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(Enchant <Element> Sword {{L2Spell}})
(Enchant <Element> Sword {{L2Spell}})
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::They're currently known (temporarily?) as: Earth Sword2, Fire Sword2, Air Sword2, and Water Sword2.
::They're currently known (temporarily?) as: Earth Sword2, Fire Sword2, Air Sword2, and Water Sword2.
:::This has now been fixed, though the minor-aligned swords are still Sword2s.
:::This has now been fixed, though the minor-aligned swords are still Sword2s.
:::: This has now been fixed, too :-) [[User:AndyLandy|AndyLandy]] 21:10, 27 March 2009 (GMT)
=== Enchant Mud {{L1Spell}} ===
=== Enchant Mud {{L1Spell}} ===

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Alphabetical Index

Align All to <Element>
Align Area to <Element>
Align to <Element>
All or Nothing
Archers Charm
Archers Luck
Astral Plain
Augers Aim
Bashing Stuff
Become <Element>
Bind Elemental
Bind Spirit
Compressed <Element>
Critical Healing
Drag On-And-On
Enchant <Element> Sword
Enchant Mud
Enchant Silver
Enduring Strength
Fast Defence
First Aid
Fleeting Strength
Full Defence
Fungal Spray
Hat Hunter
Hat Trick
Hop <Direction>
Hurt 'em
Hurt 'em Lots
Impending Kick
Impending Slap
Killing Blow
Magic Display
Magical Aura
Major Healing
Map Spell
Map Spell Extreme
Map Spell Pro
Minor Healing
Misril Skin
Miss A Bit Less
More-Compressed <Element>
Mystic Aim
Quick Shield
Rend Fabric of Space
Second Aid
Skip <Direction>
Stay On Target
Super Invisibility
Teleport To Shop
Thick Skin
Third Aid
Void Calling
Void Tearing
Water Bomb
Water Walking
Week End
Wizards Retreat

  • To cast level 1 spells, you need to be an Apprentice
  • To cast level 2 spells, you need to be a Shaman
  • To cast level 3 spells, you need to be a Wizard
  • If a spell is cast from a scroll, the scroll is used up.
  • If it is cast from a spellbook you can cast it as many times as you want. However it takes Mana to activate the book and more AP to cast the spell.
  • If you have completed the Trail of Trials quest, you can Force a spell for 5x the AP and 2x the mana if you lack the reagents.

for more information, go to the wizard lounge

Quick Reference by Casting Level

Accuracy Spells

Effect does not show up on your Me page.

Miss A Bit Less L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and a Short Bow

Increases to-hit by 20% for similar duration to bashing stuff.

Archers Luck L1

Level 1: 3 Mana and a Bow

Increases to-hit by 40% for 20AP.

Archers Charm L2

Level 2: 5 Mana and a Long Bow

Increases to-hit by 40% for ~100 AP.

Mystic Aim L2

Level 2: 8 Mana and a Merz Bow

Increases to-hit by 60% for 100 AP.

Augers Aim L3

Level 3: 1 mana and a Double Crow Bow

Increases to-hit by 60% for 100 AP.

Stay On Target L3

Level 3: 1 mana a Tri-Crow Bow and an Umlaut

Increases to-hit by 80% for less than 60 AP.

Alignment Spells

Align to <Element> L1

Level 1: 1 Mana, 1 Blubber, & 1 Wand of <Element>

Aligns a single monster. You don't get a choice of direction - each spell type is automatically cast in a specific direction (not related to the caster's own alignment). The advantage of this spell is that the alignment occurs 100%, regardless of what your to-hit is with the wand.

  • Earth aligns to the east
  • Fire aligns north
  • Water aligns south
  • Air aligns west.

Align All to <Element> L2

Level 2: 4 Mana, 1 Blubber, 1 Wand of <Element>, & 1 Knife of <Element>. As the name suggests, aligns all four adjacent creatures to the specified element.

