White Russian

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A magic potion.


Drink for 1AP. Gives you 69 alcohol points.

  • Gives +30 HP. (not including 34 alcohol hp.)
  • Gives a 15% discount at shops.
  • Hallucinations every odd numbered AP spent after drinking.
  • Makes you sing "See the little goblin."

Counts as a coffee.


Fire 3AP Bag of Coffee Beans
Bag of Roasted Coffee Beans
Earth 3AP Bag of Roasted Coffee Beans
Bag of Ground Coffee
Water 2AP Bag of Ground Coffee Bottle of Vodka
Bottle of Kahlua
Water 3AP Bottle of Kahlua Bottle of Vodka Pint of Milk 3 Empty Cocktail Glasses Cocktail Shaker
3 White Russians + 3 Empty Bottles

Alternative recipe: this one doesn't require a Cocktail Shaker or Empty Cocktail Glasses, and doesn't consume any vodka.

This recipe no longer works.
Water 3AP Pint of Milk Bottle of Kahlua Bottle of Vodka
White Russian
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