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i'm a bit confused.. what do i need to do and when do i need to do it? sorry! Spugmeistress 14:03, 8 May 2007 (BST)

It's quite alright. There does indeed seem to be quite some confusion all round. :-) Here I hope to answer various people's questions in an open and friendly atmosphere...

What do I do?!
The production rota on the project page lists what everyone needs to do. It's balanced so that everyone uses about the same AP in total. You may find that you don't have the items you need to complete your bit of the circle: that's because someone else has to do something first and pass some items on to you. If you're stuck without anything to do for a bit, that's to be expected. If you're worried then try contacting whoever is going to supply you to get an idea of when they think they'll be ready to trade.
How do I go about trading items?
You'll see from the rota who you need to trade with. Since parties lost the ability to trade, you're best off making arrangements with your trading partners directly. Palantir them or contact them via their user page and arrange when and where you'll meet. For example Calm Breeze is going to spend the entire time at the Pentacle at 10E 0N (just 2 south of the party) which can be used for trading.
How come I'm doing some crafting that doesn't match my alignment?
We don't have the perfect mix of alignments in the participants, so I've split up the work in the optimum manner so that everyone uses up roughly the same amount of AP, regardless of their alignment and regardless of the raw materials that they contribute. As described on the project page.
I've got lots of stuff that isn't being used!
Yeah, we had loads of resources to play with; enough to make 34 complete sets of clothing! But making six sets each is a little extreme and would take around six times as much AP. So we're just using as much resources as we need, starting with the most refined resources (Balls of Wool, then Wool and so on) in order to reduce the total AP cost. So yes, you're probably left with a metric buttload of Fleeces in your inventory still. Well, lucky you. You'll have something warm and comfortable to sleep on tonight, won't you?
I want to make more than one set!
Ah, well, you should have said earlier. I had rather thought that the stated aim at the top of the page was quite clear when it said, "The goal of this knitting circle is to create two Woolly Gloves and a Jumper for each participant." So if you follow the rota, you'll end up with one set of winter woollies. I won't expand the rota to include further sets as that would increase the AP cost for everyone which is hardly fair on those folks who only want a set for themselves.
But I certainly agree that more woolly clothes is a good thing, and I (as either Stelio or Calm Breeze) am very willing to participate in making more clothes as an unrelated sideline. I'm always happy to help folks out anyway. So if you'd like to do more knitting that is required, get stuck in, let the people standing around you know, and generally spread the joy of knitting to as many people as you can. :-)

PS: I so wanted to say, "Calm down dear, it's only a knitting circle!" but I resisted... at least until now. :-D -Stelio 22:59, 8 May 2007 (BST)

So, did I fail to start a knitting riot?
ok, the six sets are ready, mostly with wool that wfpsy gathered, carded and then (changing his alignment) *did the other thing to*. That means we have materials for at least six more sets between us (since I haven't even found Correlis to pass him the raw wool). I'd like to hear your opinions on what to do with them. The obvious would be to make one more set for each. On the other hand, there's the KOT, which could (I think) use a donation. Opinions anyone? --Deva 01:29, 12 May 2007 (BST)
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