Align Area to <Element> L3

Level 3: 8 mana, blubber, <element> sword, <element> wand

Aligns all creatures adjacent to the 4 cells around you

Become <Element> L1

Level 1: 4 Mana and a Sorbet for

A permanent change until you cast another one. Does not grant you the starting bonus of that <element> (i.e. become fire does not improve your hit%), but crafting and farming works as advertised.

Clearing Spells

The various clearing spells give you the wood you would normally get from clearing jungle, in addition to turning Thick Jungle into Cut Jungle.

Clear L2

Level 2: 2 Mana and a Sharp Sword

Turns the four adjacent spaces from Thick Jungle to Cut Jungle. No effect if the surrounding terrain is not Thick Jungle

Kelley L2

Level 2: 5 Mana and a Machete

Turns thick jungle in adjacent squares to cut jungle (including diagonally adjacent).

(This is a VERY bad joke...)

(not as bad as some others in Cities, though. *cough*) --Dragon 18:46, 23 November 2006 (GMT)

Raze L3

Level 3: 12 mana a machete and a mirror

Cuts jungle for 5 squares straight in the four cardinal directions.

Damage Multiplier Spells

Bashing Stuff L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and a Pointy Stick

Damage Multiplier set to 2 for somewhere in the region of 75-100 AP I think.

Rampage L2

Level 2: 3 Mana and a Reznor Blade

Sets damage multiplier to 2 for a long time. I missed the spell wearing off message, but it was at least 400 AP or 1 hour.

I estimate 350 AP. I cast it at 497 AP, and it wore off when I had 150 AP, but I regenerated a few AP in there, too. PotatoEngineer 12:23, 20 January 2008 (GMT)

Fleeting Strength L1

Level 1: 2 Mana and a Knife

Gives 4* Damage Multiplier for 30 AP

Strength L2

Level 2: 6 Mana and a Hoe ov Destruction

Sets damage multiplier to 4 for ~90 AP.

Enduring Strength L3

Level 3: 10 mana and a daemonic knife

Sets damage multiplier to 4 for 300 AP.

I got a bit over 350 AP from this one. PotatoEngineer 17:06, 19 March 2008 (GMT)

Killing Blow L1

Level 1: 4 Mana and a Sharp Sword

Gives you a Damage Multiplier of 10 for 1 AP.

Hurt 'em L2

Level 2: 10 Mana and a Singing Sword

Sets damage multiplier to 10 for 5 AP.

Hurt 'em Lots L3

Level 3: 20 mana, a Tribble, and a Lance.

Sets damage multiplier to 10 for 30 AP

All or Nothing L2

Level 2: 12 Mana and 3 Sharp Swords

Damage Multiplier set to 25 (Presumably for 1 AP) . HP reduced to 1.

Amok L3

Level 3: 30 mana and 4 Reznor Blades

Sets damage multiplier to 25 for 10 AP.

Smite L3

Level 3: 30 mana, a Tribble, and a Glass Sword

Sets damage multiplier to 100 for 1 AP.

Defensive Spells

These spells work in addition to armor, so if you take 20 damage while wearing bronze armor and having a Quick Shield in effect, you will take 7 damage. (e.g., 20 damage, -6 for bronze, and then half of the remaining 14)

Do these spells stack in duration? Snare 20:16, 13 March 2008 (GMT)

Quick Shield L1

Level 1: 3 Mana and 20 Bits of Silver

Reduces damage taken by 50% (rounded down) for 20AP WARNING runs out after your 20th attack but BEFORE the monster's 20th so only provides defence from 19 attacks.

Fast Defence L2

Level 2: 8 Mana and 50 Bits of Silver

Reduces damage by 75% for 20 AP

Full Defence L3

Level 3: 12 mana and 200 bits of silver

Thick Skin L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and 20 Bits of Bronze

Reduces damage by ~1/3 for 100 AP.

Shield L2

Level 2: 5 Mana and 50 Bits of Iron

Take 50% damage from monters for ~90 AP.

Misril Skin L3

Level 3: 24 mana and 200 bits of misril.


