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Duke Zacharias MD

Personal Data:
  • Original Alignment: Water
  • Current Alignment: Water
  • Star Sign: unknown
  • Base AP Delay: 8 minutes
  • Maximum Action Points: 350
  • Maximum Hit Points: 220
  • Base to-hit chance: 70%
  • Damage Multiplier: 5

Recent Statistics:
  • XP Earned: 1,422,814
  • HP Healed: 2,824
  • AP Spent: 28,327
  • Distance Traveled: 8,454
  • Market Customers: 9
  • Kudos: 100

  • Dragons Killed: 79
  • Taxi Rides Taken: 3

Substance Abuse:

19:02, 22 February 2009 (GMT)

"Luckiest n00b ever"


Current stuff

  • Get level one martial arts training (next: Emerald Athame)
  • Get some more hard knocks stuff before heading south
  • Find a load of hamster food!
  • Find some light sources to go underground wandering

I keep starting the big "find 30 of these" quests and getting bored. My attention span must be dropping...

Stuff that happened

5 cucumber sandwiches

You gain 5 Cucumber Sandwiches.
Baron BrainIII MD gives you 5 Cucumber Sandwiches.
Baron BrainIII MD says 'Yo, Zacharias, shouldn't you be getting to the 'King?'

Baron BrainIII - much kudos to you if I can ever find you (and work out how to pass on kudos...) I shall pass the favour on someday...

Simon Pegg

You gain a Hamster.
Sgt Duke Corellis MD gives you a Hamster.
You gain 20 Sunflowers.
Sgt Duke Corellis MD gives you 20 Sunflower.
Sgt Duke Corellis MD says 'Those sunflowers should keep you going for a long time :)'

My Hamster egg which Corellis took on in the name of science (and probably boredom) to do sequencing and stuff - and look at him now! Thanks Corellis!

A singular swarm

You attack the Flying Ant.
You cause 10 points of damage, and receive 30 experience.
You slay the Flying Ant.
You've defeated the last of this swarm!
You gain 3000 Gold Pieces.

W00t! First swarm! That was a bit easy....

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