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*[[History of the World - Part X|2014]] - Year of the Rabbit
*[[History of the World - Part X|2014]] - Year of the Rabbit
*[[History of the World - Part XI|2015]] - Year of the Goth
*[[History of the World - Part XI|2015]] - Year of the Goth
*[[History of the World - Part XII|2016]] - ???
*[[History of the World - Part XII|2016]] - Year of the Duck
*[[History of the World - Part XIII|2017]] - Year of the Zebra
*[[History of the World - Part XIII|2017]] - Year of the Zebra

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You can trade off APs against Gold in choosing where to get healed: a Healer (or better still, a Hospital) uses few APs but costs a lot of gold, while a Monastery is free but uses a lot of APs for the same increase in health. It's rarely worth using a Well, so far as I can tell. E.g., 25 HP of healing is 5 AP + 75 Gold from a Hospital; 5 AP + 100 Gold from a Healer, 50 AP from a Monastery; 100 AP from Wells.

  • Healer Full Heal = 10 AP + 100 Gold
  • Hospital Full Heal = 10 AP + 75 Gold
  • Healer First Aid, 5 HP = 1 AP + 20 Gold
  • Hospital First Aid, 5 HP = 1 AP + 15 Gold
  • Drink from a Well, 1 HP = 4 AP
  • Monastery Rest, 25 HP = 50 AP (the monks no longer seem to reduce caffeine tolerance)

Experienced travellers may also have innate First Aid ability which can heal others (but not themselves)...

  • First Aid from another player, 5 HP, costs them 5 AP.
  • First Aid from a player doctor (MD), 10 HP, costs them 5 AP.

If you encounter another traveller who is On Call, you can get healing from them. They have a little red cross on their picture (see pic). Click on the cross to get healing.

  • On Call healing, costs you 10AP and 50 Gold. The healer heals 2HP for every 1AP they spend. You cannot be healed above your maximum HP, nor will the healer spend more AP than will take them below 25% of their maximum AP ("They are too tired to completely heal you.")

If you have a dragon stone, which can be obtained by killing the Undead Dragon or bought, you can perform healing on yourself.

  • Dragon Stone First Aid, 5 HP = 5 AP
  • Dragon Stone Full Heal = 50 AP

If you have lots of booze going spare, get drunk (gives you more HP) and then drink coffee to get sober. It doesn't cost any AP drinking coffee, so you effectively get extra HP for 1AP (plus the cost of the drinks, but they're quite easy to find, and an increased caffeine tolerance). Even better is eating Beef Steaks, or drinking milk. You get 10 HP for 1 AP.


Drinking Coffee or Red Bull will give you an AP bonus – very useful if you have no patience and want to get something done. Will also sober you up faster. Be warned though, drink too much and you develop a caffeine tolerance. Staying in a Monastery used to reduce your caffeine tolerance by five cups. Dragon Blood may sometimes reduce your tolerance (but may also have bad effects). At least one player has found that Red Bull does really brutal things to your caffeine tolerance.

How brutal can it (Red Bull) be? e.bstan 16:46, 25 Dec 2005 (GMT)

It increases the tolerance much more (on a per AP gained basis) than coffee.
I had one Red Bull when coffee used to give me about 20 AP and my tolerence jumped to absolute - coffee doesn't do anything anymore. 19:08, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)

But it seems that Red Bull still increases your AP by 50 even you developed caffiene tolerance. e.bstan 20:05, 25 Dec 2005 (GMT)

Warning team - Too much Red Bull can have evil side effects. Half the time you get your 50AP, half the time you get a caffeine crash and have 50AP wiped out. 11:34, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Does it still increase your tolerance when you crash? 15:39, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Yes, it does. Syagrius 20:05, 2 May 2006 (BST)

My first and only red bull destroyed 50AP and my caffeine tolerance. I won't be drinking that filthy stuff again.