Alchemy L1

Level 1: Requires 3 Mana and 10 Bits of Lead

Turns the 10 Bits of Lead into 500 - 1500 gold

Bind Elemental L1

Level 1: Requires 12 Mana and a Skull Gull Skull

I'm curious what this will do. Can I make a Sylph-in-a-sack? Droll 17:50, 25 August 2006 (BST)

Rumor has it you might be able to use the bound elemental to align weapons. Even possibly bows... --Dragon 18:21, 25 August 2006 (BST)
You lose 12 Mana.
You lose a Skull Gull Skull.
You gain 9 Gold Pieces.
You gain an Exotic Cocktail.
You gain a Bound Salamander.
You lose a Bind Elemental Spell.
Now using Fists.

The Bound Salamander can then be used to align a single Knife, Sharp Sword, Bow, or Catana for 30AP. MrFoo 19:11, 23 September 2006 (BST)

AP costs increase based on your current alignment as in other crafting tasks. For example: binding multiple Salamanders and then changing to air means that each Fire weapon you want to create will cost you 90 AP; I assume being earth aligned in this scenario would mean each weapon would cost 150 AP. Snare 17:12, 14 October 2007 (BST)
You lose 12 Mana.
You lose a Skull Gull Skull.
That was a waste!

Why i get this? I used the spell in a square adjacent to a salamander, wasnt any other monster near, but got this twice... WHY?!??! JMGK 09:32, 1 February 2007 (GMT-3)

Perhaps, like the Align <element> spells, it requires a particular direction for a particular element? PotatoEngineer 13:25, 1 February 2007 (GMT)
Your can only bind elementals of your current alignment (i.e. You must be fire aligned to bind salamanders or water aligned to bind undines). I also learned this the hard way, but forgot to update the wiki, sorry. hendsch 14:21, 1 February 2007 (GMT)
If you're lazy, namely: Undine, Salamander, Sylph, and Gnome.
Duck-Billed versions of these creatures are capable of being bound as well.
Perhaps others will be bindable now that there are a few more elements to choose from?--Hamelin 03:56, 11 October 2007 (BST)
What happens if there are more than one elemental of your alignment adjacent? Will you only bind one of them?--LimeHan 07:23, 21 June 2008 (BST)
Yes, you will bind just one of them. -- Sertularian 13:47, 21 June 2008 (BST)

Bind Spirit L1

Level 1: 8 Mana and a Candle

Creates a Spirit Catcher. Spirit Catchers can be traded, stored in bags, and sold at markets. Attacking a Ghost with a Spirit Catcher creates a Bottle of Vodka. Attacking a Lost Spirit with a Spirit Catcher does nothing. (Darn.) Attacking a Mist or a Dark Mist with a Spirit Catcher does nothing.

what happend when you attack a hungry ghost, or the mist (or the dark mist), or a bling wraith?

Attacking a Hungry Ghost creates a Bound Spirit.

The spirit catcher is consumed (destroyed) in the process of binding the spirit; you get a bound spirit, but you lose the catcher. This is, at least, how it works with Hungry Ghosts.
You must have first completed ghost hunter training in order to catch a hungry ghost.

Compressed <Element> L1

Level 1: 4 Mana, 1 <element> Wand.

Casting gives you a "<Element> wand +1" +0% to-hit

now changed to be -er rather than +1 so Windier Wand is an Air Wand +1
And "Wetter Wand" is a Water Wand +1.

More-Compressed <Element> L2

Level 2: 4 Mana and an <Element> Wand +1.

