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A Vault allows stuff to be stored. Unlike bags, vaults are more spacious and much cleaner allowing you to hide Blings from Bling Wraiths, Herbs from your Tribbles, gold from golden guns, or simply keeping a spare stash of equipment for when you die.

The vaults extend from A-Z and 1-30 in northerly and easterly directions, respectively. The vaults do not wrap.

How to Get Here

Breaking a vault talisman takes you to the Vaults for 1AP. Drops from various monsters; also can be bought from a Wizard's shop for 12,000gp; it lands you on a random vault.

The chaotic realm of R'1yeh exits onto vault K11.

Things to Do

Open a vault with a vault permit.

Exit (1 AP) -- takes you back to where you talismaned in.

Close your vault (1 AP) -- this causes all items in the vault to be moved into your inventory, and the vault square is turned back into a normal unclaimed vault. You also seem to get your vault permit back when closing.

ATTENTION! Don't klick the Close your Vault button!! Actually, there is a bug that will make you loose all your stuff if you do!
Not true at all. --Tiltowait 13:36, 27 October 2008 (GMT)

Vault Key

Okay, after some experimenting, this is what I've learned about vault keys:

  • You can request a Key to your vault for 1AP anytime you are visiting it. The key will be named "<yourname>s Vault", so be sure to Rename(1AP) it to your vault number so you can find it when you get back :)
  • Once you get a Key, you can make as many copies as you want for 1AP each. These copies can be given to other players.
  • Important Just like in real life, if you give a copy of your Key to someone, there's nothing that stops them from copying it as many times as they want and giving them away. And until Elseware implements a 'Change Locks' option, the only option is to empty out your vault.
  • When at your vault, you can put stuff into it and take stuff out. It's just like a Bag, except that you can also put in unbaggable things like Gold and Herbs. Note: You can also Close Vault, which is like closing out your account. Don't do that!'
  • Anyone holding the Key can also request another Key from the vault in the same fashion the vault's owner can. This is minor, because this is effectively the same as copying the key they used to enter the vault.
  • Only the vault's proprietor can completely close the vault down. People simply holding a key do not get that option.
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