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This page lists the various terrains that can be found in Cities.



Terrain areas are currently:

  • The main map, between 0 and 100 E and N
  • roads and cities (cities are in the corners of the main square with straight roads connecting them)
  • plains (within about 7 squares of the edge of the main map)
  • wild (between 8 and 13 squares from the edge of the main map)
  • deep wild (beween 13 and 19 from the edge of the main map)
  • barrier mountains (20 from the edge of the main map, with some gaps -- See Dragon Pass for gap locations)
  • deep central wild (between 21 and 34 from the edge of the main map)
  • death mountains (35 and more from the edge of the main map -- currently inaccessible)
  • Great Desert (from 8S to 42s, inclusive)
  • Frozen North (North of 100N)

Different types of terrain have different movement costs.

City Terrains

Terrains you might encounter within a City's boundary. However, some of them exists outside cities too, e.g., Wizard's Shops and Towers.

Road Terrains

Terrains you might encounter on the safety of the road.

Royal Terrains

Terrains that are owned by the 'King, in which you may (or may not!) be welcome.

Country Terrains

The countryside, outside the barrier mountains, and relatively safe even for beginners.

The Great Desert

Lost World

Inner Mountains

Dragon Passes are the only normal entrances into the Inner Mountain regions.

Frozen North

An area of eternal winter. It is found to the north of the main central region.

Fire Swamp


Not necessarily only found underground. But merely a convenient grouping for terrain types related to the 4 tunnels.

Southern Continent

Frozen South

Unique Locations

User-Created Terrains

These terrain types are created by user activities.

To Be Sorted

Still sorting through ...

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