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Items useful for survival in The Frozen North - primarily warm clothing.

Try this handy tool to calculate the AP costs to develop your wool stock.



Coloured Scarf

Dropped by IceWarrior. Equipable. Nice and warm; raises your temperature one level. You can wear two of these around your neck. Wears out quickly.

Fur Coat Pimp Fashion 5

Made from 50 Tribble Pelts and a Needle. (Air skill, 25AP). Other than being luxurious and warm (raises your temperature 3 levels, the same as a jumper), it is also a quest item for Quest:Royal Engineer. Consult the Rough Guide to Tribble Breeding for useful tips on how to get enough Tribbles to make a Fur Coat. Breaks into 40 Tribble Pelts!

Note that the Fur Coat doesn't take up your "chest" equipment slot; you can wear both a jumper and a fur coat.


Made from 5 Balls of Wool. Nice and warm; raises your temperature 3 levels. Sometimes wears out to a Jumper with holes instead of breaking entirely. You can keep wearing the holey jumper, but it's not as warm (2 temperature levels). You can repair the holey jumper with a Short Wool (Water 3AP, Fire 15AP).

A holey jumper can degrade further to a Jumper with many holes (probably just 1 temperature level), and can be repaired with a Ball of Wool (Water 10AP).

Multicoloured Scarf

Made by joining 3 Coloured Scarves together (Water 3AP, Fire 15AP). Nicer and warmer than a Coloured Scarf; raises your temperature two levels. You can only wear one of these around your neck. Though this costs more than wearing two coloured scarves, and gives the same effect, it wears out much more slowly. Breaks to 2 Coloured Scarves when worn out.

Seems to break into 3 coloured scarves when it wears out, not 2. Perhaps this has changed? Fraggle 12:37, 30 April 2008 (BST)

Pair of Ear Muffs Cute Fashion 1

Buy for 3000 gold at the Blue Gremlin in Bognor. Nice and warm; raises your temperature one level, and gives one point of Cute fashion.

Wears out.

Also available from Lady Caroline's Wardrobe for 1000 gp.

Pair of Socks

Formerly Pandora's Socks, they are gained once you have removed the evil from them. Nice and warm; raises your temperature two levels.

Note that these eventually turn into holey socks which are not equippable. --Gaccm 18:43, 2 September 2006 (BST)
And take two balls of wool to repair

Considering that the traditional "easy" solution to the Socks involves four glass swords plus a (possibly hallucinating) trip through the Pit, it's really only useful if you're taking on ice demons or going really far north and ignoring the oil drilling platforms entirely. (or, of course, being an obsessive completist. I'm guilty of that. PotatoEngineer 09:52, 24 November 2006 (GMT))

However, since that was written, the part that used the four glass swords has been removed. --Plopfill 17:06, 8 August 2014 (BST)

Proper Scarf

Made by joining 3 Multicoloured Scarves together (Water 3AP, Fire 15AP). Nicer and warmer than a Multicoloured Scarf; raises your temperature three levels. When it breaks, it gives you 3 Multicoloured Scarves back, so you only lose AP.

Doctor Who will never die! PotatoEngineer 08:53, 12 April 2006 (BST)
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It's not a remake. It doesn't suck. It's the next series of Dr Who. will help you realise that a) New Who is great and b) "Doctor WHO" is not a name, but a question to which we're still learning the answer. (Wizzard Quantum, Tennant fan) 13:58, 13 May 2007 (BST)

Seal Fur Coat Pimp Fashion 25

Made by joining 100 Seal Pelts together (100AP). Quite warm.

Not the same thing as a regular Fur Coat.

Seal Fur Stole Pimp Fashion 5

Made by joining 20 Seal Pelts together (10AP). Looks warm.
Reduces your kudos.

Woolly Glove

Made from 1 Ball of Wool. Requires a Pair of Knitting Needles. You'll want 2 gloves for them to be effective. Each glove raises your temperature by one level.

Breaks into 3 Wools. (3 Wools make 1 Ball of Wool, so you only lose AP here).


Bling of Fire

See Bling#Bling_of_Fire.

Pair of Snow Goggles

Wearable. Appears to have more brightness protection than shades. (I put on shades and could see normally, put on snow goggles and the diagonals were dark). Dropped by a King Penguin, and a Tundra Troll.

I have killed every Tundra Troll I came across over the past few days, and yet to receive a single pair of snow goggles. Either its a somewhat rare drop, my luck is bad, or Tundra Trolls don't have them? AmishRobots 02:17, 15 January 2019 (UTC)

Pair of Snowshoes

See Movement Items#Pair of Snowshoes.


See Movement Items#Ski.

Vial of Lanolin

Made using 1 fleece, 3 empty vials, and a bottle of olive oil. You lose the fleece and olive oil, gaining 3 vials of Lanolin. (2AP Air, 6AP Earth, 10AP Water, 12AP Fire(?))

Raw Materials

Production of all the above items requires wool, a distaff, and knitting needles (?).

Ball of Wool

Created by joining three Wools.


Get from sheep by attacking it with a pair of scissors. Can be turned into 2 wads of raw wool. A sheep will give one fleece each time it is hit, until it dies. Sheep in Harvey's Farm has a lot more hit points than normal sheep (most have 100HP), and therefore will give a lot more fleeces.

Seal Pelt

Kill Cute Seals to obtain. Looks like a 100% drop rate. Join 20 for a Seal Fur Stole or 100 for a Seal Fur Coat.

Short Wool

Obtain 2 Short Wools from a Wad of Raw Wool. Requires a Distaff.

Tribble Pelt

Skin a Tribble for a Tribble Pelt. Skinning tribbles is a fire skill and costs 2AP (ie 6AP for air/water, 10AP for earth).

Can be eaten for 1AP. Causes you to lose 5HP when eaten.

Wad of Raw Wool

Obtain 2 Wads of Raw Wool from a Fleece by carding


Created by joining three Short Wools.

  • I can't seem to make a wool from three Short Wools. What gives? I've got several Short Wools, a Distaff, and a Pair of Knitting Needles. Do I like a particular type of skill? DiscoBean 18:29, 16 March 2006 (GMT)

It's a Water skill, so you'll need to have initiated to Water.

Tools and weapons


See Weapons#Blowtorch.

Emergency Flare

Buy for 1000gp at the Blue Gremlin in Bognor. Fire for 30AP.

You fire the flare into the sky. As you lie on the snow, cold past the point of shivering, you pass out. You come to in the Captain Lawrence Oates Arctic Rescue Centre, weak but alive. You lose an Emergency Flare.

I set one off thinking it would start a fire and warm me up. I was certainly not expecting to be transported miles from Bognor. Dammit... Would be useful if you're lost and don't want to lose the max HP. Billz8 23:43, 18 February 2006 (GMT)

It doesn't work to transport you to the Rescue Centre from outside the Frozen North, however, so can't be used for convenient travel.

Hot Air Gun

See Weapons#Hot Air Gun.

Ice Pick

See Weapons#Ice Pick.

Pair of Knitting Needles

Required to turn balls of wool into a pair of gloves (see Making_Stuff#Fabrics).

Rock Salt Rock

See Weapons#Rock Salt Rock.

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