In all likelihood, gives you an <Element> Wand +2, which according to rumor is +50% to hit.

changed to give -est names eg Windiest for an Air Wand +2

Dissolution L2

Level 2: 6 Mana and a Record

Creates a Universal Solvent

so it makes water

Water ain't no universal solvent. That's a myth perpetrated by a woefully uninformed populace. (I sincerely hope it isn't perpetuated by clueless teachers...) Water does a terrible job of dissolving some substances, and there are a number of things it won't dissolve at all, or dissolve so very slowly or poorly it really doesn't matter. Chemists typically use different liquids to hold other substances: water, benzene, and alcohol are the most prevalent of these. Water might be versatile, but it completely fails to be "universal." PotatoEngineer 21:28, 3 April 2007 (BST)
Perfect for ridding yourself of those annoying Records. S. Mackie 11:42, 31 May 2007 (BST)
Addendum: I cannot dictate what another does with inventory, but please... Records benefit so many people, and they're the least common drop in the party recipe. Please, just force this spell. S. Mackie 18:39, 30 July 2007 (BST)

Enchant <Element> Sword L2

Level 2: 16 Mana and 2 Fire Swords, or whichever element

Gives you an aligned weapon, 8 base damage, +20% to-hit. The Earth-aligned one is called an Onyx Sword; Fire Aligned is called a Flaming Sword; Air aligned is called a Wind Sword; Water aligned is a Hydro Sword.
They're currently known (temporarily?) as: Earth Sword2, Fire Sword2, Air Sword2, and Water Sword2.
This has now been fixed, though the minor-aligned swords are still Sword2s.
This has now been fixed, too :-) AndyLandy 21:10, 27 March 2009 (GMT)

Enchant Mud L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and 10 Muds

Creates 10 Magic Muds, used to create a Golem, which is a bit like a Gladiator.

Enchant Silver L1

Level 1: 12 Mana, 3 Pairs of Scissors, 200 Bits of Silver and a Yellow Flower.

Creates a Silver Puzzle Box (-50%)

Frankenwiener L2

Level 2: Uses 24 Mana and a Strike.

Can only be cast on a Pentacle and creates a Miracle Pill which can be used on any terrain.

Glasses L2

Level 2: 8 Mana and a Pair of Reading Glasses.

Creates a unique item: <your name> Glasses. Unknown use, but doesn't help you read books any faster.

Maybe whoever wears them sees what the glasses' creator sees? That could be why nothing seems to be different when the glasses' creator wears them. Random4518 21:04, 15 August 2008 (BST)
Give the man a prize! It does let you see what the creator sees. To be precise: it replaces the normal viewport with the creator's viewport. You see the movement/fighting arrows that the creator sees, too, but they apply to you. (and if you can't move/fight in that direction, you get a message telling you so if you try.) PotatoEngineer 16:19, 16 August 2008 (BST)

Rend Fabric of Space L2

Level 2: 24 Mana and a Tarot Deck

Casting it creates a Shimmering Thingy which can be used (100AP) to create a portal to a previously enchanted blank talisman location for 24 hours.

Void Calling L2

Level 2: 4 Mana and a Pocket Watch

Acts as though you've used a Time Warp.

Week End L3

Level 3: 8 mana, 10 bits of silver, pocket watch

Causes 7 days to pass at your location, 3 days to pass at locations directly adjacent and 1 day to pass at locations diagonally adjacent to your position. No time passes at greater distances.

Healing Spells

All healing spells can take you over maximum HP. Identical spells stack in duration, different spells work simultaneously.

Wellbeing L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and a Clean Bandage.

Gain 1 HP per AP spent for 100 AP. 100 HP total, 100 HP/Mana.

Vitality L2

Level 2: 3 Mana and 3 Clean Bandages.

Gain 2 HP per AP spent for 100 AP. 200 HP total, 66 HP/Mana.

Recovery L3

Level 3: 8 Mana and 8 Clean Bandages.

Gain 4 HP per AP spent for 100 AP. 400 HP total, 50 HP/Mana.

First Aid L1

Level 1: 2 Mana and 2 Clean Bandages.

Gain 4 HP per AP spent for 25 AP. 100 HP total, 50 HP/Mana.

Second Aid L2

Level 2: 6 Mana and 6 Clean Bandages.

Gain 8 HP per AP spent for 25 AP. 200 HP total, 33 HP/Mana.

Third Aid L3

Level 3: 16 mana and 16 Clean Bandages.

Gain 16 HP per AP spent for 25 AP. 400 HP total, 25 HP/Mana.

