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Many of the below examples are caffeinated, which contributes varyingly to tolerance, caffeine crash, and the quest for Perfect Caffeination.

Gives some minor increase in AP (+5 at first?). Can go above max. Appears to be unlimited.
There's tolerances to these, too. Again, it doesn't happen as quickly as with Coffee.
Gives +5AP. Can go above max. Appears to be unlimited. Side effect of making you drunk and all that comes with that.
Being coffee-based, this has a tolerance, too. It just doesn't happen as quickly as with Coffee.
Affected by caffeine tolerance. Can give or take away (caffeine crash) 50AP.
Tolerance can be reset with a visit to the Betty Fnord Clinic.
I'm pretty sure I recall that these, or pieces of them, give you AP, but I don't remember how much. I'm not in the mood just now, however, to break mine apart in the name of SCIENCE. -- Sertularian 13:32, 15 June 2008 (BST)
Cigars essentially have the same properties as Fags in terms of AP gain, combined with HP loss and the risk of lowered Max AP or Max HP.
Further research is indicated. Specifics should be checked and documented here.
Oz version of the Measure of Serenity.
Provides 150 AP. Recieved from a Retreat or Long Retreat at an Oz Monastery.
Costs 300AP on a retreat to acquire. (Or 1000AP for 4 of them.)
Provides 150AP but at a cost of 3 Max AP and 3 Max HP. (Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?)
Helpful (perhaps overly) for higher level characters who can have max AP of over 300 and a high (unlimited via Hard Knocks?) HP.
It's effectively limited (although it's quite a high limit), since the cost of the School of Hard Knocks increases with each level.
Effects can include:
  • "You feel motivated" gives 50AP
  • "You feel stimulated" gives 100AP
However, this is risky, as many results of Dragon Blood, especially as tolerance increases, are quite negative. These include both temporary and permanent (Max) AP loss.
Smoke it to gain 8AP at the cost of 6HP. (Another report shows 7AP for 5AP, after smoking quite a few.)
  • There is a 12.5% chance of reducing Max AP by 1 (*CHOUGH*) each time a Fag is smoked.
  • There is a 12.5% chance of reducing Max HP by 1 (*WHEEZE*) each time a Fag is smoked.
You consume spice in batches. Each time you consume spice, one gram is ignored for each time you have previously consumed spice.
  • 1 Gram of Spice = 50AP
  • 2 Grams of Spice = 110AP
  • 3 Grams of Spice = 180AP
  • 4 Grams of Spice = 260AP
  • ...
  • 12 Grams of Spice = 1260AP (maximum number of grams consumable at once)
Tolerance can be reset with a visit to the Betty Fnord Clinic.
Some hats provide an AP bonus tied to the time.
  • Jam
Grape Jam gives you a 35HP and a 5AP boost. Plum Jam gives you a 25HP and a 7AP boost. Both are limited by MaxHP and MaxAP and cost 1AP to consume in the first place, so the overall AP boost is 4AP and 6AP respectively.
Various Magic Cookies give a boost to your AP or HP. You can't tell which you've got until you bite into it, though.
Provides 150 AP. Received from a Retreat or Long Retreat at a Monastery. Once handed out by Admin.
Costs 300AP on a retreat to acquire. (Or 1000AP for 4 of them). A common technique is to go on a retreat, especially a Long retreat, and be summoned to a Free Party. While not providing a net gain per se, it makes the prohibitive retreat somewhat less costly in terms of time.
Your first cup gives you a boost of 30AP.
You gain caffeine tolerance with each mug, and the amount of AP gained from each drink goes down by 1 until it reaches 0.
You get no benefit at all if it's decaf, of course.
Tolerance can be reset with a visit to the Betty Fnord Clinic.
It should be noted there are two types of Coffee: (proper) and (decaf). While this difference is all but invisible to a starting character, consumption of massive amounts of proper coffee above and beyond tolerance (see below also) to reach Perfect Caffeination will allow one to tell the difference.
Once given out on the 'King's birthday. Provides 50AP, +5 Max AP and +5 Max HP when eaten.
Provides 50 AP when eaten.
Sometimes given out at wedding parties. Effects are similar to a Piece of Birthday Cake. (Right?)
Negative. Eating a Slice of Wedding Cake gives 1 AP. Ask Domentzia nicely and she may give you a piece. Syagrius 16:21, 15 June 2008 (BST)
Gives 50AP. Rare, it was given to each player long ago, you can find them in store rooms.
Does not give a net AP bonus, but "lends" you 100AP that you will pay back afterwards. After the 100AP is spent, you feel like crap. AP costs for everything are doubled for the next 200AP, and you are given a to-hit penalty that starts at -200% and improves by 1% for each AP spent.
Similar to the Red Pill, does not give a net AP bonus, but lends you 150AP that you will pay back afterwards. Unlike the Red Pill, this loan comes at a cost of 5 Max HP, but also doubles your damage multiplier and makes every monster hostile for the duration. After the 150AP is spent, you feel like crap for the next 300AP, and you have a to-hit penalty that starts at -300% and improves by 1% for each AP spent.
Gives 50AP if eaten, but also poisons you as well, so have an antidote handy.
If you eat too many, a minute is added to your AP regen rate. That's a bad thing.
  • Sprouts and a bottle of Sprout Brandy: I believe they were given out by a Great Lord in the past. Seem to be gone now, so never mind..


