victory Points: 0 WTF is a Victory Point?

Damage Multiplier: 7 (1 start + 1 from the Duel + 1 from becoming a Baron + 1 from becoming an Earl + 1 frombecoming a Duke + 1 from becoming a Private + 1 from becoming a Corporal)

Movement Modifier: -4 (Creature Survey)

Starsign: Penguin (Fortune Tellers)

HP Healed: 2326 (Water Initiation, Becoming a Doctor and Water Skin.)


You can swim.

You can climb.

You can mine.

You can forage

You have solar powers.

You can find safe paths in the desert. (Took me four attempts, but yay! Screw you, Nightmare Dragon!)

You can see monsters' health.

You can see other players' health.

You can see roads a little further away.

You can see terrain a little further away.

You have some training in earth crafts.

You have some training in air crafts, but you're rubbish.

You have some training in fire crafts.

You are an expert at water crafts.

Completed Quests

You have initiated to air.

You have initiated to earth.

You have initiated to water. (Obviously after Learning to Swim.)

You have initiated to fire.

You have worshipped at night.

You have worshipped at dawn. (First time I woke that early in years!)

You have worshipped in the day.

You have worshipped at dusk.

You have some power over time and space.

You have been knighted by the King. (and I've been made a Baron, Earl and Duke))

You have qualified as a medical doctor. (I've also done the Water Skin quest.)

You have learned first-aid.

You have made friends with the guards.

You have caught a snark.

You have won a duel.

You have completed all 24 standing stones. (See my Horoscope page for details.)

I've also done the The Gauntlet, Creature Survey, Fortune Tellers, Collecting Cards, Herman the Hermit, Treasure Hunt, Animal Sanctuary and Rock Soc Pub Crawl quests. And I've found the North Pole, eight Magic Eggs and Thor's Doorstop in The Frozen North, upgraded everything and gone to Asgard, became a Private, killed the Gorgan, visited Dread Cthu1hu's Garden, and killed the Giant.

Quests In Progress

Reading Log

You've read Beyond This Horizon.

You've read Rocket Ship Galileo.

You've read The Puppet Masters.

You've read The Rolling Stones.

You've read Starman Jones.

You've read Tunnel in the Sky.

You've read Variable Star.

You've read Time for the Stars.

You've read Citizen of the Galaxy.

You've read Have Space Suit - Will Travel.



You have been to Fire City.

You have been to Water City.

You have been to Windy City.

You have been to Earth City.

You have been to the town of Bentnob.

You have been to the city of Brighthelm.

You have been to the city of Bögnør.

You have been to the city of Atlantish.

You have been to the city of Los Laputas.

You have been to the Emerald City.

You are welcome in Valhalla.


You have been to Eigh-Bay Island.

You have been to The Isle of Fright.

You have been to Ninja Island.

You have been to Monster Island (technically a peninsula).

You have been to Holiday Island.

You have been to The Isle of the Gorgan.

You have been to Bombardier's Den.


Dragons Killed: 85

Number of Times Died: 14 (plus loads of times in the desert)

Dragon's Blood Drunk: 10

Taxi Rides Taken: 6

The man: James

James, otherwise known in various internet/clubbing/roleplaying/re-enactment groups as (roughly in chronological order): Fish, Emily, Mini Pete, Pink James, Bunni, Yu, miteyheroes, Godfrid, Belric, Solric, Arbella, Ulf, Tristram, Hauk. And some others.

I live in North London. I come from a small village outside Exeter, via Oxford and China.

I'm a librarian by day, a cross-dresser by night, and a LARPer & re-enactor at weekends. Keeps me busy.

I've been a bit of a fan for about 4 years. The Star Wars Quotes game was partly responsible for me almost failing my degree.

Cities is taking over my life.

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