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You have now made an offering at the entire network of standing stones. The combined power reduces your AP regen. time by one, and you can now move freely between the stones.

well i had to stay up stupidly late to get that done, and it took me since i started in december, bu tits done! now to do the ones in oz...


You attack the Bling Wraith.
You cause 58 points of damage, and receive 290 experience.
The sword slurps up the life blood...
You lose a Daemonic Sword.
You gain a Daemonic Great Sword.
You slay the Bling Wraith.
You gain an Onyx Bling.

well, I died getting that - at least partly due to me being an idiot. Havent desided yet if it was worth it... maybe if the bastard had dropped something decent. bah :(


back from holiday island and completing some quests:

Welcome to the Bomb Squad! You are taught how to
make Black Powder. The ratio is 15 Saltpetre to 3
Charcoal to 2 Sulphur. Also, you must use a ball mill
to mix it without blowing yourself up. Visit our gift
shop on the way out!


You attack the Duke z0ltar MD.
You cause 20 damage, and receive 300 xp.
You slay the Duke z0ltar MD.
You gain a Space Rocket.
You gain a Ball Invitation.
You gain a Mystic Aim Spell.
You gain 4 Magic Beans.
You gain 29 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Fire Sword.
You gain a Speaker.
You gain a Ruby Slipper.



You kneel before the 'king. 
'Greetings Earl z0ltar MD' says the 'king.
The 'king takes 5 cucumber sandwiches.
You lose 5 Cucumber Sandwiches.
The 'king tells you, with his mouth full, that he's decided to make you a Duke.
You gain 1000 Gold Pieces.

finally... i just havent been around the main kingdom for a while. doing standing stones atm


You attack the Pheonix (gen. 40).
You cause 16 damage, and receive 640 xp.
You slay the Pheonix (gen. 40).
You gain a Bull Whip.
You gain 117 Units of Charcoal.
You gain 81924 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Spikey Ninja Throwing Star.
You gain 741 Phoenix Feathers.
You gain a Set of Water Wings.

i considered going for "just one more level", but decided i would have to get on with my life at some point


You slay the Undead Dragon.
You gain 5 Dragon Blood Doses.
You gain a Fire Bow.
You gain a Dragon Stone.

finally! that bugger takes some beating


Your glass sword shatters!
You slay the Bling Wraith.
You gain an Emerald Bling.

No, not worth it :(


You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain a Copy of The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.
You gain 21000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Major Healing Bling.

That major healing bling will come in VERY useful


You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain a Fire Sword.
You gain 13000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Horizontal Bling.

Sweet. Got another treasure map to chase after as well :O


It's got a treasure map in!
You lose a Mysterious Envelope.
You gain a Treasure Map (Purple Beards Treasure) *2564.

sweet! The One Ring I got from the last one *really* helps in the desert


You lose a Treasure Map (Green Beards Treasure) *1035.
You gain a Treasure Chest.
You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain an Air Sword.
You gain an Arrow.
You gain 15000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a The One Bling.

Nice! Only 1 arrow though?

I gotta go to 67E 59N to pick up Treds body (hopefully) just putting it here to remember where to go

70E 69N:

The emissary whispers: 'There was once a town beneath this place.'

Just joined a couple of days ago. StumbleUpon is quickly becoming one of the Best Things Ever.

  • hmm i guess its been more than a couple of days now.... following template is from the template page. duh.

ok who the hell was that who killed an aligned gen 7 phoenix that id just started farming? bah.

my inventory (have to be logged in to your own account to see it)

You kneel before the 'king. 
'Greetings Baron z0ltar MD' says the 'king.
'10 dragons killed? That's great!'
The 'king makes you a viscount.
You gain 1000 Gold Pieces.

what? not an earl?

You eat the cookie.
It is yummy.
The motto reads: "Bide your time."

Hmm how very profound

Quest Checklist

Earth Quests

  • Initiation / Getting Drunk
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Rock Soc Pub Crawl
  • School of Hard Knocks done x7 levels

Fire Quests

  • Getting Knighted
  • Initiation
  • The Duel
  • The Gauntlet
  • Befriending the Guards
  • Becoming a Baron
  • Becoming an Earl
  • Becoming a Duke

Water Quests

  • Learning to Swim
  • Initiation / First Aid
  • Snark Hunt
  • Killing the Undead Dragon
  • Becoming a Doctor
  • On Call
  • Water Skin

Air Quests

  • Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities
  • Creature Survey
  • Standing Stones
  • 74E 49N - I - Feather (5-6)
  • 73E 55N - II - Jar of Plum Jam (6-7)
  • 71E 62N - III - Loaf of Bread (7-8)
  • 67E 67N - IV - Piece of Chalk (8-9)
  • 62E 71N - V - Legolas Cocktail (9-10)
  • 55E 73N - VI - Gollum Cocktail (10-11)
  • 49E 74N - VII - Gandalf Cocktail (11-12)
  • 43E 73N - VIII - Frodo Cocktail (12-1pm)
  • 37E 71N - IX - Bilbo Cocktail (1-2)
  • 31E 67N - X - D12 (2-3)
  • 27E 62N - XI - D10 (3-4)
  • 25E 55N - XII - D8 (4-5)
  • 24E 49N - XIII - D4 (5-6)
  • 25E 43N - XIV - D6 (6-7)
  • 27E 37N - XV - Cucumber (7-8)
  • 31E 31N - XVI - Sunflower (8-9)
  • 36E 27N - XVII - Bunch of Grapes (9-10)
  • 43E 25N - XVIII - Sheaf of Wheat (10-11)
  • 49E 24N - XIX - Eel (11-12)
  • 55E 25N - XX - Lion Fish (12-1am)
  • 62E 27N - XXI - Flying Fish (1-2)
  • 67E 31N - XXII - Cod (2-3)
  • 71E 36N - XXIII - Earth Stone (3-4)
  • 73E 43N - XXIV - Fire Stone (4-5)
  • Time and Space
  • Fortune Tellers

Side Quests

  • Tarot Deck
  • Merchants Guild need one more sale to get to level 4
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Martial Arts Training at the Dojo half done, need a vorpal blade
  • Tree of Life (The Caverns)
  • Thieves Den
  • The Arena
  • Bomb Squad
  • Ghost Hunter's Guild
  • Animal Sanctuary - picked up a baby glow worm, but had to give him back because i didnt have any saltpetre. bah :(
  • Pandora's Socks</s>
  • Hermit

Useful Lists

Treasure Hunt

Done :D

Tarot Cards

got myself a tarot deck, click here to see how close i am to getting a second


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