Windy City

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City Map

Plains Field Temple of Air Road to Fire City Plains Ruin Bad Lands Hills
Valley Plains Mall Road Maps to the Stars & Bars Train Spotter Guild Library Lake Bad Lands
Glade Guard Tower Market Northern Marker


Eagle Drive Guard Tower Image:Station.gif
Information Station
Memorial Library
Glade Alfred the Alchemist
Alchemist's Shop
Magic Box
Wizard's Shop
AndyLandy Miscellany Windy Street
Taxi Rank
The Hobbit K.O.T. Donation Point Park Bench
Trading Post
Fiddling Wizard Folk Club Breeze Lane Tarbucks Coffee
Shrine of Air
Kill or Cure
Eastern Marker


Road Road to Earth City and the Royal Palace
Plains Well Sword Square
Suggestion Box
Tower of Birds New Trading Post Vlad the Retailer
General Store
Empty Lot Empty Lot
Field Guard Tower Piper's Palantirs
Palantir Shop
Tarbucks Coffee
St. Matthew's Monastery Guard Tower Empty Lot Empty Lot

Things to do in Windy City

  • Visit the king and get knighted (2500 Exp required).
  • Take advantage of Happy Hour at the Hobbit.
  • Travel through Time and Space, starting at The Hobbit.
  • Get yourself a map at the Maps to the Stars & Bars and don't get lost again. You can find a variety of maps here.
  • Get a Trainspotter's Guide at the Train Spotter Guild.
  • Swap books at the Park Bench.
  • Get some reading done in the Memorial Library, where it's nice and quiet.
  • Catch a train from Information Station (requires a valid ticket or Oyster to enter).

Local Attractions

  • The Royal Palace, at the end of the Kings Road, just to the east of the city.
  • Those of a more unpleasant inclination can sell Seal Pelts for 500 gold at the Seal Fur House of Heyus (6E 0S DSSGCM).
  • The Fiddling Wizard Folk Club (just west of town) sells musical instruments:
    • Triangle (100 Gold)
    • Harmonica (150 Gold)
    • Accordion (150 Gold)
    • Fiddle (150 Gold)
    • Tambourine (150 Gold)
    • Crumhorn (500 Gold)
    • Harpsichorn (500 Gold)
    • Viol (500 Gold)
    • Hand Bell (500 Gold)
    • It also sells overpriced Ale, and buys back used instruments.
  • Jessica's Tower (21E 5N DSSGCM), where you can gain some insight into what the 'King is willing to do to maintain power...
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