Minor Healing L1

Level 1: 3 Mana and 3 Clean Bandages.

Gain 10 HP per AP spent for 10 AP. 100 HP total, 33 HP/Mana.

Major Healing L2

Level 2: 9 Mana and 9 Clean Bandages.

Gain 20 HP per AP spent for 10 AP. 200 HP total, 22 HP/Mana.

Critical Healing L3

Level 3: 24 Mana and 24 Clean Bandages.

Gain 40 HP per AP spent for 10 AP. 400 HP total, 16 HP/Mana.

Florentine Spells

When cast, the following spells affect everyone on the caster’s square.

I have noticed, that your HP doesn't go up indefinetly. The limit is 2 x Max HP. I don't know if it was always like that or has been nerfed at some point Agzu 20:49, 28 August 2008 (BST)

Nightingbreeze L1

Level 1: 8 Mana and 5 Clean Bandages.

Gain 1 HP per AP spent for about 30AP. 3.75 HP/Mana, 6 HP/Clean Bandage.

Nightinggale L2

Level 2: 16 Mana 10 Clean Bandages.

Gain 1 HP per AP spent for about 100 AP. 6.25 HP/Mana, 10 HP/Clean Bandage.

Nightingstorm L2

Level 2: 24 Mana and 20 Clean Bandages.

Gain 2 HP per AP spent for about 100 AP. 8.33 HP/Mana, 10 HP/Clean Bandage.

Nightinghurricane L2

Level 2: 36 Mana and 30 Clean Bandages.

Gain 4 HP per AP spent for 100 AP. 11.11 HP/Mana, 13.33 HP/Clean Bandage.

Map Spells

Map Spell L1

Level 1: 4 Mana an Egg and a Map

One use, 11x11 Magic Map in main display. Shows name of all terrain (including city squares and shops), and hovering over reveals the coordinates. Works in Oz.

Map Spell Pro L2

Level 2: 16 Mana a Toy Unicorn and a Map.

One use, 15x15 Magic Map in main display. Shows name of all terrain.

Map Spell Extreme L3

Level 3: 48 mana, a toy unicorn, an egg, and a map

One use, 19x19 Magic Map in main display. Shows the name of all terrain.

Movement\Location Spells

Astral Plain L1

Level 1: 1 Mana, 1 Water Stone, 1 Fire Stone, 1 Earth Stone, and 1 Air Stone.

Transports you to the Astral Plane. (Sometimes goes wrong and transports you to the Alternate Ocean instead)

You lose a Water Stone.
You lose a Mana.
You lose a Fire Stone.
You lose an Earth Stone.
You lose an Air Stone.
Ooops. Something went wrong!
You lose an Astral Plain Spell.
Now using Fists.

Wizards Retreat L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and an Olive

Transports you to the Wizard's Retreat Island.

Hop <Direction> L1

Level 1: 2 Mana and an ice cream. For

Does not appear to give access to otherwise inaccessible terrain (Death Mountains, High Plateau, Forts, and thick jungle have been tested). Hops you in a different but accessible direction instead, still uses up the spell, ingredients, and mana.

How far do you hop? One square?


Any bonus for wearing bunny ears while hopping? ;)

Is there any actual practical use for this spell? I don't really wany to use valuable ingredients trying it, if there isn't. 10X
It may be the only way other than an Air Ship to bypass certain nasty monsters. Droll 00:03, 21 January 2007 (GMT)

Skip <Direction> L2

Level 2: 5 Mana and a fish.

Skip South transported me 6 south and 3 west. Snare 17:12, 15 July 2007 (BST)
Skip North skiped me up 6 north and 2 west. Cameron 21:45, 16 September 2008 (BST)

Jump <Direction> L3

Level 3: 20 Mana and a Big Fish (or mammal).

