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Bound Elemental

Gained by casting Bind Elemental. Can be used to create an aligned Bow, Sword, or Catana.

This is a "sticky" item.

Bound Spirit

Gained by attacking a Hungry Ghost with a Spirit Catcher. Can be used to create a Baned weapon. Is supposed to work with custom weapons, but doesn't yet.

Elemental Balls


Gained by casting Fire-Ball.

A weapon: 100 base fire damage, +10% to hit. Always breaks.


Gained by casting Sod.

A weapon: 100 base earth damage, +10% to hit. Always breaks.

Water Bomb

Gained by casting Water Bomb.

A weapon: 100 base water damage, +10% to hit. Always breaks.


Gained by casting Zephyr.

A weapon: 100 base air damage, +10% to hit. Always breaks.

Impending Kick

Gained by casting Impending Kick.

A weapon: 30 base damage, -40% to hit. Only lasts for 1 minute, but does 100 damage to Imps.

Impending Slap

Gained by casting Impending Slap.

A weapon: 15 base damage, -10% to hit. Only lasts for 1 minute, but does 25 damage to Imps.

Magic Mud

Gained by casting Enchant Mud. Can be used to create Golems, in a similar manner to making gladiators at the Arena. Golem HP is 50 * the number of Magic Muds used, and Golem damage is the square root of the number of pointy sticks used.

Miracle Pill

Gained by casting Frankenwiener while standing on a Pentacle. When selected, you have the option to "Push Down Throat (1AP)". To the left of said option, there is a pull-down menu displaying all dead pets in your inventory. When pushed down a dead pet's throat while standing on a Pentacle (any other terrain isn't "magical enough"), it revives them, restores them to 1% food level, and makes them 1% more evil. Miracle Pills appear to be sticky.


Gained by casting MOTD. When selected, you get the same display as for a memo, but the results will display at the bottom of the page, along with your character name. May be traded/bagged as normal.

Plot Device/Hook/Point/Twist

Dropped by Huge Reptiles. Only weapons able to harm Plot Bunnies with 1000, 1500 or 2000 base damage. Can't be traded or bagged. They break 100% of the time, but this can be modified normally by Blue Pills.

  • Plot device: 1000dmg, +0% to-hit
  • Plot twist: 1000dmg, +0% to-hit
  • Plot point: 1500 dmg, +0% to-hit
  • Plot hook: 2000dmg, +0% to-hit

Shimmering Thingy

Gained by casting Rend Fabric of Space. Internal name is PortalMaker. For 100 AP you can create a named portal leading to an enchanted talismen location. Portal duration is about 24 hours.

Silver Puzzle Box Goth Fashion 1

Gained by casting Enchant Silver. Any non-wizard may attack a creature with one (at -50% to hit) to turn it into a confused monster, which will miss for its next several (5?) attacks.

Note that monsters with "special" attacks are unaffected by the silver puzzle box. I noticed this when it utterly didn't affect the Big PolyChromatic Dragon I was poking. In all likelihood, it doesn't affect Jabberwocks, either, and likely not the Undead Dragon (or at least not his extra attacks). It's also only good against the next X attacks, not the next X attack sets. It would be worse than useless against a 154-headed hydra; you'd make it miss ~5 attacks, and then it would wallop you 149 times. PotatoEngineer 23:10, 19 January 2009 (GMT)

Spirit Catcher

Gained by casting Bind Spirit. Kills various ghosts resulting in various effects and can be traded to other players. Watch out, the ghost gets a chance to hit back.


Dropped by Plot Bunnies. Needed for the Evil Dr. Em quest. Can't be traded or bagged.

Tribble Gun

Gained by casting T.G..

A weapon: 10 attacks, each attack does as much damage as you have tribbles, -30% to hit. Potentially quite devastating if you have thousands of tribbles.

Universal Solvent

Gained by casting Dissolution. Can use for 1 AP to dissolve anything in your inventory, replacing it with the letters that make up that item (i.e., Short Bow becomes S, H, O, R, T, B, O, and W). These letters are useful in becoming a level 3 Mage. It does not work on Memos and unique items.

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