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How to get here

After you have finished the Asgard Quest, you can blow your Horn of Heimdall for 10 AP to be transported here.

The Horn takes you to an area that consists of Bifröst, Idavoll and Valhalla. In Norse mythology, Bifröst is the bridge leading to Asgard, Idavoll is the central plain, and Valhalla is the hall for those slain gloriously in battle.


The entrance bridge.

Plain of Idavoll Plain of Idavoll
Bifröst Bridge


Bifröst Bridge Bifröst Bridge Bifröst Bridge Bifröst Bridge Bifröst Bridge Bifröst Bridge Plain of Idavoll Plain of Idavoll
Plain of Idavoll Plain of Idavoll

Plain of Idavoll

Here, you'll find a lot of strangely named creatures of different alignments. They are all Einherjars (league table) and their names are randomly picked from a set list. The names are not an indication of alignment and you may see the same monster in differing alignments. You can attack them if you have a weapon equipped, otherwise, they'll stay peaceful. They are also peaceful when you equip a wand, so you can't change their alignment (unless you use a spell?).


The squares that are marked with place names are teleporters that take one to the corresponding places. The costs to use them are as follows.

At the City Shrines, you can change your Shrine insurance selection. However there is no advice booth. Apparently you're a warrior; find your own way.

Bognor Tokyo 4
Shrine of Fire Air City Shrine of Air
Fire City Water City
Shrine of Earth Earth City Shrine of Water
Brighthelm Bentnob

Total Cost of Teleporting

The following is the cost to teleport to the various available destinations. The calculation is based on this:

total cost = blow horn + from Bifrost to Valhalla + get to teleporter + using the teleporter
           = 24AP + get to teleporter + using the teleporter

The cost of blowing the horn is fixed at 10AP, and assuming you walk in a straight line (ie shortest path), it takes 14AP to reach Valhalla from Bifrost.

To reach the last destination, the Standing Stones, you'll need to transit via Tokyo 4, exit the tunnel, and walk east to Stone XII at 25E 55N DSSGCM.

Destination Calculation Total AP Cost
Air City 24 + 4 + 1 29
Bentnob 24 + 7 + 50 81
Brighthelm 24 + 3 + 30 + 9 66
Bognor 24 + 3 + 30 57
Earth City 24 + 4 + 1 29
Fire City 24 + 2 + 1 27
Tokyo 4 24 + 7 + 30 61
Water City 24 + 4 + 1 29
Standing Stone XII (via Tokyo 4) 61 + 12 73

The Brighthelm teleport doesn't actually take you directly to Brighthelm: I exited to find myself in the desert at 67E 40S DSSGCM, slightly to the north-east of Brighthelm. From here, it took me an extra 9AP to reach the Brighthelm gate. Fraggle 02:17, 28 June 2008 (BST)

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