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! ''Player'' !! ''I would like to host a free party'' !! ''Time & Date'' !! ''Location''
! ''Player'' !! ''I would like to host a free party'' !! ''Time & Date'' !! ''Location''
|[[user:AndyLandy|AndyLandy]] || Welcome Back Party! || Real Soon Now™ || Somewhere in the 'Kingdom
|[[user:AndyLandy|AndyLandy]] || Welcome Back Party! || 29th March 2012 || Imemorial Park, Earth City (96E 4N)
|[[user:Stoo|Stoo]] || Comic Relief Bash / 30th Birthday (catchy title, huh?|| March 13th til 20th || TBD
|[[user:Stoo|Stoo]] || Comic Relief Bash / 30th Birthday (catchy title, huh?|| March 13th til 20th || TBD

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Free Party

A Free Party is created using a Rig (for 100AP). Setting up the Rig will consume all the Doses of Magic Powder, Mushrooms and Pouches of Magic Herbs in your inventory (these can be placed in a bag for safety). The person who started the party can choose the name for the party and gets a message every time a new player joins the party. Free parties are wild affairs which anyone may join for 10AP. Also, once you've paid the entrance fee of 10AP, you can leave the party and rejoin later without having to pay another 10AP. Free parties last for a week.

The images at a party can be changed or chosen by the creator of the party. The interface looks a little like so:
"URL for background image or gifanim: [Set (1 AP)]

By joining in the party, your AP regenerates at double the normal rate. Although the effect only occurs at the Party itself. With a 9 min normal regen, it will be 4:30 in the party. With a 8 min normal regen, it will be 4:00 in the party. However, you won't see the effect right away because the AP counter at the bottom must be refreshed to notice the effect. (For example, for a 8:00 normal regen, when the counter hits 8:00, it automatically rolls to 4:00 a second or so later. Refresh your page when it hits 8:00 to see the effect).

When you join the party, you give 3 kudos to the person who started the party and get the message:

You give (name) a bit of Kudos for making this happen.

The free party also acts as a trading post. Not anymore.

The organizer of the party is given a Screen for printing T-Shirts. Printed T-Shirts bear the name of the party.

Forbidden Terrain

In those terrains, you can't party:

  • Cave
  • Bush
  • Beach
  • Any unique location
  • Empty Lots
  • NW Tunnels (just tried-7of9)
  • Mall (tested by Jon: general mall squares, bridging the fountain, and the Picnic Area)
Has anyone tried a party in the middle of the ocean?? I know it a stupid idea, but arent they all?? Spacer one
I assume lakes are right out, too? Doc Mackie 20:41, 27 April 2007 (BST)
Perhaps not. Pentacles can be created there, so parties may be doable as well -- Thog 19:41, 23 July 2007 (BST)

Party Hosting

Current Party


Current Pentacle

No Current Pentacle

Current Picnic

No current picnic

Current Bowling_Alley


  • Note from the 'king... If you want to hold a party somewhere that's not currently allowed, ask, we might allow it, but probably not in locations you could not otherwise be summoned into or make talismans of. Elseware 22:22, 11 February 2007 (GMT)
    • The above comment makes me think that a party in space would be impossible under normal conditions. Is there any chance of confirming this (and maybe even expanding the section above that lists the prohibited locations)? -Jon 22:50, 11 February 2007 (GMT)
      • Simple rule is that anywhere that isn't reachable normally isn't going to be reasonable. It's too much of an exploit. Anywhere on the main map (Nearly) is fine but underground and other areas are out. Elseware 23:34, 11 February 2007 (GMT)
  • Scheduled
Player I would like to host a free party Time & Date Location
AndyLandy Welcome Back Party! 29th March 2012 Imemorial Park, Earth City (96E 4N)
Stoo Comic Relief Bash / 30th Birthday (catchy title, huh? March 13th til 20th TBD
That Guy Again Rights of the Equal n0rx Too Approx. March 20 to March 27 TBD
Pri3st Easter/1st Wedding Anni/Icefyre's Maturity April 10th til 17th TBD
BortJr Bort and Betty's Biennial Birthday Bash April 20 through 27th Somewhere
YFM I'M BACK whn I'm back from the vents TBD

  • Unscheduled, but Interested
Player I would like to host the next free party Time & Date Location
jmb Later 8 records from now Underground - NW Tunnels, or Caverns
Schwarz I will but don't know when I will Post it two weeks before it starts Guard sponsored festival in holiday island (Beat Festival)
Corellis for the altruistic reason of kudos probably in the summer Either on HI or Oz
X-Himy Altamont 8 Records from now Oz most likely
parking_god Hopefully, my Cities-versary in Nov. 6 Records from now Hunting Lodge

See also: Terrain:Free Party/Old Party Locations

Summoning Requests

Due to the recent discussion (and my current need of summoning), I have decided to take the initiative and add a summon request section to this page. --JAD 23:20, 17 January 2007 (GMT)

Rules for Summoners

  • Check this page regularly for people who wish to be summoned.
  • Start summoning people from the top of the list. Summon as many (or as few) players as you want.
  • As parties no longer function as trading posts, you will probably not get your summon stone back, unless you make private arrangements.
  • After you summon a player, please delete the name from this list (or mark the player Summoned).
  • Pat yourself on the back for being awesome.

Rules for Summonees

  • Only request a summon when you cannot easily get to the party (e.g. it is in an inconvenient location, you died, etc.). In other words, do not request a summon when you could just as easily walk or break a talisman to get to the party.
  • In order to be summoned to the current party, please place your name at the BOTTOM of the following list.
  • Make sure that you are not wearing a hat or participating in a duel. Duelists and hat-wearing types cannot be summoned. Please take off your hat before signing up.
  • Please indicate the party for which you are requesting a summon.
  • Please indicate the time and date that you requested the summon.
  • When summoned, please give the summon stone back to the person who summoned you. (What is the new etiquette now that parties do not function as trading posts? I propose it be to just summon someone else with the stone.)
  • Don't forget to show your appreciation in the form of kudos, gold, glass swords, etc.
  • Example:
    1. Citiesplayer1337. Please summon me to the "Most Awesomest Party Ever." 06:01, 4 March 2003 (GMT)

  • also, please either delete the entry of the person you've summoned, or put -Summoned by their name. This way we can avoid multiple summons
As this gets rather messy, my sugestion would be: a person who summons places -Summoned, and the person who is sumonned deletes his name as soon as he gets to the party. Just a sugestion to keep clean this list.-- 10:54, 25 May 2007 (BST)

List of Aspirant Summonees

  1. _
  2. _
  3. _
  4. _
  5. _
  6. _
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