Jump West transported me 38 west and 2 north. --Liquid 16:03, 8 August 2008 (BST)

Teleport To Shop L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and a Kraken Meat

Teleports you to the shop you run (I'm not sure what it does if you don't have one). Works to teleport from 'Kingdom to Oz and out of Space

If you don't have a shop, the spell is used up along with the Mana and Kraken Meat, and nothing happens. - Cameron

The same goes for loading the spell onto an Eye Pod and passing it to someone else. "Well that was a total waste." alanda 00:50, 10 November 2007 (GMT)

Remember L2

Level 2: 24 Mana, a Flipper and a Pint of Fairy Liquid

Cast and you get: “You try to remember your current location.”

Recall L2

Level 2: 1 Mana and a Pearl

Once you have cast "remember" the recall spell will teleport you to near your remembered spot. For example, my remember spot was seb's stuff in Bentnob. First time I cast it it placed me off the north coast of ninja island. The second time placed me 1 square north of cigar island.

If you cast Remember anywhere in R'1yeh, casting Recall will always teleport you to Space.

This was tested about twenty times with the Gallery remembered, and ten times with the Eldritch Stuff remembered. Random4518 10:06, 28 April 2008 (BST)

Water Walking L2

Level 2: 5 Mana, a Rivet and a Set of Water Wings

Lets you walk on water for 1AP without a boat. Lasts for 20 AP.

Transmogrifying Spells

Damage you do with your "natural" weapons while transmogrified is unaffected by any damage multiplier spells you have in effect.

Wyrm L1

Level 1: 4 Mana and 5 Dragon Blood Doses

You transform into a dragon for 9-15 AP. You gain claws that deal 100 damage (+0% to hit) and damage boosting spells can not improve damage but changing the monster to your weaker alignment does work. You cannot wield inventory items and any items you are wearing at the time of transformation will be returned to your inventory. In addition, your thick scales protect you, reducing damage you take to somewhere around 1/4 or 1/5 the normal amount. Unfortunately, you don't have the grace or coordination to maneuver your large wyrmly body effectively, so movement costs increase to 10 times their normal value.

You also lose the "Say" and "Shout" abilities, but can Roar messages for 3AP instead (which seems to act just like Shouting). If you have previously gained the ability to Sing from the Pop Idol quest, you can still do so. --Dragon 23:48, 1 January 2007 (GMT)

Drag On-And-On L1

Level 1: 12 Mana, 15 Dragon Blood Doses

Polymorph into a Dragon. Seems to last ~100 AP.

Toad L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and a Stone

Turns the caster into a toad for ~115 AP. Have a lick.

A toad is deemed unworthy of attention by all (?) monsters (except Spelling Flies and Spelling Bees). But as you can't use any object but your tongue you can only walk around (and shout too...). Still it's useful for the Totems quest

If you're a wizard, you'll find Oz critters very scary and want to cross them peacefully, so if you plan to walk for ~50 squares and activate a Totem, that's a good option--Solune 21:50, 11 December 2006 (GMT)
These toads are the happy kind: licking a toad will give you hallucinations for a few AP. PotatoEngineer 23:32, 1 January 2007 (GMT)

If you have magically increased your damage multiplier - e.g. by using Bashing Stuff - it is immediately reverted to 1 when you cast this spell. This may be a bug. - Royan 01:50, 5 May 2007 (BST)

Wombat L1

Level 1: 3 Mana and an X

You transmogrify into a combat wombat. You grow nasty claws that do 40 damage per attack (0% to hit). Unfortunately, wombats lack opposable thumbs so you can't use anything else in your inventory and wombats are slow so your AP cost/movement increases by 6. It seems to be lasting for rather a long time.

Note that movement is 3x. Also damage seems to be 1/2, with a minimum of 1. And it really does last a long long time. (~200 AP?)
Nota also, DO NOT use this whilst out on the ocean, as you'll be stuck in the ocean, with no boat, unable to break a talisman, and so you'll have to shout over and over and over to spend the AP before it wears off. MrFoo 23:59, 25 November 2006 (GMT)
Q: What's a Wombat for?
A: Hitting a Womble.

Weapon Spells

Elemental Balls

Creates an Elemental ball, 100 dmg +10% to-hit, which deals elemental damage to the properly aligned creature and breaks on the first hit. It can be forged in advance. Used to take 6 mana to cast back in the day.

