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Prerequisite: Knowing your Starsign
Reward: -30 seconds AP delay, +5 Max AP per totem (120 total)
Location: See below
AP Cost: 1710 AP for the reading/rubbing/connecting, plus movement costs

Start by reading the inscription on the totem that corresponds with your starsign (for 30 AP).

You read the inscription. It tells of 24 mighty
magical totems built by some great race or
something... blah blah blah. The important bit
seems to be that each totem is connected to
another and those who follow and enforce the
connections can gain great power!

It will then start to glow. Rub it (20 AP) and it will tell you to connect to another totem within 15 minutes. When you see the next totem within the time limit it will be glowing, and you will be able to make a connection to it (50 AP) using a random item. Making the connection gives you +5 max AP and the item is consumed. If you don't have the item or fail to make it within 15 minutes you have to start back at the last connected totem. Rub it again once you've gathered the item or AP. Rinse. Repeat.

Once you've gone to the last totem, rub it and you will have to make a connection with the first totem (the one with your star sign). When you do that:

Your make the connection!
You lose a 3 Iron.
Ancient forces increase your strength. (+5 max AP)
You have connected all 24 totems! You've earned 30 seconds apdelay. Go you!

Note that the order of totems and items sacrificed is totally random - aside from the initial totem, there is no relationship between Horoscope, name, or anything similar and the totem list.


List of Totems and locations

In alphabetical order:

Map of locations


Item List

The following items have been asked for (in order of how they appear in your inventory)







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