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Not much is currently known about the lands in the sky. Very few adventurers have made it here so far, and even fewer have reported back their findings.

To get to the sky, you need to plant a Magic Bean and get lucky (1 in 30 chance). If you manage to grow a beanstalk you'll be unable to resist the urge to climb it and get to the clouds. Climbing down, however, costs 20AP.

Breaking a talisman still only costs 1 Dendrast 03:29, 13 February 2006 (GMT)
You can plant magic beans on the castle grounds, is it possible to grow a beanstalk there and be back at the top of the beanstalk? no real reason, just was wondering nobody2357 01:38, 23 March 2006 (GMT)

It seems as though Cloud Land is actually fairly small, and the borders are joined. So if you walk east far enough, you'll end up in the west, and vice versa. The same applies to north/south.

Instrinsic spacial awareness does not work here, but a GPS will give you your location. Maps work as well, and can be very helpful if you get lost in the clouds.

Total size: Unknown

Places of Interest

Current known locations in Cloud Land:

  • 60E 404N - Top of Beanstalk
  • 66E 426N - The Castle in the Clouds
  • 440N - north border before wraparound
  • 400N - south border before wraparound
  • 80E - east border before wraparound
  • 50E - west border before wraparound

Top of Beanstalk

Cloud Cloud Cloud
Cloud Bean Stalk
60E 404N
Cloud Cloud Cloud


Grounds Grounds Cloud Cloud Grounds Grounds Cloud
Cloud Grounds Grounds Grounds Grounds Grounds Cloud
Grounds Grounds Castle Castle Castle Grounds Cloud
Cloud Grounds Castle Castle
66E 426N
Castle Grounds Cloud
Cloud Grounds Castle Castle Castle Grounds Grounds
Grounds Grounds Grounds Grounds Grounds Grounds Grounds
Cloud Grounds Grounds Cloud Grounds Cloud Grounds


Castle with Giant

The biggest, meanest giant in all the world can be found in his castle here.

  • He has 15000 HP and you probably don't want to tangle with him unless you have a good stock of Glass Swords, Golden Guns and suchlike.
  • Duke Macksting MD used a wand of the weaker alignment, a glass sword, and two blasts from a Golden Gun. That glass sword took out 2/3rds of the giant in one fell swoop. Damage isn't too intense; make sure you're bandaged to full, just for sanity's sake.
  • Damage? Monsters page says 24 - he just hit me for 20.
same here, 20 damage on a number of attacks without any alignment changes. nobody2357 01:39, 23 March 2006 (GMT)
  • Hits? 1 attack/turn seen so far.
  • Spawning? Possibly once per 24 hours.
Much quicker now. Minutes. Perhaps the queue isn't needed anymore? JohnnyRogers 03:34, 24 March 2006 (GMT)

(as a note if there is a queue for the giant please wait your turn)

Also in Cloud Land you can find a great many dragons.

All monsters appear to be hostile in Cloud Land (even small ones and ones of your alignment).

Visitors/Giant Killing Queue

I am going to make a couple of observations/suggestions.

1) It seems that in the past individuals have placed their names on the queue before they began planting beans. If you aren't standing in front of the giant, you probably should not be on this list. It only leads to congestion and confusion. This was more of an issue when the elevator opened.
2) To aid communication, everyone who wishes to kill the giant should approach it and wait on the same side (I would suggest the southern/below or eastern/right sides) this way one doesn't have to yell at others and everyone will know who is interested in killing the giant.
3) It is my understanding that at the moment an individual evidently without any powerful weapons (glass sword or golden gun) is attempting to kill the giant. Since the Giant has 15000HP and causes 20HP of damage roughly 1/2 of the time, an individual whose best weapon is an aligned bow could expect to spend 416 arrows attacking the giant, and sustain 410 HP in damage (requiring 205AP to heal), for a grand total of over 600AP (100hours) to kill the giant. Of course if they don't have 400+ arrows then it will take even longer. Contrast this with an alignment wand and 2 glass swords (30 minutes). If this queue is going to work at all there need to be some basic rules about who has priority, specificly those people who have glass swords or golden guns, should go to the top of the list and the rest should wait. People don't have control over when they grow a beanstalk, and it is unfair to force another player to wait over 4 days to get their chance. I have split the queue and I would suggest that the second group defer to members of the first group whenever they are around (obvious exceptions apply if you have the Giant down to only a few hundred HP).
4) For the love of god delete your name when you are finished. DWE

On my honor I affirm that it should take me less than 1 hour to kill the Giant

There are people at the giant, but noone listed here...Im gonna dibs wand it Spacer one 03:59, 7 June 2006 (BST)

It will take me longer than an hour to kill the giant, and I will defer to those above

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