Fire-Ball L1

Level 1: 2 Mana and a Fire Stone

Fire Elemental attack.

Sod L1

Level 1: 2 Mana and an Earth Stone

Earth Elemental attack.

Water Bomb L1

Level 1: 2 Mana and Water Stone

Water Elemental attack.

Zephyr L1

Level 1: 2 Mana and Air Stone

Air Elemental attack

Impending Kick L1

Level 1: 2 Mana and 5 Bits of Copper

Generates an Impending Kick (30 damage -40% to hit) that lasts for 1 minute. Does 100 damage to Imps.

Impending Slap L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and 1 Bit of Copper Creates an Impending Slap: a martial art weapon that hits with base damage 15 and -10% to hit. Lasts for 1 minute. Does 25 damage to Imps regardless of alignment or damage multiplier.

Oh, goodness, that's bad. Imp-ending slap. Bad pun, very bad. I like it ;) Syagrius 17:43, 23 October 2006 (BST)
Is anyone else reminded of Dungeon Keeper? PotatoEngineer 21:36, 30 October 2006 (GMT)

T.G. L1

Level 1: 3 Mana and a Bottle of Whiskey

Tribble Gun!

Other Sundry Spells

Snap L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and a Measure of Black Powder

The sound scares away the Duck.
The sound scares away the Duck.

An Angel and a Moose were left standing.

Crackle L2

Level 2:

Pop! L3

Level 3: 12 Mana and 25 Measures of Black Powder

The Pop! Spell can scare large critters up to 500HP size, if you are standing right next to it. 500HP critters standing in non-adjacent squares are not scared away. Scares away medium sized critters (approx. 50HP?) standing in non-adjacent squares and even scares away smaller critters standing outside the field of visibility.

Hat Hunter L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and a Compass

Gives you the general location (e.g. 'in the Southern Ocean', 'near Earth City', 'in barbelith') of a few people who are wearing wizard's hats. When you are closer it gives tarot-like directions (5 squares to the northeast) so the spell can be used to hunt down the hat of your choice.

Hat Trick L2

Level 2: 8 Mana and a Compass

Gives you the general location (e.g. 'in the Southern Ocean', 'near Earth City', 'in barbelith') of all the characters currently wearing hats. When you are closer it gives tarot-like directions (5 squares to the northeast) so the spell can be used to hunt down the hat of your choice.

Fungal Spray L1

Level 1: 3 Mana and a Mushroom - Causes everyone on your square to hallucinate for 3-35 AP. Spell effects may stack with successive casts.

You release a cloud of spores

Magic Display L2

Level 2: 12 Mana and 50 Measures of Black Powder


Setting off a Magic Display at Party squares might cause dissing... TerrorRemedy 13:37, 4 November 2006 (GMT)

Darken L1

Level 1: 1 Mana a Bit of Lead

Can be used to counteract an illumination spell.

Illumination L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and a Bit of Silver Brightens a 3x3 area (normal squares become "too bright"). Seems to last several hours.

Invisibility L1

Level 1: 2 Mana and an Old Boot

Seems to work like a Cloak of Invisibility, without the high movement cost. Unknown if it works on dragons, demons, etc. Lasts for 5 AP.

Super Invisibility L1

Level 1: 5 Mana, a Sunflower and an Old Boot. Lasts for ~ 150 AP (or maybe an hour?).

it's not an hour. But I didn't count the AP.

Locate L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and a Pint of Milk. Tells you your location (e.g. 9E 276S)

Is this spell of any value to a player that has completed Time and Space? Droll 20:34, 20 September 2006 (BST)
Perhaps it works places that GPS normally doesn't? - Royan 20:39, 12 February 2007 (GMT)
That seems to be the case. At least, it works in the Vents, where GPS doesn't. Incen 20:08, 4 December 2008 (GMT)

Magical Aura L1

Level 1: 1 Mana and a Whisker

Gives you a trippy background for ~11AP.