  • Free Parties double your AP regen rate once you've joined. By my questionable math, the party takes 10 AP to join and therefore must provide 21 AP to be beneficial in total. This means that a starting character might not want to join a party unless s/he's certain it won't disappear within the next 150 minutes, while a highly advanced adventurer need only be certain the party will last for 75 minutes.
  • Holiday Island offers a strange benefit; while on the island (assuming no other terrain effects block the benefit), one's AP regeneration has no limit. This is generally useful only if one is going away for a time, hoping to return and find his or her AP well and greatly higher than the maximum usually allowed. Some common strategies involve asking for summons, such as being summoned from Retreats. It should be noted that once one leaves the island while his or her AP is above maximum, AP regeneration is suspended because the maximum number has been reached.
  • By way of warning, Bleak Island is a terrible place to low on AP, being a sort of antithesis to Free Parties or Holiday Island. AP is regenerated far more slowly. Not just doubly so, but quintuply; in other words, if your AP regen rate is 10 minutes, it'll be 50 minutes before time alone can provide more AP. This only applies on terrain properly called Bleak Island terrain, meaning it doesn't extend to the totems, Dr. Em's fortress, or the surrounding ocean, but that's a very small percentage of the island's coverage. Best visit in a Condor, especially considering the staggering AP cost of moving across the island on foot.


  • Quests
Air Initiation - gives -5 minutes AP regen time
Fortune Tellers - gives +160 max AP
Herman the Hermit - gives +10 max AP (and +10 max HP) for completing each of two quests.
Standing Stones - gives +120 max AP and -1 minute AP regen time
Time and Space - gives +50 max AP and -1 minute AP regen time
Totems - gives +120 max AP and -30 seconds AP regen time
Quest:Ultimate_Altar_of_Air - gives +100 max AP and -30 seconds AP regen time
  • Nice Admins.
Rare (not to find them being nice, but to get AP from them!). Only seen for bug fixes to date ;)
  • Christmas Present
Choice of 1000AP available. Once off.
  • League Tables
Be top of a killing league table to get a bonus, the more tables you are top of the higher the bonus. You get the bonus each noon (game-time, of course).
BONUS = 10 * trunc(sqrt( number-of-tables-you-are-top-of))
  • Triffids
Not particularly helpful, but a beneficial side effect of hunting Triffids is that, upon being stung, you gain 10 AP even as you're poisoned. While usually not worth the damage, it's a nice consolation prize if you have need of hunting Triffids for other reasons.
Eating a cucumber sandwich adds 3 to your maximum AP. Each time you gain +3 max AP from cucumber sandwiches, it will take one additional sandwich to achieve the same effect. You'll need to eat two sandwiches to get the second +3 max AP, followed by three, then four, and so on.
Some fashion items/combos are harder to come by than others, see the fashion page for the current in-thing and how to attain it. The fashion bonus can take you over your max AP.
Being "at the cutting-edge of fashion" gets you a bonus 1 AP every hour.
Being "in fashion" gets you a bonus of 1 AP every three hours.
Being "just about in fashion" gets you a bonus of 1 AP every eight hours.



Tolerance to the effects of Caffiene and Spice slowly diminish the effect that such products have on your AP. Tolerance can be reduced.

  • Betty Fnord Clinic - Invitation required, which seems to be the rub of the matter.
  • Dragon's Blood detoxification - There is a chance with the consumption of Dragon's Blood that the subject shall have his body "detoxed," purging poisons and tolerances. However, the odds of this are low, and continual use of Dragon's Blood for any length of time carries severe dangers.
Actually, the chance of detox is quite high (~20%) for the first 10 doses, but drops off rapidly after that. I suspect that there is no chance of a detox after about dose 20. Kepler 03:44, 5 April 2006 (BST)

However, there is a beneficial effect to drinking gross amounts of coffee and other caffeinated drinks. See Perfect Caffeination, which offers permanent changes to perception as well as a great AP boost when obtained.

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