  • After a bit of experimentation inspired by a lucky dose of Dragon's Blood and a healthy stock of Mugs of Coffee, I've figured out the AP gain pattern that tolerance causes, and it's pretty simple. With zero tolerance, a Mug of Coffee grants 30AP. Every mug of regular coffee also increases your tolerance by one. The second cup gives you 29AP, the third cup gives you 28AP, and so on and so on. Following the formula A = 30 - T gives you how many AP you can receive from a given Mug of Coffee, where A is AP gained and T is Tolerance Level. Adding it all up, the maximum AP you can gain from a bout of coffee drinking starting with zero tolerance until it no longer works is 465AP (which I just did... I'll be playing for a while tonight). I don't have any info on how Red Bull works, but if I get enough and another lucky dose of Dragon's Blood, I'll see what happens. --Geayzus 22:51, 10 March 2006 (GMT)
    • Just entered a new level of Caffine because I've had 100 cups of coffee? this is new and I'm lovin it. Experamenting.. It looks like your cafine tolerance restes after 100 cups and you are able to tell the difference between decaf and regular!
      • Is this new caffeine level reached only if you don't get detoxed and drink 100 mugs of coffee, or is it the cumulative total? There isn't a stat for total mugs of coffee drunk.


You need to get drunk in order to pass the Earth initiation. Getting drunk in a graveyard will get you surrounded by ghosts (or rather, you will suddenly be able to see the ghosts you are surrounded by). Alcohol is available from taverns and casinos.

Since you're "feeling no pain," alcohol heals your wounds – or at least you don't care about them anymore. Alcohol can bring you up to 120% of your maximum health.

Being drunk reduces your to-hit probability, and the strength of a drink can be gauged by how much it does so – for details see each drink's entry.

I have noticed that when you have *really* drunk too much, than every monster starts with "Sexy". Now, I am opposing a "Sexy Living Tar", oh God... Anybody has seen something similar? It really made me laugh :-) Conzy 10:32, 29 March 2006 (BST)
Now that I am sobered up a little (now it only says "You are wankered."), it is no longer the monsters, but me who is "Sexy". omg :-S Conzy 10:49, 29 March 2006 (BST)
I think I have it: at wankered, all the people are sexy. Beyond that, everything is sexy. PotatoEngineer 01:27, 14 April 2006 (BST)
Ok, this is a really basic question, but I think it should be answered somewhere here: Do you sober up when time passes, or only when you spend ap? --Deva 17:47, 15 April 2006 (BST)
Spending AP.

You get the same effect wearing Beer Goggles now.

Drinking caffeinated beverages will sober you up more quickly. (By 15% per mug of coffee.)


Play this fun game with Small Scissor Beast or Small Paper Mache Golem or Young Rock Troll.

Try the more advanced players such as Origami Ogre.

But how do you play?

You attack the monster with either stone, sheet of paper or pair of scissors. Give it a go and see for yourself. LittleHamster 11:59, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT)


For a quick gold piece, stand next to a Parrot and say its name.

You get more gold by killing it.
Sometimes. And for newbies, killing it might take a couple of tries, giving the parrot time to hit back.

Offering them fish can yield interesting stuff.


While it takes 8AP, they are a good source of Magic Beans (which sell for 100GP) as well as other weird and wonderful items. See Ruin Search Probabilities for more information.


Don't poke the guards. They poke really hard back!

Game Time

It follows the Southampton time - Greenwich Mean Time (UTC) in the winter, British Summer Time (UTC+1) in the summer.

The pubs open at set times - The Hobbit in Windy City opens at midday and observes 'Happy Hour' between midday and 9pm. You can get your drinks cheaper if you drop by during this time.

Some weapons are time specific - The Night Stick glows at night time and has a higher hit rate. During the day it causes only minimal damage.

With a Sun Stone you can know the hour.

What is the game's definition of "Night time"? I have a Night Stick and it didn't even glow at midnight GMT... Stevie-O 19:40, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)
From 01:00 GMT onwards. Darksatanic 08:54, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)

The days and months in game aren't the same as their real life counterparts.

One might argue that in a world where every day is the same length (same sunrise/sunset), there would be absolutely no reason for a concept like Daylight Saving Time, so there's no logical reason for the game's time to be anything but UTC, year-round ;) Stevie-O 01:51, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)
And I'm still hoping someone will answer my question about the definition of 'night'.

