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=== Gain more [[Mana]] ===
=== Gain more [[Mana]] ===
* Melt down [[Bling]] with an [[Eldritch_Machine]]
* Melt down [[Bling]] with an [[Eldritch_Machine|Eldritch Machine]]
* Complete the [[Quest:Trail_of_Trials|Trail of Trials]]: +100 Mana
* Complete the [[Quest:Trail_of_Trials|Trail of Trials]]: +100 Mana

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Often quest names are not tied to their reward and certain items don't have quests associated with them. This page is meant as a quick means by which to find all the ways to benefit your character. So far, any repeatable procedure has a cap and/or suffers diminishing returns.


Player Stats

Get More MaxHP

Get More MaxAP

Increase my Damage Multiplier

Increase my To-hit

Reduce my AP Regeneration Delay

Currently the best AP regeneration rate achievable is 7 minutes per AP.

Regain HP

Accumulate AP

  • Drink a Caffeinated beverage: +20 AP, diminishing returns
  • Reduce your AP Delay: Quicker AP regeneration

Gain more Mana

Player Skills

Walk Faster

Learn to Swim

Learn to Climb

Learn to Mine


Learn my Horoscope

User Interface

See Corner Squares

See Monster HP

  • Hold a Magic Opal (Temporary)
  • Equip an Opal Bling (Temporary)
  • Open a Present (Permanent)
  • Create a character as Water alignment (Permanent)
    • Changing your alignment with a wand or alcohol does not bestow or remove this ability
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