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Er, I'd swear I already returned the Humidor. I distinctly remember riffling it for Cigars just before returning it, but I can't recall who I returned it to. PotatoEngineer 04:47, 9 August 2008 (BST)


A few clinic invites? Ow. OK, I am admittedly rich enough to be able to pay that, and clinic invites aren't worth what they once were. Eh, OK. Ravensdance 19:47, 1 July 2008 (BST)

Be warned, I might be cancelling (or at least delaying) these parties. The new Air Altar quest in The Vents may need me to use those weeks (the only time I'm going to have available soon when I will be able to log on at different times of day). Ravensdance 22:08, 8 July 2008 (BST)
Confirmed. I will be rescheduling these parties later in the year; I'll let you know at that time. My apologies for the inconvenience. Ravensdance 19:33, 16 July 2008 (BST)


Well the wiki does say its 'unconfigured'. If you'd like your 3k back, let me know where to find you. Phw 00:14, 27 July 2008 (BST)

As a PS, the same ticket office links to a teleporter that does go somewhere. We just haven't set the second one up - we're lacking an active guilded Wizard. Rhapsodie 09:45, 27 July 2008 (BST)
Sert has volunteered to set it up for us, so hopefully we can do that sooner rather than later. Did you get your refund? Rhapsodie 09:55, 29 July 2008 (BST)
I can appreciate that. To be honest (and it's a bit embarrassing) it didn't even dawn on me that someone might blow the guild pass to get to the wrong teleporter till I saw your message. I feel bad about it! :( Rhapsodie 10:31, 29 July 2008 (BST)


I may have a commission for the New Vaudeville Guild for the party. How many members could you give me for about a day's worth of effort, and what would it cost? -- Thog 18:33, 3 August 2008 (BST)


Me too! Rhapsodie 23:58, 8 August 2008 (BST)


Yes, I can be a judge in the Patron's Choice Music Video competition. Can I be bribed by participants? Yes, most definitely. In fact I insist on being bribed.

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