As far as I can tell, the times of day are broken down as follows:

01:00 - 04:59Night
04:00 - 04:59Dawn
05:00? - 19:59?Daytime (Sun Stone Bling glows)
06:00 - 11:59Morning
07:00 - 09:59Breakfast
??:?? - ??:??Luncheon
20:00 - 20:59Dusk
20:00 - 05:59?Moonlight

BlaisedeC 05:36, 7 April 2012 (BST)


  • Sunday - Harveday
  • Monday - Ruthveday
  • Tuesday - Ignaday
  • Wednesday - Yendoday
  • Thursday - Elsewaday
  • Friday - Pontefract
  • Saturday - Malcolm


Il n'y a plus de Vendée, elle est morte sous notre sabre libre, avec ses femmes et ses enfants. Je viens de l'enterrer dans les marais et les bois de Savenay. Suivant les ordres que vous m'avez donnés, j'ai écrasé les enfants sous les pieds des chevaux, massacré les femmes qui au moins pour celles-là n'enfanteront plus de brigands. Je n'ai pas de prisonnier à me reprocher, j'ai tout exterminé. Nous ne faisons plus de prisonnier, il faudrait leur donner le pain de la liberté, et la pitié n'est pas révolutionnaire. Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

  • I'd ask a silly question like "why is a speech given by the commanding general after the Vendee genocide, along with the sanitized version of the motto of the French Revolution, here?", except I'd probably get a silly answer. On second thought, any silly answers out there? PotatoEngineer 11:26, 21 March 2006 (GMT)
  • The months are from the French Republican/Revolutionary Calender, introduced in France by the Jacobins in 1793 as part of the attempt to decimalise time keeping. It was used for about 12 years, but was eventually scrapped by Napoleon because it was amazingly confusing and was resented by more or less everyone (mainly because it only allowed workers to have 1 day off every 10 days instead of 1 day off every 7 days). Ludwig Vega 10:26, 12 April 2006 (GMT)
  • January - Nivôse
  • February - Pluviôse
  • March - Ventôse
  • April - Germinal
  • May - Floréal
  • June - Prairial
  • July - Messidor
  • August - Thermidor
  • September - Fructidor
  • October - Vendemiaire
  • November - Brumaire
  • December - Frimaire


  • 2005 - Technically "prehistory"
  • 2006 - Year of the Parrot
  • 2007 - Year of the Snark
  • 2008 - ?
Wasn't it the Year of the Firefox? --Naimoigiant 22:15, 1 January 2010 (GMT)
  • 2009 - Year of the Badger
  • 2010 - Year of the Ninja
  • 2011 - ??
  • 2012 - Year of the Hydra
  • 2013 - Year of the Hippy
  • 2014 - Year of the Rabbit
  • 2015 - Year of the Goth
  • 2016 - Year of the Duck
  • 2017 - Year of the Zebra

Arts and Crafts

When you initiate into the Shrine of an alignment you gain special skills of that alignment. Rumor has it you can transform one item into another.

  • Earth - crushing, mining, churning and shaping.
  • Air - glass blowing, knife sharpening.
  • Water - mixing, decanting
  • Fire - smelting, melting and baking
Note: Skills are not all equal. The Earth "Mining" skill isn't actually available in any form until you also complete the Treasure Hunt quest, though the other three Earth skills are.

See Making Stuff for help with this, or look at the Items pages.

The King's Road

If you want to get plenty of Exp, to spot exotic monsters or die swiftly then the 'King's Road is the place to visit (East of Windy City) as the dangerous beasties live there. Getting knighted is harder than it appears.

On second thought, this road is plied so often by high-level players that it's almost invariably clear. PotatoEngineer 05:43, 5 May 2006 (BST)
The sad result of an ever-expanding population and the relentless advance of civilization. Soon enough, the road will be lined with touts and tacky souvenir shops. The dangerous beasties have moved on, up into the mountains where there's (slightly) less human contact (for now). -- Sertularian 12:59, 5 May 2006 (BST)
Quote: 'the road will be lined with touts and tacky souvenir shops'. (5th of May) Sertularian, you are a prophet! -- TerrorRemedy

