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Wedding Anniversary


Vashenka's Level 3 Armourer Quest

  • Shredded Bus Ticket led to Goibhnu at 25E 27S who wanted 10 Power Crystals
  • Steel Bars led to Seppo Ilmarinen at 60E 133N who wanted 75 Lumps of Beeswax
  • Scrap of Vellum led to Sethlans at 74E 140S who wanted 30 Lead Ores
  • Gas Bill led to Hephaestus at 90E 267S who wanted 3 Misril Ores
  • Bit of Parchment led to Vulcan, south of the Space Station, who wanted 40 Copper Ores
  • Wax Tablet led (I hope) to Ogoun at 22W 88N

I got married!

To Ant. See Antdos and Vashka. Photos are here.

We were showered with presents, in-game and out, and many people wrote us lovely messages. Amongst them was this fantastic poem!

A Poor Poem for Vashka and Ant 

There once was a girl name of Vashka 
Who sold ice creams, sorbets, and, well, Vashkas 
She became part of the scene 
With her new tambourine 
At the Fiddling Wizard Extravaganza!

There she caught the attention of Ant 
Whose musical talent wasn't scant 
He thought "She's so pretty" 
"And so smart and so witty" 
"Think of anyone else? I just can't!" 

When the pair set out for the chapel 
They found the trek a real hassle 
"Full buses be damned!" 
"Why not take the Van?" 
Said the two as with monsters they grappled. 

At the wedding, naught went amiss 
Next door, a great pile of gifts 
Sat awaiting the couple 
(May their tribbles quintuple) 
For when they returned to a lifetime of bliss! 

May Vashka and Antdos be blessed 
With a life long, happy, and unstressed 
May their adventures be tops 
(Full of good monster drops) 
All ending up at their love nest! 

By Duke Sertularian, MD



Space Epic

We rushed to the launch of the Space Elevator,
But, eleven long hours later,
We found that there had been a shift
In space: it was an Air Shrine Lift!
(Quite a shock, and such a pity
Ending up in Windy City.) 
Then as, amazed, we looked around,
And sat on the unwelcome ground,
Mike's hat was stolen by some clever
Dick, unaware of our endeavour
To be the first to get to Space.

But now, it seemed, we'd lost the race.

Inspiration and a line or two from MikeJ. To be continued (er, probably not actually).

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