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*"Cutting-edge" (1AP/hr):
*"Cutting-edge" (1AP/hr):
::<b>Unknown</b> {{Unknown}}{{Unknown}}
::<b>Punk-Military</b> {{Punk}}{{Military}}
*"In" (1AP/3hrs):
*"In" (1AP/3hrs):
::<b>Punk-Cute</b> {{Punk}}{{Cute}}
::<b>Punk-Cute</b> {{Punk}}{{Cute}}

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What's in fashion as of the week of 28 Jan 2017:

  • "Cutting-edge" (1AP/hr):
Punk-Military Punk Fashion {{{1}}}Military Fashion {{{1}}}
  • "In" (1AP/3hrs):
Punk-Cute Punk Fashion {{{1}}}Cute Fashion {{{1}}}
  • "Just about in" (1AP/8hrs):
Kinky-Punk Kinky Fashion {{{1}}}Punk Fashion {{{1}}}


Displays current fashion trends in the Fashion page and the main page. To update, just add the new fashion at the top, and slide the top two down.

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