Making Money

Roughly arranged in order of decreasing utility

This is what the game is about and, per AP, far and away the best way to make money.
Leprechauns (hard to find) and high level pheonixes (time consuming to farm) consistently drop lots of gold.
Treasure chests will yield lots of gold if you can acquire a spade and a Mysterious Envelope.
From my experience the best monsters to attack are the mid-range monsters 10-100HP. Larger monsters and dragons will drop other useful things but not as much gold. Smaller monsters like glow worms will occasionally drop lots of gold, but frequently only a few GP.
For bonus points, kill things and then sell their stuff. The Markets are the primary way that goods and money trade hands. The Southern Market (about 10 squares West of Earth City) is the closest market to a place you can talisman to, and even common weapons sell for a few hundred. Also, good deals can be found in the Mall which, conveniently, can be accessed from all the four major Cities or via a Mall Talisman.
Since each alignment only grows produce unique to itself (i.e. only Water can grow Cucumbers, only Air can grow Plums, etc) other alignments often have to trade for, or purchase, these items to complete quests. Market values can fluctuate with whichever items are in high demand, though, so check BotFeeds and Citiesberg for an idea of prices.
  • Sell junk
Some goods you can sell back to shops and if you aren't using them they might be a good source of cash; just check the prices on the market to see if you can get more selling it there.
Doses of Magic Powder sell for 2K GP to Wizard's Shops and are, arguably, not worth the penalty to consume. Emerald Athames sell for 15K GP to Wizard's Shops and, arguably, are not worth using against monsters due to their insanely high break-rate.
  • The following pay on the order of 10GP per AP spent and therefore probably are less useful:
Get the Alchemist to transform items to gold. 1GP per item.
Teach swim lessons.
Gamble at the casinos.

Alignment advantages

Memorise the order of precedence on the main page. A Water aligned player equipped with an aligned weapon (a Water Knife, for example) can cause hefty damage to a Fire monster and take little damage in return. The corollary to this is that it is worth carrying around a wand which can be used to turn monsters to an advantageous alignment. For example, a Water-aligned player faced with an Air monster (which would normally do the player double damage) can use a Fire Wand to change the monster's alignment and so maximise the damage that they do to the monster.

In case of accidental death

When you've been clobbered by a monster, get yourself a Magic Ball (when you're back on your feet). If you consult it you can sometimes find out the grid reference of your demise. Then you go back, kill the bastard monster plenty and reclaim your stuff.

Reputedly, a Magic Emerald will also tell you what monsters have killed player characters. Personally, I find that, even in the Gauntlet, it's usually best to keep such a buffer of health that you survive any blow handed to you. Cautious, conservative combat has saved my bacon many, many times. Macksting
If you find yourself too headstrong, insanely violent and/or impulsive to conform your behavior as Dr. Macksting advises, i.e. you have in fact died, you can make an appeal to the good chaps at the Knightly Order of Tubthumping for some assistance, or go to the K.O.T. Keep (just west of Water City) for some Charity Handouts. -- Sertularian
Head to the shrine of your alignment (it's where you began the game) and sign up for full insurance for 10 AP. If/when you die, you'll owe two days of labor in the shrine, but you'll keep all of your stuff. -- Celane 21:04, 2 June 2006 (BST)

Fast AP recovery

If you are feeling impatient and need more APs, the first air quest (visiting each of the four cities) is for you. Leave your home city along one of the roads and make your way by foot to one of the other cities. On the way, you should beat up as many monsters as you can. By the time you arrive at your second city, you need to have made enough GP and found sufficient elemental talismans/stones etc to be able to take a combination of taxi rides (250 GP each trip) and teleport jumps (when you break a talisman or stone) to the remaining cities. When you arrive in a new city, make sure to move at least one space within the city limits or your visit won't be registered. Try to make Air City your last port of call; and once you arrive, walk out of the city along the road to the north and find the Temple of Air. For 50 AP you can now initiate and learn how to regenerate an AP every 10 minutes.

If you want even more AP, have a look at the tips in Ways To Get AP. Be aware of the side effects though! Unlike the faster AP gain you get from Air Quests, extra AP from items do come with a price.