Can other people enchant talismans around you when cast? (I'm thinking of the magical aura message you get when you try and do that in the tunnels) vloodo 14:58, 5 December 2006 (GMT)


Level 3: 12 Mana and a Sheet of Paper

Produces a custom message box at the bottom of every player's screen.

Spell-Related Equipment

Eye Pod

Made from 3 Sheep Eyes and 8 Mana. You can upload at spells to it, I've uploaded 4 and haven't hit the limit. The cost of uploading is 10 AP, the copy of the spell (no pirated music, I guess), the co-casting item, and the normal amount of mana *squared* (there is also an AP cost listed with each spell in the upload box, but it isn't used; I suspected it's left over from code borrowed from spellbooks). Once loaded, the eye pod can be played for 1 AP and all the uploaded spells get played at once (in the order loaded, most likely). Spells disappear from the Eye Pod once played. The ability to make and/or load an eye pod may be a reward from door 2 of trail of trials.

Uses? Eye Pods appear to be tradable, so maybe a wizard could load it and a non-wizard could play it? In this way, you could trade fireballs, access to the wizard retreat, etc. I can't think of a particularly good use for a wizard using it himself, though.

Getting in multiple spells against a single opponent before they get in a single strike? Could be useful if you keep stacking them. Doc Mackie 09:39, 27 March 2007 (BST)
Except there's no direct damage spells. It looks more useful for trading, or maybe stacking 1 Mana spells. PotatoEngineer 19:27, 27 March 2007 (BST)


Made in various stages from 5 Acles. Uses 100 AP to create a "party for wizards", a pentacle terrain that lasts one week. Benefits are 3x mana generation (whenever you would normally gain 1 mana at the hour, you would gain 3) and additional spells. Free to join.


Rather than casting directly from a Spell - using it up - you can transcribe your spell into a book for repeated casting. You need an Empty Book which must be crafted by a Smith from Leather and Sheets of Paper (for 50AP, so be prepared to pay!) then enchanted by a Wizard.

  • An Empty Book can be enchanted to a level 1 spellbook for 30AP and 6 Mana
  • An Empty Book can be enchanted to a level 2 spellbook for 80AP and 16 Mana. Shamans can only enchant level 2 spellbooks, but level 1 spells can be transcribed into a level 2 book.
  • An Empty Book can be enchanted to a level 3 spellbook for 240AP and 48 Mana. Wizards can only enchant level 3 spellbooks.
  • It apparently takes 2x your daily mana to enchant and 10x you daily mana in AP.
  • Spells can be transcribed into the book for 30x the Mana cost in AP, and 5x the Mana cost of the spell in Mana.
  • Transcribing a spell uses up a copy of that spell.
  • Costs 1AP and 1 Mana to activate a level 1 spellbook which will become inactive again over time (~24 hours) or immediately if you transcribe a spell. It costs 3 Mana and 3AP to activate a level 2 spell book. Spells can be transcribed while inactive, but not cast.
  • Spells in a spellbook do not get used up when cast, and require the same ingredients but take 3*Mana in AP to cast, e.g. a 2 Mana spell takes 6AP to cast.
I just cast void calling out of a spellbook for 3 AP. It costs 4 MP to cast it, has this been changed?--LimeHan 04:54, 24 August 2008 (BST)
Yes; the new cost is 3AP per spell, regardless of anything. (Though forcing a spellbooked spell is 15AP) PotatoEngineer 01:21, 1 September 2008 (BST)
  • Books hold 10 Spells
  • Each book is bound to a certain level of spell when it is first enchanted.
  • Given that it takes Mana to activate a book, you may want to group things somewhat differently, combining spells you might want to use together. For example it would make sense to put fireball in the same book as "become fire" and "align earth"

This is probably a stupid question, but can spellbooks be traded with spells on them?--Solune 12:51, 14 October 2006 (BST)

Spellbooks aren't sticky, so you can trade them, put them in bags, or get them stolen/ downed. JohnnyRogers 20:57, 14 October 2006 (BST)
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