Virtuous Vessel

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Has a moving ankh flag and 2 Virtuous Cannons.

Movement costs 17AP per square in a Virtuous Vessel. It comes with two cannons which do 500 base damage, consuming Cannon Balls and Black Powder. Your Cannon Balls are returned when the monster dies.

  • Move cost: 17ap @ 469 kudos (in case it matters)
  • Armament: Virtuous Cannon (500 2x94) x2

Fire 4AP 4 Units of Charcoal Copper Ore
100 Bits of Copper
Fire 1AP 10 Bits of Copper Fire 4AP 4 Units of Charcoal Iron Ore MArm 30AP 500 Bits of Silver Requires 150 Kudos
Copper Nail 100 Bits of Iron Silver Ankh + 10 Kudos
Neutral 100AP 50 Copper Nails 500 Bits of Iron Silver Ankh Plans for a Virtuous Vessel 250 Pieces of Wood 60 Tars Bottle of Sparkling Wine 30 Pieces of Ancient Wood
Virtuous Vessel + 20 Kudos
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