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* [[Water City|The Rough Guide to Water City]]
* [[Water City|The Rough Guide to Water City]]
*[[Chicago|Rough Guide to Chicago]]
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| style="background:lightgreen" | [[Earth City]]
| style="background:lightgreen" | [[Earth City]]
== Popular Attractions Around the Four Cities ==
== Popular Attractions Around the Four Cities ==

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City Guides

Looking for a new rusty sword? Don't know where to get a good mug of coffee? Want to sample the nightlife of the Four Cities? Why not consult one of our city guides?

Layout quickref
Fire City Water City
Windy City Earth City

Popular Attractions Around the Four Cities

We're also in the process of supplementing our range with guides to the following popular destinations in the vicinity of the Four Cities, and will gladly accept contributions from adventurers.

Popular Attractions Under the Four Cities

Separated by a Desert

Once you have crossed the Great Desert in the South, you can visit these enchanting attractions.

The Islands

Once you have a boat you can cross the Ocean and land on the Islands! (Not to be outdone by JMB, Another view of the islands!)

A note on sea travel: you may travel through bridges on a boat, but you may not board a boat while on a bridge. Boats can land at any beach. If you wish to land at a place which is not a beach, you will need a pair of daedalus wings, two winged boots, an airship, or a skip <direction> spell in order to climb up the cliff.

To help you travel between the islands a groups of adventurers are maintaining a network of bridges

The Frozen North

On the north of the Four cities, there is a land of ice called The Frozen North. So far, the following attractions within this frozen land have been found:

The Deep South (Oz)

Far in the south, below 200S, you will find the land of Oz. There is a Coral Reef separating Oz from the Southern Ocean.

There are four cities:

Layout quickref
Atlantish Crimson City
Emerald City Los Laputas

Notable Islands include:

Hidden deep within the interior on a tall mountain lies the:

To the south of Oz lies a vast ocean full of Plankton which has now been dubbed:

The Frozen South

Beyond The Crill Sea the Farsi continues until you reach The Frozen South.


Beyond the freeze-line are two small communities:

Places Not On This Earth

Out of this earth and exist in ethereal (or not so ethereal) space. These places can only be reached by not so normal means (special talisman, etc).

Other maps

Other maps with greater coverage:

The Quasi-Official Cities Annals

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