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Prerequisite: You must already be an Apprentice
Reward: Becoming a Shaman : Ability to cast level 2 spells, increased Mana regen
Location: The Wizard's Palace at 17E 279S DSSGCM

Dorothy won't let you in to see the Wizard, unless you help her first.

She asks you to retrieve her locket, which she left in the Mustache bar in Kansas (10 AP).

The barman has the locket, but he won't give it to you unless you give him a copy of the CD single he wants, he won't ask unless you have visited Dorothy first.

You need all 32. Once you have them all, he "borrows" a copy of each and gives you the locket (10 AP). He does leave you with whatever spares you have.

You might consider swapping any spares...

Take the Locket back to the Wizard's Palace, and you can become a Shaman for 10 AP.


A mighty green marble palace. Before you can get past to see the wizard you must pass his scary new receptionist,
a small fiesty girl with ringlets. Her name tag says 'hi! my name is Dorothy'

Sorry, I can't let you through.. It's more than my jobs worth. Well... alright... if you do
something for me I'll do something for you.
I've decided to live here now - I've got this cushy gig and it's better than farming, but I left my
locket in the Mustache bar near my old house in Kansas. Go and ask the barman for it. Come back
with it and then maybe I'll let you in.
You lose a Locket.
Yeah... ok... go through.
Hi! says the wizard. You wanna learn level 2 magic? Sure.. why not?
Yeah, ok! You're now a shaman! It's not as good as a full wizard, but at least you're not an apprentice any more.
If you've not already done so, you should get yourself some spell books.

I'm getting the message "There is nothing more we can teach you" at the palace, but I am not able to cast level 2 spells such as dissolution using a record and 6 manas. (It seems after the Great Break, the levels were reset, I had already been at least a shaman, but had to at least go to Bleak Island to be told I didn't need to be there....) --Brandy 19:18, 8 July 2013 (PST)

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