Increase your HP (hit points)

Get enough money (1000 GP approx.) and go to Earth city. Go to the Tavern (up-right from center shrine) and get all the mugs of ale you can (100 GP). Then take the road to the north. At the first marker (approximately 9 AP) find the cavern. Get drunk. Drink all the alcohol you can. Make sure you get wankered (approximately -80% to-hit probability). Get initiated. Your HP increases by 50.

Crossing the Desert

  • It helps to do the gauntlet and (if possible) the water skin quest first, but they are far from necessary. The gauntlet will show you which squares are 'safe', and the water skin (if filled with water from oases) will avoid damage if you take the dangerous route.
  • Take a cloak of invisibility to get past the harder monsters. A wand of your own alignment also helps. Probably several, in case Living Tars chomp them. (It is most of the time better to use wands, to conserve AP.)
  • Starting at roughly 25E 0N and working south may be a good idea, because Betty Fnord's clinic is at 25E 38S and has a road leading northwards to it, so you get to skip 3 to 4 squares of desert.
  • There are more oases to the west than the east.
  • You generally take far less damage/lose less water by passing a monster on a square that is unlabelled than on which says "Danger". There are a few alleys of these you can use to avoid fights at a minimal cost.
  • Some of the "Danger" squares can cost up to 20 AP to move through, as well as large amounts of HP. Hover over the movement arrows to check the AP cost before moving through them.

Changing Your Alignment

There may come a time when you regret your initial choice of alignment, and wish to change to a different one. Changing your alignment will not give you the "initial bonus" of an alignment (extra AP for air, health-vision for water, etc.), but you gain all of the continuous benefits of being a different alignment:

  • Your crafting skills change to your new alignment, reducing some crafting costs and increasing others, as described under Making Stuff.
  • You will fish and farm your new alignment fish and produce.
  • And of course, your new alignment applies to combat, dealing double damage against the alignment weak against you, and taking double damage from the alignment you are weak against.

There are a few ways to change your alignment:

  • In the Duel (the second quest from the Fire Temple), if an opponent uses an alignment wand against you.
  • Using an alignment wand against a Mirror Monster, which is most commonly found on Monster Island.
  • Attempting to steal from someone holding an alignment wand in the Thieves Forest.
  • Drinking certain cocktails.
  • Using a spell after becoming a wizard.

Finding people to heal for water skin quest

  • Sign up for the Undead Dragon Quest (Dragon Stone Quest). Find the Undead Dragon and hang out nearby – don't attack! Players who are attacking will need LOTS of healing – plenty for several MDs. You will need to travel a bit after the dragon is killed, but you can heal other players along the way. There are usually plenty of players in need of healing in the interior lands anyway.
  • Plenty of healing opportunities at the current party.
  • The School of Hard Knocks always has injured people. (Damn teachers...)


Free parties (take a look at the front page of the wiki for current details) are an excellent place to go if you can get there. Amongst the advantages are:

  • loads of players needing healing so you can become an MD/get your water skin
  • other players wanting to get their healing count up who will heal you and/or players on call so you can get healing
  • loads of people to trade with/set up making-stuff circles with
  • extra AP for you to spend – so bring your knitting
  • if you can blag a summon you can use the party location to get places you otherwise can't get to – don't forget to take a Limbo or King's Crest talisman with you if you head out to an Oz party though.
  • once in a while someone might even take pity on you and give you cool stuff or exchange cool stuff for some mundane cruft that you have hanging around but they forgot to bring and can't be bothered to go and find (like sand or charcoal or something).

Go to the party. Remember to play nice in your turn and help out people if you can.

On the flipside, try to do your trading and crafting nearby the party when possible, not at the party. From time to time, items disappear when you attempt to craft, trade, or take things from bags. It's also common enough to see "rollbacks", where all characters are reset to what they had a few moments or even a few minutes ago, but these are mostly harmless once you've worked out what happened.

Get Involved With the Wiki/Become a Real Boy

There are so many beneficial bits of advice thrown about this place. Learn from the sad mistakes of others. Put some thought into your character, 'what's your affiliation?', 'what do you want to be doing in a month's time?', 'are you a Ninja or a Pirate?' Disguise Kits rule! Caroline 02:48, 3 April 2006 (BST)

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