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(Existing Dragon Stats)
(Existing Dragon Stats)
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'''Puff''': #37293, [[User:Dragon|dragon]], 28-Aug-08
'''Puff''': #37293, [[User:Dragon|dragon]], 28-Aug-08
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Characteristics of a Dragon

Dragons vary hugely; this page is for keeping track of our dragon-breeding.

A dragon's alignment becomes visible when it is 7 days old. A dragon's alignment determines its background image (as of 2008-09-06).

A dragon's attacks are aligned (Smaug just did 20 damage against a neutral monster, rather than the normal 10)

@cjg> To save some pain, I've let people know that the "baby" modifiers are consistant
@cjg> for all dragons
@Sertularian> "Baby modifiers"?
@cjg> the baby stats either multiply or divide the parent stat. Or zero it.
@cjg> yes, dragon stats will change on adulthood, but you can work out many
      final stats from their baby stat
@cjg> or will be able to :)
@cjg> the breath and wings won't be clear on a baby


There appear to be six food groups for dragons. Of these groups, a given dragon will eat food from 3-4 of them. These groups are:

  • Dragon Blood
  • Tribbles
  • Cow Stuff (Beef Steak, Hoof, Beef Patty, Lump of Minced Beef
  • Pig Stuff (Bacon, Flying Bacon)
  • Sheep Stuff (Piece of Mutton, Lambs Liver, Sheep Eye, Sheep Heart, Sheep Lung, Sheep Stomach)
  • Weapons and other equipment of the dragon's alignment

The amount each food feeds a dragon also appears to be genetically determined

I reckon they all eat Dragon Fruit and Graze on Large Dragon Spires. And remember that the food consumption might change when they grow up (so I'd expect Smaug to be different)

Requests for Dragons

There are no spare dragons at present. Dragons will not be breedable "to order" for many months yet. If you are willing and able to take on a dragon of unknown qualities, keep good care of it and participate in the breeding program then please say so on the talk page; priority is currently being given to members of the Order Of The Wyrm.

Note: Based on current information, it looks like no dragons will be available until mid-to-late November at the earliest, and even then only three more (unless the GLs see fit to provide additional sources of dragons or change the timeline).

Existing Dragon Stats

Align Max
Damage Pet slots Food

Smaug: #37290, naath, 03-Jul-08

Can't ride, just "put by feet", small.

Neutral 96 24 10 2
  • Dragon Blood 8% / 2FP
  • Dragon Fruit 12% / 3 FP
  • Cow parts
    • beef steak 33% / 8FP
    • hoof 4% / 1FP
  • Pig parts
    • flying bacon >=58% / 14 FP
  • Tribbles
  • Grazing on a Large Dragon Spire 33% / 8 FP

Fanuilh: #37294, Sertularian, 28-Aug-08


  • Fanuilh is the eponymous dragon familiar in the book by Daniel Hood. He's just a little dragon.
  • Movement Modifer: at least 1
Pure 30 48 15 (x2) 4
  • Pure Bow:
  • Pure Catana:
  • Pure Knife:
  • Pure Stone:
  • Pure Sword:
  • Pure Wand:
  • Dragon Blood: 8% / 4FP
  • Dragon Fruit:
  • Slice of Bacon: 33% / 16FP
  • Slice of Flying Bacon: 50% / 24FP
  • Tribble: 4% / 2FP

Chrysophylax: #37291, greycat, 28-Aug-08

  • When fully rested (30/30 AP), Chrysophylax had a breath weapon; however, this now seems to have been disabled.
  • Together with a Pwny, gives a nice movement modifier. No apparent modifier with just the Dragon(?).
Neutral 30 48 15 4
  • Beef Steak (16 fp)
  • Beef Patty
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Hoof (2 fp)
  • Lambs Liver (16 fp)
  • Lump of Minced Beef (16 fp)
  • Piece of Mutton (32 fp)
  • Sheep Eye (16 fp)
  • Sheep Heart (32 fp)
  • Sheep Lung (32 fp)
  • Sheep Stomach (32 fp)
  • Tribble (2 fp)

Puff: #37293, dragon, 28-Aug-08

  • no apparent movement mod
Air 24 60 20 5?
  • Beef Steak (54% / 32fp)
  • Beef Patty
  • Dragon Blood (10% / 6fp)
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Hoof
  • Lump of Minced Beef
  • Tribble

Falkor: #37289, Kaos Dragon, 28-Aug-08

  • -4 movement mod, but negates natural modifier/items
Air 18 72 40 6
  • Air Bow >=49FP
  • Air Catana
  • Air Knife 24FP
  • Air Stone 4FP
  • Air Sword 48FP
  • Air Talisman 4FP
  • Air Wand 4FP
  • Slice of Bacon 16FP
  • Dragon Blood 6FP
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Slice of Flying Bacon 24FP

Meltdown: #37292, Thog, 28-Aug-08


Has a breath attack. Damage and effects unknown.
No movement modifier.

Water 42 24 5 2
  • Water Bow
  • Water Catana
  • Water Knife (at least 8 FP)
  • Water Stone (2 FP)
  • Water Sword
  • Water Talisman
  • Water Wand (2 fp)
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Slice of Bacon (at least 15 fp)
  • Piece of Mutton (at least 17 fp)
  • Lamb's Liver (at least 14 fp)
  • Sheep Eye
  • Sheep Heart (at least 14 fp)
  • Sheep Lung
  • Sheep Stomach (at least 12 fp)
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Slice of Flying Bacon (at least 15 fp)
Align Max
Damage Pet slots Food

For genome analysis, see DragonsSequenced.

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